Eagle Rare 10 year Bourbon BLIND Review #18

The Eagle is Tested!

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Tyler Beard says:

I’d like to see some rot gut like Kessler

Alex K says:

Bought ER10 for $26 a couple of weeks ago in California and it’s okay. I wouldn’t pay more and I’d rather buy a bottle of Larceny or WT101, honestly. Or almost any cheap BiB. To be fair, I only had a few drams and it could probably benefit from some time. And being 10 years old it could benefit from time in the glass. The idea of single barrel is great, but IMHO the master distiller should taste each barrel and maybe keep mediocre ones for blending. Defeats the purpose.

Brad Henderson says:

Haven’t had Eagle Rare in forever. It was one of the first bottles I ever had and I haven’t had it since. A specialty whiskey shop in my area has a tasting bar, might try it back there some time. They have EVERYTHING, yes, even all age statements of Pappy!

PalJoey1957 says:

I bought ER10 years and years ago. It’s unfair to try to remember the actual flavor, however I do remember distinctly that the longer I drank it (over a few weeks) the less I liked it. Best at the start, the negative characteristics became prominent. Not a long term drinker.

AskingForAFriend says:

Nice review here again. I’d like to see a blind review of Hancock’s President’s Reserve Single Barrel.

TheAlmighty Tuna says:

I don’t mean to criticize or anything, but try opening your mouth when breathing it in and you’ll open up more flavors. Great video

cooper57m says:

I had some of this year’s ago and liked it. I just recently bought another bottle and agree with you totally. I won’t buy another bottle. Y our evaluation matches mine exactly. I will drink it (I recently had a bourbon that I couldn’t drink and had to give away) but I won’t buy another.

The Malted Man Cave says:

Awesome video guys:)   Just subbed!

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