Ep 165: Wild Turkey Bourbon Whiskey Review and Tasting with Wild Turkey 101 “Classic” Comparison

Today we taste and review Wild Turkey 101 bourbon whiskey and compare it to Wild Turkey “Classic”.

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It’s time to break through the emotional bias with facts and science. That’s what this school is about.

** The only valid definition of “good” whiskey is “whiskey you like to drink.”

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There’s a tremendous amount of curiosity about Whisk(e)y today. It’s a great excuse for you to gather a group of people who want to have fun and learn something new. The Whisk(e)y School teaches you how to tap into that curiosity, and share your love of whisk(e)y in an unpretentious way. You’re demonstrating knowledge, expertise, and an engaging personality – things valued by every gatekeeper, in every industry.

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darrell hood says:

Hey Daniel wats the difference between whisky and brandy and conyac

azarieal says:

Hey Daniel did you know that in the Norway Navy all the ships have barcodes on them? It’s so they can Scandinavian

Chicken Friedfish says:

I am new to Whiskey drinking and tried Wild Turkey 101 for the first time. Despite Matthew Mcconaughey being the spokes person for the product, I have to say that it hit all of the flavors that I love. I will use this as my reference to what I like. Thanks for the review.

Shawn Andrews says:

101 is my go to bourbon when I’m mostly broke but still want something that doesn’t need a mixer. Nice to see it appreciated 😀

Sebastian Bryhl says:

New drinking game:
Drink every time Daniel claps his hands!
… oh… help… me… god…

I'm The Real Nighttrain says:

The mooch abides

chuck430 says:

“Today we’re drinking by request, wild turkey. Ugh that’s disgusting.”
Thanks for the quick review Daniel.

Danny Woodring says:

http://www.foxnews.com/food-drink/2017/08/11/chinese-tourist-pays-10k-for-shot-whiskey-but-experts-say-it-was-fake.html on another note, I think a trip to Switzerland is in order, you know, for science.

charlie.g.hague says:

After seeing all the thumbnails lately I’ve come to the conclusion that you guys must be putting something in Chad’s whiskey.

Pew Heretic says:

Clarissa; Love the toast and used it (stole it from you) over Guinness today. Thanks for sharing….

Houdinii1212 says:

still my all time favorite is wild turkey 101 had many bottles of other brands but will ALWAYS pick wild turkey 101 over any other.

Danny Woodring says:


Hunter Fielden says:

hell yeah!! The Mooch read my comment on the show. so f**king excited about that must of showed a dozen of people by now your show and you guys saying my name on it. you didn’t really cover the question like what kind of barrels you use, how long you leave it in the barrel before serving or your favorite cocktails to make in one, but i don’t care thats what google is for.
keep up the very entertaining show

Still It says:

I assume that the staggered rolling out of “YT best practice” will be part of the up coming course?! Seems like a legit case study!

David Nutter says:

I blame the two of you for turning me into a whiskey nurd, recently I picked up a bottle of the Pogues Irish whiskey just wondering if you’ve tried it. It be great to see a review

Daniel Bileci says:

Hosting a birthday party for my son. Decided to break out some scotch for my wife’s uncles. Figured they would appreciate it more than the beer. They are just doing shots of Laphroaig and Glenlivet. Now I know the right way to drink whiskey is anyway you like it, but a piece of me is dying as each shot goes down. Since its her family I should get free reign at the liqour store tomorrow right?

Tracy Simpson says:

Daniel and Rex, have the other channels you keep alluding to seen the light of day yet?

Mike says:

Thanks again 🙂

Spencer Raz says:

LOL!! In AZ the WT 101 is $2 cheaper than the WT 81 proof.

Stephen Jamunar says:

I love this channel. Daniel and Rex have an amazing chemistry. Keep up the great reviews guys.
I would like to know if you can review the Four Roses Single Barrel. From what I know, and from the majority perspective I’ve heard, that’s the only bourbon that comes as close to the deliciousness of Angel’s Envy (my personal favorite). I’d love to get your opinion!

Adam Cicigoi says:

i picked up a bottle of Angel’s Envy because of your glowing review. at first, i hated it. the fruity aftertaste from the port finish was way too sweet and overpowering. i tried adding water and even ice, but i still didnt like it.
but, last night i tried it again and the overpowering aftertaste was basically gone.
why did the flavor change like that for me?

Andrew Shimmen says:

just started listening to Daniel’s music as well as watching the whiskey vault just awesome! keep up the fantastic work, came via the modern rogue staying for the epic partnership. best channel on YouTube.

J Corbett says:

I freaking love you guys……….That’s all I have for today.

