Henry McKenna Single Barrel | The Bourbon Guild Review Show

The Bourbon Guild reviews Henry McKenna Single Barrel Bourbon!

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Whisky Papa says:

I have a 2004 bottle. Honestly, I’m not a fan. Nothing wrong with it, just not for me. A bit too bitty for me I guess.

Kiwi Wandering USA says:

This bourbon was very “meh” for me as well. I had heard good things about it, but it just didn’t deliver. Thin and uninspiring.

Buddy Winters says:

Ben did you add a little bourbon to your water LOL

WheelHouseWhisky says:

Picked up a bottle of this and wow! Nice oak n honey up front into cinnamon n nutmeg spice then finishes into strong brown sugar. Not that complex but still delicious. Went back n got the other two bottles of the same barrel. Nothing was toned down for us . For me i might say perfect. Strike of the single barrel? Great review!

Stephen Sharpe says:

Drank this along with you guys. You were right on!

dc hotze says:

What’s Ben baking? Brownies?

SupahDupahPlayahMackNumbah 1 says:

I bought this bottle 2 days after you guys put up this video and just coincidentally came across it haha Perfect timing to sit back and have a review with you! Long live the Guild!

Kind Lee says:

I was excited to find and try.. I didn’t like. 🙁

Justin Dearing says:

Mash bill is actually 78 Corn/10 Rye/12 Malted Barley.

Jesters Cap says:

This has been one of my “go to” everyday sipping bourbons for a while. 10 yr BiB SB from Heaven Hill with a nice proof (100 proof as all are BiB’s) with a bit of that higher rye taste I enjoy AND I can get it regularly at my NC ABC store for around $30…all day, yes please. There are so many bourbons out there now that are $50 -$100+ and they’re complete crap (FEW anyone?), it’s refreshing to get a product of this quality for a good price.

B Lam says:

Just picked up 2 bottles today. Nice review.

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