Ep 198: Old Forester Birthday Bourbon Review and Tasting with Old Forester Classic Comparison

Today we do a review and tasting of Old Forester Birthday Bourbon and compare it to Old Forester Classic.

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FreyFishing says:

I went to like the video after I was done watching, and I already managed to like it while watching the video. DOUBLE LIKES!!!

Deeplocked says:

i cant speak for the 2017 OFBB as ive not tried it yet but…

Old Forester 1920 Prohibition Style totally DESTROYS the 2016 OFBB imo. in fact that would make a great comparison video. 1920 vs 2017 BB

Entenkommando says:

No bonus points for the beautiful bottle shape?

Jason Voorheese says:

man, I love that bottle shape

Shelby Dog says:

Inuits drink Two Brewers Yukon Single Malt!

In order to make up for the years of Canadians keeping all the “good stuff”, I will trade you 100 bottles of Crown Royal for 50 bottles of BTAC! Who says Canadians aren’t nice.

charlie.g.hague says:

Ya know, I’ve always wondered if Rex’s mooch antics were ramped up primarily for entertainment in the videos. Now I know for sure he is a true Whiskey Mooch. Saint approved.

peter white says:

Here is another one coming out


Not bad, $250 cad for a 40 year old Whisky at 90 proof. Whisky Advocate scored it 96/100

Chrispiano Leao says:

At your suggestion I bought a bottle of Dalmore 12 and I hate it! The Whisky is very bitter, sulfur, and over boiled prunes. This is not the easy drinking “gateway” whisky but a hot mess. Is it possible that I got a bad bottle? Any thoughts?

Brock Berringer says:

That was your best opener yet. I liked that intro a lot better!

John Cramer says:

Hey Daniel, Rex, I was wondering if you were ever going to get around to the Willett vs Pappy/Weller video, It was a while ago when you talked about it, around episode 40-50, I was just going back and watching a bunch of your older videos and realized that you guys never did it! keep up the good work!

Phillip Rivera says:

You should do a review on Widow Jane it’s the first bourbon I’ve ever drank and I found it to be quite good it is distilled locally in New York and I think it would be worth a try

Theresa Smith says:

Canadian Whisky…y’all need to try Yukon’s Two Brewers Innovative…If you can find it (or come north for a visit) https://twobrewerswhisky.com/innovative-2/

Suddenwok says:

So, a couple of years ago some buddies and I did a blind taste test with Old Forester Birthday, Jefferson’s Presidential Select 18, Four Roses Single Barrel, Wild Turkey, and a half empty bottle of cheap-ass Jeffers Creek that was so astringent when I opened it that I only ever used it for mixing. To our shock, the $14 bottle of Jeffers Creek that had been sitting there untouched for months won hands down. Getting all that air on it for that time did … something. Something good. What sorcery was at work?

Mark Vaccaro says:

The Old Forester Classic is probably my favorite bourbon. It’s so easy to drink, and where I live, it costs less than $25. The bang for the buck is almost unbeatable

Moe Ram says:

i have a question to Level 3 daniel and Level 4 Rex about what i think is “peat fatigue”
i love peated whiskys and my almost daily routine is to have a glass of peat monster, ardbeg, laphroiag, and lagavulin, in random order
but since last week, i just cant get the smoke/peat at all, on the nose or on the taste, so lagavulin tastes like glenfeddich to me, all i get is the sweetness.
i read online that its a thing, and i should just stop drinking peated whiskys for a couple of weeks, which sucks.
i wonder if you guys ever encountered that and what did you do to solve it?

WhiskyJason says:

no one sends me whiskey/bourbon to review online 🙁

Chad Stewart says:

Well if your Chad can’t I volunteer to drink in his place

Ryan Tarabocchia says:

I said the Topgear thing first!

Rowan Brough says:

Hey guys just ordered a bottle of monkey shoulder on your recommendation, cant wait to try it. So i spotted a bottle of Glen Grant, would love to see you guys do a review on some of their whiskies The Major’s Reserve (needs water), 10 Years and 16 Years. I noticed it on a shelf even Daniel might reach, the second shelf. – OH also Daniel thanks so much for saying you get banana from Jack Daniels, Iv always gotten that but everyone thinks I’m crazy. Finally I can say i have the complexity of a level 3 Som

Holcombi says:

The people of Quebec truly are assholes if you don’t speak their dirty French.

Cardinal_Sins says:

Hoping to snag one of those up this year.

Owen Wright says:

You guys gonna review the statesman bourbon?

Thomas Murphy says:

Brilliant !!!!!!!

AlGoreRhythm says:

I’m getting a feel for what I enjoy, and was looking for a way to do so without continuously buying bottles to try. I recently discovered that my local UK pub-style bar down the street (I live in Upstate New York) has a GLORIOUS scotch/whisky selection. I am going to have no problem finding my favorites there:



kendoWTL says:

Where are my whiskey vault glencairns you hack frauds? :^)

Mark Graham says:

Message from Canada!

Sorry, Vary sorry. As we new to electricity in or igloos. We see many new drinks in the world from your insightful moving pictures on the WeFe. Nanook and I try to get the brown fire water to you but the dogs and sleds don’t go on grass at the boarder. The small man on the Youtubs named Dan, could see the his magic necklace of knowledge if we can fix this problem. The tall man with the changing hair color over the last year must have to much fire water in his belly to cause such a color change in a short time. I will get Nuteutuk to get some moose love juice for his hair to stop the change. We will have to leave it at the boarder for him.

We want you to have or drink, unfortunately we cant get Angles Envy here so lets just call it even.

Sorry so sorry..

Dávid Nagy says:

Love the videos. Keep up the good job. I have a question tho. Do whiskey decanters serve a purpose? Or they just to look fancy and sophisticated? Love from Slovakia

badDeath Thanatos says:

If you are the Top Gear of Whisk[e]y who is the STIG? Cheers.

ra5678100 says:

Daniel or anyone happen to know of any good distilleries in South Carolina for whiskey/Bourbon? From what I can tell almost all of them are younger and FireFlies is the best know but is nothing but flavored vodka/rum. Dark Corner Distillery in Greenville seems to look promising though.

tauhid ahmed says:

I like unicorns

nicholasedel says:

Do episodes on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail.

Erik Eustice says:

This is the kind of whiskey you put in a locked cabinet. Not the kind of whiskey you leave just laying around. Right, Daniel?

UnboundOdysseus says:

Hey, you’re getting our best hockey players on “your” NHL teams. Let us keep our best whiskies, will ya!? Also, side note, Inuit never takes an “s”. Inuk is the singular, Inuit is plural. At least, that’s what I’ve been told by a few guys from the Northwest Territories.

B Pullman says:

Great stuff guys. I recently got a bottle of Laphroaig 10 Cask Strength, and even as somebody who likes pretty challenging whiskys, found this to be up there with the most challenging.  However, the other day I had a pretty fruit forward wine with dinner, that had notes of plums and other dark fruits then about 3 hours later had the Laphroaig and found it to really have the same dark fruit notes as the wine did, with a hint of the medicinal flavors I’m used to tasting, a complete transformation.  I was wondering your thoughts on the Laphroaig 10 Cask Strength.

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