Evan Williams Black Label Bourbon Review (Best Bourbon For The Price?)

Let’s see what I think about Evan Williams Black Label. Is it worth it’s weight in gold? Is it commonly overlooked because of its price and Jack Daniel’s style bottle? I am also enjoying a pipe filled with Elizabethan Mixture and will do a full review on that blend shortly.


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Zach Michlow says:

you are a true connoisseur of bourbon. I am from Louisville and you truly appreciate bourbon. kudos to you

Robert Rogers says:

All of Evan Williams’ line is good but the white label bottled in bond is great.

brett kelly says:

$7.99 for a 750 ml in my area some places are 8.99 but i get cha ge back from a ten anywhere.

John Smith says:

pot and bourbon i must try this

Robert Rogers says:

2 years minimum to be called straight bourbon. If less than four years, it must contain an age statement to be called straight bourbon. Evan Williams used to carry a 7 year age statement.

iggypopisgod9 says:

Evan green is step down. Jim Beam white is overrated and overpriced. EW black much smoother but still fairly simple.

Jeffrey Witt says:

Evans way better than beam

Daniel Duquette says:

compliments my 3.2 beer

Jeffrey Witt says:

one ice cube only I’f its hot outside

iggypopisgod9 says:

EW bonded white label is their best product at $12-15

Adan Lopez says:

This stuff is really good. It tastes really similar to Jack Daniels. Evan Williams may be a tiny bit harsher but it’s negligible, but the taste is identical. A handle of this is $21 whereas a handle of Jack is 43. I have an empty handle of jack, so I just fill it up with handles of EW for half the price. I couldn’t display a bottle of EW in front of my guest because I would look cheap and bad, so I always make sure I have the jack bottle ready. I know it’s unscrupulous, but I’m saving myself $20 a party. I think everything has it’s cheaper counterpart just as EW is to JD, and seagram’s vo is to Crown Royal, you just have to look for it. besides all of my guests mix it so by then it’s impossible to tell.

trustratplaya says:

not that good

Kate Lundberg says:

My favorite bourbon, hands down.

Zachary Garrison says:

I bought a 1.75 liter for 20 bucks. good stuff….

xTheTorNando says:

You made me want to try Evan Williams!


I was reading a magazine put out by our local lcbo here in Canada and saw an ad for EW and seemed exactly like the kind of started bourbon I was looking for,I would like to know more about what goes in it (51%corn and other grains like rye wheat or barley?) and the process,is it double pot distilled? maple charcoal filtered? aged in new or used chared or unchared barrels? does it have any caramel colouring added to it ?? etc etc

quad core says:

If I drink old no.7 or Evan Williams the aftertaste does not linger on, however Jim beam does. I want to buy some 86 proof Evan Williams and a pack of American Spirits Perique blend (black pack) you seem to have good taste and sense of smell.

Jason Spaulding says:

ew blows beam out of the water!To me anyway.

julle huu says:

jim beam aint cheap here in finland it s almmost 30 euros but i m ging to buy it any wai im never tasted beam onlly scotch im actually jealous your prices compared here so

Douglas Smith says:

Tried it, threw out the bottle 70% full. Colored turpentine is all it is.

tom roger says:

I tried a bottle, too Harsh for me, no thank you

LarryRickenbacker says:

EW black is a good value, but have you tried Evan Williams 1783 for the same price? I like it slightly better. I enjoyed your review!

benjamin viney says:

$17.50 here in ohio…:(

Reeled You Inn says:

Mix in a quart jar, 1 bottle of Evan Williams, 1/2 cup of sugar, 4-5 cinnamon sticks, 1/2 teaspoon of red pepper flakes. Shake until all the sugar dissolves, let sit for 4-5 days and shake once a day. Pour back into bottle with a funnel and coffee filter. Careful, there will be a little more than the bottle will hold. Now you have a nice stronger spicier version of Fireball without the sugar aftertaste.

Blake Moody says:

I reunited myself with Evan not too long ago. If I can spend $12 on whiskey and not have to shoot it down, it has my thumbs up

Abram Hernandez says:

anyone knows what type of pipe he is smoking ? ( mfr.)

brett kelly says:

I like Evan Williams but the moonshine I buy is smoother at 160 proof than Evan Williams lol.

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