Ep 158: Booker’s Bourbon Review and Tasting with Knob Creek Single Barrel 120 Proof Comparison

Today we do a review and tasting of Booker’s Bourbon and compare it to its close cousin, Knob Creek Single Barrel 120 Proof.

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malicious_BEAST says:

I like how during your comparison of Eric Johnson and BB King Rex is just in another world. Probably thinking about what pricey whiskey he wants for the dad joke.

On another note, I have seen around that before Booker Noe died he produced a rye whiskey. It had a green label and I have heard that it was amazing. Apparently he took the recipe to the grave(so I heard) and the remaining bottles are going to $2000+. So I’m just curious if you had the opportunity to try it

Steven M says:

Rex for the win. That was a dad joke

specteractual1 says:

it’s okay for you to be wrong. Booker’s is in my top 3. I like to have it with a nice strong cigar. Also just as a piece of trivia it’s Canada geese not Canadian. they are named after a person not the country

Wes Smith says:

ER doctor imposed day off from work. I’ve been awake 28 minutes, having eaten lunch for breakfast while watching this video and am now looking longingly at the bottles of whisky. I think I have a drinking problem. I’m not drinking is the problem.

Massive props to Daniel for stealth dad joking Rex.

Delta Translation says:

Why did the tree like the mushroom? Because he was a fungi!

laplantski says:

And just to think I was about to sub…

Mark Kilian says:

What’s with the star tattoo on your underarm Daniel?

password 789 says:

it was a dad joke but not enough of a dad joke to justify any whiskey

Cody Lockwood says:

A fan of the knob Creek 120 for the price difference for sure. How does the knob come out of the barrel at 120 if it’s put in at 125? Or are they actually watering it down that little bit?

Rod Espinoza says:

It’s totally a dad joke! A good one, but still a dad joke. But, wasn’t the rule that Rex picks a whiskey to review. Wethe viewers are owed a Macallen M review. Just saying.

James Dellinger says:

For the price Knob Creek single barrel is the better buy. Around here its $30 less than booker’s. But Booker’s is far superior

James Dellinger says:

Rex maybe you should proof read these comments before the filming that way you wont be tricked into reading a dad joke. Daniel techniquelly did not tell the joke it was you so maybe Daniel should mooch off of you.

Scott Lamb says:

Yes, and a great dad joke at that

Andrew Webb says:

Man, I remember when there was only like 500ish subscribers and like 10 comments per video if you guys were lucky. Look how you guys have grown. Well done gentlemen! Although the shenanigans has increased a ton so maybe that’s why haha.

Daniel Johnson says:

Out of curiosity.. Do either of you partake in smoking? Perhaps something green?

Sir Lampsalot says:

Try Kinahan’s blended Irish if you have it

Stephen Hill says:

B B King Yeah. The other Johnson is Robert. He’s good. Joe Bonamassa? He wrote a song that wasn’t about whiskey. Don’t listen to “Sloe Gin” if you are feeling lonely.

reallunacy says:

Totally a dad joke. Now should Rexx get two selections since Daniel argued?

The GreyJedi2112 says:

cliffs of Dover is somewhat moving but that’s his only jam. great reference. and yes it was a dad joke. be gentle Rex

Michael Smyth says:

i believe that was, indeed a dad joke. the Grand Poob’s of Moochitude must collect a debt of whiskey

Jon-Michael Roxby says:

Thanks Daniel and Rex for saving me about $37. Was about to buy Booker’s quite literally tomorrow, but if “knob” Creek is just as good or better then why spend more. Is Rex a mooch still if he saved me money?

PwnageEngage says:

Not only was that a Dad joke, Daniel actually violated Intergalactic Mooch Law by impeding you from receiving a whiskey of your choosing. Most planets (including my homeplanet Moochingo) would penalize Daniel an additional whiskey for every day that passes until you receive satisfaction, Rex.

Jimmy Leg says:

Has everyone gone beard-blind?

I just assumed Daniel lost a bet. Rex’s beard is pretty crap too… but his hair is amazing!

Taylor Newton says:

Yes it was a dad joke!!!

speed rakk says:

the cherry note could be coming from the shirt.

Julien Capolupo says:

Hey guys! How are you? First of all, once again, great video ! I love how you honestly review these whiskys ! I myself am a whisky lover I have been watching every video on YouTube from you, ralfy, Horst and many more. I’have also been reading a lot about it on the Internet. So I’m starting to become knowledgable on the whisky world but sadly I have been limited in the amount on bottles I tasted for a couple of reasons. Here in Montreal, prices are high, in order to split the cost, my friends and I decided to create a “whisky group” called whisky and friends and I would appreciate greatly if you could help me/us chooses our next buys! I have made a list of bottles that I think are interesting because I read fairly good comments on them but I haven’t tasted has much whiskys as you and that’s why I ask for your help. We want to explore many many different things, I’m already a lagavulin lover but my friends are not full peat for the moment so I want to make help them discover this world with less peated malts! I don’t think I can send you a picture of my list with the prices of Montreal here on YouTube, I understand that giving your email adress in the comments might not be something you want to do so if you have the time to answer and would be interested in helping my friends and I evolving in the whisky world I could give you my email adress and we could exchange a message or two 🙂

Thanks for taking the time to read the comment and if you don’t feel like it just tell me and I will understand and keep watching your amazing videos anyway!

Hopefull to get your help,

Still It says:

Outrages goose . . . . That sounds like a damn good name for a Canadian whisky!

BOOM 8K!! Nice!

Pew Heretic says:

Thanks for the toast, Preston!

Even Dad Jokes have criteria and standards. That was NOT a dad joke. Didn’t even blur the lines. Next thing you know Rex will be using every “knob” and “wood” comment as a Dad joke, which he instigated! So what does Daniel get out of it when this inevitably happens? (are we going to become a biased tribe? Lots of Rex fans, not many Daniel-ites. I always side with the under dog.)

Read the comments below for real Dad Jokes. Delta Translation has a good one. But then again, I think all whiskeys should be corked in order to qualify as “real” whiskeys.

MasterScopesvids says:

Please for the love of God put the Writers Tears back where it belongs. Its right over your shoulder and its killing me lol. Also you should review The Arran Malt 10. Its very good for a young whisky and distillery. really any of the Arran Malts will do

cougsfan111 says:

It was definetly a dad joke but a very well hidden one

Michael Pettit says:

Dad joke

You should review Blantons. It’s my favorite bourbon and I’d love to hear your thoughts on it

Richard Jones says:

As a long time Austin Guitar God groupie, I loved the Eric Johnson comparison. If the Booker’s is the Eric Johnson of bourbon, what would you say is the Stevie Ray Vaughan? And reaching a bit here, what would you say is the Ian Moore of whiskey?

Here’s a toast to Steamboat on 6th and Antone’s on the Drag. Gone but not forgetten.

laplantski says:

How can you not like the best readily available single barrel on the market? Sad….

josh sumney says:

It was for sure a dad joke!

Mr Greves says:

You can’t punish Daniel for dad jokes made in the comments…

It was a dad joke though 😉

Michael Wellman says:

You guys rock. Love watching the show and I’m glad to hear you say that you don’t care for a bourbon. Yes,, it’s a dad joke

Mitchell Gillett says:

Even if it wasnt spelled “bread”, that was an awesome dad joke.

Cameron Mount says:

I wonder how many people were introduced to Eric Johnson via Guitar Hero III.


bagehi says:

Canadian Geese are the worst. They don’t deserve bread.

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