Costco’s Kirkland Signature Bourbon Review
How does Kirkland (Costco)’s Bourbon stack up against other bourbon brands? This week we’re doing a review to find out.


Santanu DasGupta says:

I bought one this week and its really strong. Not suitable to drink straight or with little water.The burn is real. I haven’t tried to mix it yet. I searched for a review to see what others think of it. Maybe will down it with coke.

DeadCrescendo says:

Daily bourbon drinker here. I’ll put in my two cents.

Kirkland Bourbon is akin to what are considered “low shelf” bourbons by booze enthusiasts. Similar whiskeys would be Evan Williams Black, or Ezra Brooks 90. Basically anything in the sub 20 dollar range.

But the fact of the matter is this, bourbon is all made the same way. It was and always will be made cheap, and harsh. It was born out of necessity in the civil war when Confederate Troops wouldn’t or couldn’t pay heavy imports on Northern whiskey or gin.

My daily is Old Crow. I drink it straight, mixed, etc. It is great in a rocks glass with ice, or with cola, or with vermouth and bitters. The point is, your bourbon can be cheap – it’s not fine wine. It’s not a well aged brandy. It’s hard liquor for hard people in hard times. It doesn’t need to be as refined as your golf swing.

Kirkland is a good value, especially if you’re already shopping at Costco. It’s got a smooth, nutty finish that hosts hints of oak and leather, initial taste is harsh – but the burn suits me fine. The finish is worth it. I’d take it over “Luxury Bourbons” any day of the week.

It’s not a bad review, but you could have gone into more depth. Still, well done enough.

Keep the faith, my friend. And let every sip be a testament to the gods.

Jose Morales says:

Sweet review!! Thanks

Abridged Pause Recordings says:

Chris! You made a huge mistake. Woodford Reserve is NOT related to Jim Beam at all!!! And I’m going to be honest, although I love your videos and watch them weekly, doing spirits reviews is not something I was looking forward to seeing from you.

keola De Dely says:

Has ANYONE tried this recently to see if it taste any better?

Charles Latisha says:

i think it taste like Jim Beam Devils Cut

Better Cocktails at Home says:

I agree about the heat on this one. I’ve mixed it in drinks and it works OK, but I’d spend my whiskey money elsewhere.

843evorider says:

There’s a new company making the KS Bourbon now . Maybe for about a year and half. I personally think it taste a lot better .

redmoon08 says:

I was told it’s actually 4Roses in a Kirkland bottle. Thoughts?

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