Donation Day! We Review A selection of Rye, Bourbon and American Whiskies!

Today we taste and review Still 630 Rally Point Rye and S.S. Sorghum, J. Rieger Private Stock, Ozark Distillery Bourbon, Pinckney Bend Rested American Whiskey, Wood Hat Blue Corn, Jim Beam Repeal Batch and Jura 7 Wood.


Brandon Knight says:

Yes, return of the eight di@% whiskey! I die laughing during that video.

Karl Porter says:

Speaking of Beam, I still think I would love to see your thoughts on the Beam Signature Brown Rice. They replaced the rye with brown rice and aged it 11 years. It is definitely Beam, but still very unique.

Marcus Brinker says:

Rex, to answer your question, “Rested American Whiskey” as defined by the taste test guy at Pinckney Bend is their corn liquor (shine, if you will) aged a year in small (15 gal?) new charred oak barrels

stanislavmigra says:

You two use word “musty” quite a lot … And I dont know if it is good or bad thing or both or what?

Kevin Gross says:

All I learned about this episode is that Rex needs to sing Loser by Beck. Please and thank you.

metalbeast1998 says:

So you guys are reviewing Pabst Blue Ribbon’s new whiskey when it comes out right?

Jacob McBroom says:

BECK!!!! MELLOW GOLD!!!! “Snoozer” still my favorite song off of that album

Bob Papadopoulos says:

Whiskey Consulate? No. I prefer Grain Trust.

Bourbon Junkies says:

Also if you guys love those silly “we care so we’re special” comments from distilleries you should check out Ryan Reynolds commercial for his gin. It’s hilarious!

Richard Armitage says:

Daniel body rebels against gun tasting

DracoRogue1218 says:

Incorrect! March 15 is Denzel Crocker day!

Mathias Kjærgård says:

Was it Lapskaus you learned? As a Norwegian it’s quite normal to make Lapskaus of all the restovers.

Malt & Molasses says:

Why in the heck am I trying to imitate the cork sound with these magnificent bastards? Smh

Doug Van Couwenberghe says:

Post the recipe please, sounds good.

joe thompson says:

So Rex, you’re saying the wood swells up?

Brian 88 says:

Are either of you “gun guys”? I think a new channel having you guys review and critique guns just like you do whisky would be absolutely hilarious. Rex could mooch ammo and Daniel could give us the history of different gun designs and calibers! You could use empty bottles, or bottles you hate for targets!!

《dobber 》 says:

What makes us different? Well for starters we’re a cult

Bourbon Junkies says:

Donation days are on point! Liking the idea of seeing some of these smaller distilleries buried inside these states. Makes it easy to create a checklist for traveling! Cheers gents!

Lost says:

I think the “rested” bit might be borrowed from tequila, rested but not “aged” (old).

Michael O says:

Went to two high end bars. One was Irish. Both places had no idea what a glencairn glass was. Little disappointed when they had 20 different scotches. One would think they would have that glass

Howard Kim says:

Top Shelf Content! ^^

Joart DZ says:

Its just simple fun to see Daniel drunk!!

Matthew Morin says:

I find it strange that sorghum is considered a grain and not sugar.  Sorghum syrup is made just like molasses by pressing the plant for it sugary water and then boiled off.  To me it should be more of a rum than a whiskey.  But what do I know, I’m just a Youtube commenter

Scott LaBruyere says:

You can pop sorghum like popcorn. Just thought I’d share this with you.

Neil Cooke says:

If you’re nervious singing karaoke try, Tequila both drink and the song. Only one word and everyone can follow along with you.

Canadian Whisky Smith says:

I could bring karaoke to the Tower in April, or Crowded Barrel…it could be fun 🙂

cameron anderson says:

J. Rieger as far as i know is aging their own whiskey but until it can be released they are sourcing. Their regular whiskey is a blend of whiskey and sherry which they say is a throw back to pre-prohibition when the whiskey was so intolerable you had to add sherry to make it palatable. They wanted this style of whiskey/sherry blend to be called Kansas City style whiskey and petitioned the TTB.

darkironsides says:

Was thinking for labels on blends, would it not be beneficial to have the youngest and oldest in the blend so they won’t just have the youngest? I would think some whiskey snobs might not be so snoby.

joe thompson says:

Rex’s been combing his hair with firecrackers again.

jaeger says:

as a St. Louisian, I guess it isn’t too bad here xD weather is the epitome of midwest shenanigans though, bitter cold winters and soaking-ly humid and hot summers, with a week or two in between…

if you ever pass through again, you should stop at the Gamlin Whiskey House, home of the Missouri Whiskey Society. Pretty cool place, fantastic selection, with monthly meetings and tastings. Some of the best steaks I’ve ever had as well

Richard Armitage says:


JD Winfield says:

Ok, so, need to have Rex do the intro to “Loser” and take a drink every time he makes a mistake, and see how many times it takes him to get through it. Would make for a great video. Each drink chosen by Daniel of course. Cheers.

Stephen Ierubino says:

No more “vegetal” descriptions…. WTF IS VEGETAL???? You guys have used that like 10 times in the last few weeks

Panoptic Emu says:

I’d be really interested to see a couple of videos exploring Australian whiskies. I realise we don’t have many, but there are a few distilleries really coming into their own recently.

Also, if you guys ever do a video or two on gin, I have some suggestions you absolutely must try

Ryan Trump says:

Still 630 is in my neighborhood. The whole operation is in an old Hardee’s building. It’s super cool looking too. Glad you guys got to try some of their stuff.

Strider19 says:

Any other St. Louis people? Home of the tallest man made monument in the US of A and gooey butter cake. Fun fact, by law, no building in St. Louis can be built higher than the Arch.

Ian O'Loughnan says:

March 15 the ides of March the day Julius Cesar was assassinated a major turning point in Roman history also my birthday and now I find out Brian Dickerson day wow lol good day for whiskey/whisky but not too much have to reserve the tank for st. Patrick’s day

Christopher Huckabay says:

Eight Dick Whiskey!! I understood that reference.

Tom McCafferty says:

The bitter rind is the pith.

Loren Wegele says:

I rather like seeing Rex take the whiskey a little more seriously. Good show!

DracoRogue1218 says:

11:45 Vanillin, a vanilla-like compound found in wood. That’s why Imitation Vanilla Extract is so cheap: it’s made from WOOD

Ray Banto says:

I don´t belive Rex make actually Yoga like his shirt said. xD

toddbz says:

Is Friday the “Rex combed his hair with a leaf blower” day?

Gregory Di Sanza says:

DANIEL, YOU HAVE DEPRIVED REX OF A RIGHTFUL MOOCHING!!! On May 26, 2017, you promised a review of the fantastic Glenlivet Nadurra 16 Years of age. To my knowledge, no such thing has occurred yet! Rex is owed restitution!!!! Thanks for the various reviews this donation day, the Jura 7 Wood sounds reasonably good.

Jabba the Catt says:

I use my 7 wood when I am in the rough, so to speak.

Justin Krakowski says:

Hello from Kansas City! Rieger (Ree-ger) while tasty, does add a bit of sherry wine to the finished product, making it more of an American whiskey or ‘Kansas City whiskey’

stuff for work says:

Really enjoying “Daniel Month.”

FYI: “How to Drink” just did an Irish Whiskey tasting for St. Patrick’s Day. Very different style, and added a lot of water, but fun video. Lots of the pour cam that you guys love.

Cameron Daszkiewicz says:

Had my first Islay whiskey tonight. Laphroaig 10. I think I may be in love.

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