Four Roses Bourbon – Review #33

Talking about the the Four Roses Distillery, it’s inception, it’s history, and where they’re going. Then doing a review of Four Roses Bourbon.

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TroubleBrewingStudio says:

Interesting at the similarities in reviewing whiskey versus beer, and this one apparently had a watery mouthfeel. Nice review!

shenkel869 says:

seriously what’s wrong with a screw top on a sub $20 whiskey? I dont get all the obsession or poo-pooing if a whiskey doesn’t have a cork in it.  does it taste better with a cork? does the cork add flavor? does the alcohol evaporate faster once opened with a screw top? does a cork in a $20 whiskey make it fancier? real cork is getting hard to source and a lot of today’s wine bottles have the imitation corks.  wish people would lessen the snob factor about corks.

Neo Genesis says:

I have only had the small batch and I absolutely loved it!!! So much so that I bought three bottles and finished them all in about 3 months

MrPsmooth says:

Drinking some larceny… do review on it not bad at all

walkinthunder says:

I never watch it when it was on t.v. But I heard it was so good so I bought the complete series and watched it all at once. I’m ready to watch it again. Hey one suggestion to you about your whiskey tasting you should never tell anyone not to waste their money on a brand, because that’s your opinion of it I found that some you don’t like I like and some you do like I don’t, for everyone you don’t like someone else likes it. For instance you rave about Woodford Reserve and I don’t like that one so if you were to tell me to go out and buy it because it’s your favorite I would be pissed off at you for telling me to buy, just give your opinion about it and let people make there own mind up. For instance you said don’t waste you money on Four Roses Yellow label I bought it and like it.

Steve Walther says:

This bourbon is featured in Rocky movies.

Jeff Winbush says:

I’m literally in the middle with Four Roses. I have no interest in the yellow label. I’ve seen too many reviews that make it clear to me its a gateway bourbon and I’m kinda past that. I have a bottle of the small batch and my son and I tried it together and both dug it. I’m looking forward to trying the single barrel, but probably not before I finish my tastings of under $30 bourbons.

Thanks for the background as it was interesting.

Mark Lovejoy says:

As always thank you for reviewing another bourbon, I haven’t seen you do a single malt whiskey in awhile now, are you temporarily backing off of it currently to do strictly bourbon? Does 4 Roses have the e in bourbon whiskey? Regardless, I love the channel and appreciate the reviews. I had Makers Mark this month and I forgot how powerful the alcohol is on the nosing and letting you know on the finish, I’m here 90 proof lol, the throat burns all the way to the bottom of the stomach. But, I always said that and many like it with the higher proof need an ice cube or 2, maybe a splash of water to open it up. I definitely recommend letting it breath prior to nosing or it’ll burn the hairs out of your nose and grow some on your chest, lol. Funny story really quick, I had my brother taste the Makers Mark, he doesn’t indulge the nosing or tasting process, he took it down like a shot, I poured a dram but enough to consider a double shot and he thought it was a liquor that you throw back instead of sip and boy did he regret it. I was laughing hysterically because he was whimpering it burns, lol. I think it grew hair in places you don’t normally grow hair, lol. Funny I wish I recorded it to upload to you.

walkinthunder says:

Hey I finally tried Old Grand Dad dam this is very good my first high rye whiskey. I will be buying more of it.

Robert Hillman says:

Four Roses is the best whisky for mixing. Any time I’m making my friends old fashioneds, I always make it with Four Roses because it’s great for the price.

walkinthunder says:

I still like Jack Daniels it was featured in the biker series Sons of Anarchy. And I like this Four Roses. Plus this Four Roses is the # 1 Bourbon at the Kentucky derby.

Interstellar Lapis & the CCCP says:

Nothing like sipping on fine whiskey with some salty black licorice. :]

roope rontu says:

Nice to see a review about my favourite bourbon.

walkinthunder says:

I like a lot of the cheap stuff I do buy quality sometimes but what I like I like Canadian Club – Premium Extra Aged. I like Redemption Bourbon, I am no expert on whiskey I just like what I like I’m a simple man. To me Jack Daniels #7 is one of my favorites, I like Gentleman Jack but I still like # 7 better. I like Tin Cup, there is some more I like and some I don’t. I Still try new ones you smell all the different flavors in then I really don’t care what it smells like I just drink it if I like it. You put our nose in the glass I put my tongue in it. Actually I ‘have only been drinking whiskey for 6 months I was always a beer drinker. But I do like watching your Video’s, I think I am going to try Old Granddad next.

Paul Melendez says:

Wish it had a cork

JIM87ification says:

freakin snob. C? For the money its an A-

walkinthunder says:

it was the Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Buddy Mc says:

How about a review of John Barr scotch?

WhiskyJason says:

well done – informative and entertaining – thanks!

TheßurleyDûde says:

Yes 4 roses was hobo booze.

wildernessman says:

Would you do that yellow label in a cola. Or some other cocktail?

SheFlungDung says:

Next review coming tonight? Can’t wait. LOL Nosing and Tasting la ta da da…..

PC_GameWorld says:

I bought a bottle of this and it’s actually pretty good, I mean yeah it’s smooth but it actually has alot of flavors and is a good bourbon for people who want to get into the nosing all the flavors and know what they are drinking. when I nosed it I got strawberry, pineapple, the oak and on the finish is when I picked up the kind of chocolate, vanilla and honey. I’ve tried alot of bourbons and it’s not bad. I still prefer Buffalo Trace or wild turkey

M1010O says:

It’s not sexist. Women are soft Medicine is good for you, but it tastes bad.

TX Mark says:

Yellow label for me is the whisky that I drink when I am in a social setting and not really focusing on the whisky. It gives enjoyment but stays in the background. I wouldn’t avoid it but it certainly will not change your life.

Zinfrared says:


I’m not sure I agree with it being watery/weak. It is a little simple but it’s good for the price.

Sweet Cindy says:

single barrel is fucking delicious. my #1. your house looks lovely

Scotch Test Dummies says:

Great review Bill, just saved me $17!

Barry Fiedel says:

I remember the days of rot-gut 4 roses whiskey. 1965. The only way to drink it was in hot chocolate. Sound disgusting? Try a few hot chocolate/4-Roses rot-gut paper cups and go bowling (remember this was 1965). So different today. Was afraid to try their good stuff, but glad I did (single barrel and small batch). Look forward to those reviews.

Cheers to the Mouse says:


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