Elmer T. Lee Single Barrel Bourbon Review: The Mash & Drum EP53

Elmer T. Lee is one of the most legendary names in bourbon. His contributions to the bourbon industry will always be remembered and so will his single barrel bourbon from Buffalo Trace. This bourbon uses Buffalo Trace’s high rye mashbill #2 which uses about 12-15% rye like Blanton’s, Hillrock Farms, Hancock Estate and Ancient Age. The MSRP is only $35-$40 but in today’s market it has become extremely hard to find and heavily allocated. I also compare this to Blanton’s!

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foodquig says:

I wish it could be available here and in great quantity at retail prices, but that’s not the case… Too bad.

Tom R says:

Never never never pay secondary prices for bourbon. It encourages bad behavior by the stored price gouging you. It is like giving into a child having a temper tantrum, it doesn’t work for the long haul. Let the bottles gather dust. These so many great, dare I say fantastic, bourbons under $45, there is no need to pay more than that to enjoy a dram.

Bourbinsane says:

Been searching for an ETL since getting into bourbon! Gotten real close multiple times but no luck. The pour I did have tho I quite enjoyed! Great review Jason!

DJ Beacon says:

Jason, Enjoyed your review and comparison to the Blantons. After looking for about a year, I finally found a bottle for $42 just before Christmas and then a week later another bottle on the shelf at another store for $49. I agree on the balance of the ETL and my bottle may not have been as sweet in comparison to the fruits and oak. Also agree, not worth buying a bottle for over $70 much less some places at over $150. Blanton’s at $70 to 100 is a more enjoyable bottle. Cheers!

ranman1959 says:

I bought 3 bottles of this in 2015 for about $31 per bottle (ahhh, the good ol’ days). Sold one to a friend at cost and kept the other 2. As soon as I tasted my first bottle I knew something was wrong; turned out it suffered from cork taint as did a range of bottles from that particular release in April 2015. Tried to tolerate it but ended up pouring most of it down the drain since it pretty much tasted like dirt. The other one is still on the shelf but I’m afraid to open it! In the meantime I’ve had many bottles of Blanton’s that were delicious. And there’s nothing I want so much that I’d pay secondary prices for. It’s just whiskey folks!

Mike Lisac says:

Completely agree that it’s not worth the secondary market. It’s too bad that this has to be discussed. Thanks for the review.

Mose Chun says:

Early last year I did see it for $90, just couldn’t pull trigger with all the barrel proof bourbon lower than that. The year before when I was not into whisk(e)y it was $45, so it’s hard to justify the price jump. Cheers Jason on bringing great whisk(e)y to light!

The Party Source Reviews says:

A true favorite of mine. Love this bourbon. Cheers, -J.O.

buddhas829 says:

I’ve never seen a bottle of the elusive Elmer T. Lee here in New Jersey, for awhile I would drive up and down the state to random liquor stores in an attempt to secure one. Each time I would ask store managers and employees if they happened to have a bottle , it usually ended up with them laughing followed by good luck. Someday I hope, lol.

Michael Hassett says:

Had a glass of this at a local restaurant and had high expectations but was underwhelmed. Good but not great.

Tophamatic says:

I’ll hoard one if I can find one, but, not more than msrp. Nrfb, gtfo, idk… Cheers Jason.

Sippers Social Club says:

I feel like this one is overhyped. Yes, it’s good, not deserving of secondary market however

thedantrout says:

I completely agree with you on the secondary pricing. This is way overpriced on the secondary. I remember it being very easy to drink for sure. Great review my friend. Cheers!!!

Aimee W says:

Bourbon prices in general are getting higher by the month. I can’t imagine secondary prices. Crazy! Great review, Jason… 🙂

Badseed says:

Great video man! – What are the name of the those glasses and do you know where they can be bought?

Andy Thomas says:

Another great review! Thank you for the content, Jason. ETL = Yeezy’s of bourbon. They intentionally regulate the production and distribution to create high demand. I too buy into the hype. What glass are you using in the video? Can you provide a link to your Amazon influencer page?

Joe Green says:

Awesome video! I’ve had it a couple times and it was pretty solid from what I can remember. Cheers!

whiskey ace says:

Nice sipper at msrp..I got a kind of grain, grassy or dryness from a couple bottles in the past but always enjoyed it

Christine Deems says:

Elmer T. Lee is easy and enjoyable to drink. Not so much to find and definitely not worth secondary pricing! If I find it for MSRP (I live in a state with controlled pricing), I will buy, but pass otherwise. Always appreciate the history in your reviews!

Richie Z says:

Great review Jason! I see the ETL bottle on occasion but it’s almost always $99 so it’s not high on my list to get yet. Cheers brother


Hey Buddy great review as always! Agree with you on all points it’s a really nice bourbon but for the prices it’s going for on secondary there are a lot of other great bourbons for less expensive and much easier to get. Cheers!

Michael Linsalata says:

Had some last night a long with some Henry McKenna !

newmennium says:

Great review Jason!

Welsh Toro says:

I heard this was going to be allocated a few years back so got myself a couple of bottles. I still have one unopened. Ralfy reviewed it back in the day and rated it highly. I thought it was very nice but not as good as some similarly priced bourbon like Elijah Craig 12 or Four Roses Single Barrel. I suppose I’ll drink my last bottle but if somebody offered me secondary price for it I’d sell it in an instant. I have no idea why it’s allocated anyway. Buffalo Trace could churn this stuff out if they so wished. Very good review Jason.

Mark Saliba says:

Not even allocated in Ontario. I appreciate the quality of your reviews and the history lesson. I feel smarter after watching this channel. Cheers

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