Jared Garrett says:

It’s weird how wild turkey 101 is smooth to these guys but feels like Satan’s seed in my throat.

Peter Steele says:

So long time drinker, and viewer of your videos, and first time commenter on thee only channel I’ve subscribed to. Daniel if scotch whisky is aged in bourbon barrels, are there specific distilleries that use specific bourbon barrels to age their whisky? Such as jimmy beam, buffalo trace, woodford reserve and so on, so we can try and pick out the nuances of the bourbons that we like or is that a mooch point (had to) in their scotch process? Absolutely love these videos butt me wiff not so much, and I love it when I’ve got a whisky you review so as to drink and taste it along with you fine sir and moochasaurosrex. Also love it when you get all technical and scientific with your facts and stories.

Andrew Wilson says:

Bought a bottle of the 81 today because I had heard it was a great cheap bourbon. Totally agree with your assessment, it is smooth, but mostly tasteless. Ah well, it was only $20, and I need something recognizable to pawn off on those only looking to get drunk.

Jo Chang says:

Hey Daniel, Rex, will you two review the Bushmills’ Black and their single malt? I really would like to see what you two think of them.

Duncan Harmsworth says:

First time Commenter here, and after finally making it through all of your videos and hitting the refresh button on my screen at least 5 times, I am asking myself: “Now What?” I cheered in the beginning when Rex finally got a new shirt, praised the whisk(e)y gods when Rex developed “The Mooch Necklace”, had my mind blown and marveled at Daniel’s intelligence when he dropped the epiphanic “I just bought new underwear” wisdom bomb, and laughed until I sprayed Glendronach 18 all over my monitor at the Holy Whistlepig tale, but now am empty inside with the worst case of Binge Watchers’ Remorse.

Oh well, back to the beginning, just to see if I missed anything. You know, for “The Science”.

Ryan Tarabocchia says:

REX…LIES!!! (1:45) Episode 39 Wild Turkey Forgiven. You have had wild turkey-esque MOOCH

Alexander Stefanov says:

101 smells amazing, tastes great, knocks the spots of loads of very expensive stuff. 81 is meh. 101 rye, also superb. A quality product imho.

Jason Kleschult says:

So, since I am all caught up on the videos now, I have been going back through them and reading through all of the comments. In one of the episodes (or was it in the comments) you mentioned that unlike wine, barrels of whiskey aren’t topped up. I am curious as to how much whiskey remains in, say, an 8 year versus a 21 year old barrel.

As a winemaker, I have to top up my barrels monthly. I typically have to add about 2 liters to each barrel each month.

Ambrose Ratcliffe says:

can you drink Wild Turkey American Honey

steve thepirate says:

Okay, just saw a bottle over Danial’s shoulder called “Writer’s Tears.” As a writer that instantly had me rushing to go look it up. It’s an Irish whiskey, apparently. Has there been a review of it done yet, and if so what episode? Thanks for the channel. Great story research, source by the way.

Shane Stangle says:

The true Mooch reigns supreme.

Chicken Friedfish says:

Ok, I just noticed something, the label of your Wild Turkey is different than mine. What’s up with that? Is this because it comes from different barrels or something?

jebshsu024 says:

Ok I’m new to whiskey and been taking yalls advice/guidance and decided to buy my first scotch can’t haven’t been able to justify a Delmars yet but I did go with Dewars 12 instead of Dewars white label after yalls fairly negative review of it. And wanted to see if y’all could review Dewars 12 or atleast comment on it. I feel it might become my “daily” atleast for now.

Still It says:


I think the dad joke penalty needs to be reviewed. The lack of dad jokes is disturbing!

greenley77 says:

Beard Glint @ 8:10? Nice! LOL

darrell hood says:

Darby whiskey?

MehrdadDwarves says:

I could not find the first bottle. But i did find the 101 at 46$, and the Rye at 72$. They also had the rare breed bourbons from Wild turkey at 88$
So even a rare breed special edition of wild turkey is somewhat affordable here in Denmark. thats not bad.
So even though it might be considered “budget” in the states, it is actually something special over here, mainly to do with supply and demand

Alexander Sell says:

Having revisted Wild Turkey last night, it’s definitely better than i remembered it being.. If I wanted to send you guys a bottle of New Holland whiskey or Long Road bourbon, how would I manage that?

ShanGoosen says:

Hey Guys. Can you please try Bain’s Cape Mountain Single Grain from my home country of South Africa

Justanotherparatrooper says:

It is considered a great accomplishment to go down Niagara Falls in a wooden barrel. Chuck Norris can go up Niagara Falls in a cardboard box.

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