Elijah Craig 12 Year Old Bourbon Review

A review of one of the top priced and top tasting Bourbons on the market today…. The Elijah Craig 12 Year old.

This video represents a personal opinion only. This video is an independent review and is not selling or linking to a site that sells the product being reviewed. Do not consume alcohol in the United States if you are under the age of 21.


Jonny M says:

my fav hands down. love it.

Lisa Gy says:

Drinking it now ……neat ……love it , great review …..thx

Bobby Lee says:

Hey Dave, nice review. Elijah Craig is one of my top bourbons. Subscribed! Hope you’ll shoot me one back. Thanks man!

Springbanker says:

the first Bourbon I liked.
miles away from all that Jim and Jack rubbish

m t8 says:

prob the best burb iv had under £120 . every whisky drinker need adleast one glass of this motherfucker . im onabout the 18 mmmmmmmmmmm

My Bourbon Journey says:

nice review, sure wish the 12 year was still available, found a couple bottles the other day but it was age stated on the back. still 12 year so was excited about that. great bourbon. love the reviews!!!

Gachain says:


madogmedic says:

just tried Elijah Craig for the first time.
I loved it. I drank it straight, and doubt that I would ever mix it.
great review

Bourbon_Aficionado says:

You should try to find the barrel strength that is out there now. Only about $50 bucks and it is delicious. I would put it up next to Stagg Jr. As far as the quality.

m t8 says:

never put mixers in ya spirits it sacraligious haha

Flesh Purveyor says:

Try Elijah Craig mixed with Gray’s Belfast Ginger Beer. It is absolutely velvety and fantastic. The flavors actually complement each other very well. That’s the only mixed drink I would recommend with Elijah Craig.

aleksey mel says:

just tried elija craig small batch I guess it is a follow up to 12 year due to the demand. I think it is phenomenal bourbon. just interested to hear how much deference it is between small batch and last year’s 12 year old.

Robert Bryant says:

Does it taste different now that they have removed the age statement?

JClar72 says:

That was quite a generous amount you served yourself lol, it must be Saturday night.

Darcie Caron says:

Paid $37.00 Canadian for a bottle of this today.

Oreste Gallo says:

$34 in IL

Thomas Kingery says:

have they taken the age statement off, I picked up a bottle and it just says small batch, I did not know if these were different or not. Thanks for the help

Cocktail / Drinkkikanava says:

Just received a bottle from Germany since our national retailer doesn’t sell it (plus I guess it would’ve been over 60$ EASY (converted from euros, yeah taxes taxes and import and more taxes tell me about it))

Gotta admit, for the price I payed for it (28$) it’s a catch but I did expect more out of it. Nonetheless, it’s a good sipping bourbon.

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