How to Drink Your Bourbon Properly

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Is there a right way to drink your bourbon or whiskey? The short answer is yes.

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There are four different ways to drink your bourbon, as well as four ways to properly enjoy it.

You can drink whiskey mixed, on the rocks, with a splash of water, or neat. But no matter how you take your drink, there are four steps to enjoying it.

First take a good whiff and enjoy the aroma. Then check out the color and appreciate the age (as well as the money you’ve just spent on that dram). Then sip and enjoy. Finally, repeat.



Aced says:

3:00 No, there is less surface area thus diluting it more slowly…….

kentower says:

Cool Video. I‘m new to bourbons although many single malts rest in bourbon casks. You said that apart from the nose the color is also a kind of landmark to distinguish brands. I know a lot of Single malt distillers use sugar colouring to change or maintain a specific color. Is that the same with bourbons?

Daniel H says:

This guy knows what he’s talking about, new subscriber. “Don’t be a dick and put soda in your bourbon”.

Jenni Anchors says:

oh fuck off.

the proper way to drink bourbon is alone in your domicile away from people with dumb opinions like yours.

Benjamin Thompson says:

I hate those tulip-shaped snifter-type glasses. I’d much rather drink my bourbon out of a rocks glass. I ordered a manly beverage, I want a manly glass.

Guy Cordle says:

I love your channel and this is my favorite clip of all. Thanks for the education!

ed4og says:

It’s all Jim beam in disguise. Try some lagavulin or ardbeg

Frank Saragoza says:

Great videos bro! Love the background music. What do you like about bourbon over scotch?

Texas Smith says:

Okay youngster listen up. You can drink your bourbon neat and look for all those different “flavors” OR you can look for all the different flavors of everything you put in your mouth like a real pro and notice the wonderful change in your drink when mixing with coke which has a lemon aftertaste and enjoy what that smoke, honey, vanilla, caramel aftertaste is like with a hint of LEMON. That is what mixing does and why it gets mixed. Try it with that in mind next time. The more coke you add the more the taste changes so there is nothing wrong with mixing it at all. A real taster will notice these things and mention them. I drink neat depending on my mood.

Russ Jones says:

How about you do you and I’ll do me whats good for you just might not be good for others

murilo ninj says:

One of the baddest men I’ve ever known (Vietnam Navy SEAL Master Chief) prefers Jack & Coke…if its good enough for him, its good enough for me!

B B says:

Yeah man, I’m new to your channel. Count me in as a subscriber. Any suggestions how to drink single malt Scotch?

PoweredbyPlants says:

Put bourbon in a glass, sip until happy…I just saved you 8 minutes of your life 🙂

Flo4 nice bebob1 says:

Shots best way with chasers if needed

jackass patriot says:

I love whisky good or bad I THINK its disrespectful to water it down or mix it with soda. Highballs and proper mixed drinks are cool of That’s what you like. I like neat whisky though

Josiah Quincy says:

I always sip then add 2 or 3 stones.

Red Ensign says:

97 people like soda

Kevin Henderson says:

The better video would be how to order your bourbon as opposed to how to drink. Drink bourbon however you want. I drink it neat maybe a little water if I think it needs it, sometimes with a little ice, at times I’ll even mix with coke. The only way I don’t drink it is as a shot. I stopped that when I got old enough that hangovers hurt. If you drink bourbon Ill give you a cool point how you drink it is your business not mine.

Ant**** Perez says:

I chill my bottle and drink it straight my favorite is woodford reserve

Chris McMillen says:

I thought your suppose to buttchug bourbon…..I’ve been doing it wrong.

Bob Tyor says:

With my mouth.

Foster Michael says:

What about a mini fridge with a low cool temp? So its chilled but not ice cold

Steven Kitchen says:

If I may ask Chris, is your go to bourbon bulleit bourbon? I notice the label from your intro. And also how do you rank Jefferson’s?

That Guy says:

How to drink alcohol.

Step 1 put it on your lips.

Step 2 swallow.

Step 3 ride a motorcycle down a highway doing wheelies

Bearded Ape says:

What’s up Chris!? Great Video!!! I’m a Bourbon on the large rock kinda guy!! BTW, great Beard!! Follow us also and please check us out at – thanks brother!!!

Kandela Brown says:

The big ball of ice has LESS surface area; that is why it melts slower.

Teresa Tuttle says:

great video and Holy beard, Batman

Nerds Drinkwhiskey says:

I say it depends on the bourbon. There are some bourbons out there that deserve the insult of a dash or two of cola. Angel’s Envy anyone? 😀

Johnny Cezar says:

Do you really drive a honda civic though? haha

Jerad Boggs says:

First, I’m glad I stuck around for the Honda Civic bit. Second, I always keep 2 bottles of whiskey at the house. Something cheap for my friends that like to mix it, and a 100 proof Knob Creek, which I explain is for sipping only. Sipping bourbon does not go into a mixed drink. However, I’ve found that my guests enjoy the most expensive whisk(e)y I can afford.

logan m says:

i actually like to mix bourbon with a sweet tea, you still taste a lot of the bourbon and it has less alcohol bite

Six Demon Bag says:

I drink borbun in huge gulps.

Jack Star says:

Tried my first bourbon, Jim beam, had it neat then on the rocks, was disgusting

Shadow Fiend says:

Dumb question ..
why we cant just keep the bottle in the fridge?

Jude F. says:

“This is how your grand dad drank bourbon.” My grand dad drank moonshine. He sold it, too.

Raphaela Laurean says:

I love this video. There is really only one way to drink bourbon, neat, but i really enjoyed this.

Donn Testa says:

My understanding is master blenders dilute whisky to 30-35% before comparing, alcohol at 40% or higher kills flavor taste buds. My rule for bourbon on a 50ml pour, at 40% is one teaspoon of water, one additional teaspoon every 5% above 40%, subtract one teaspoon at 8 year old spirit, subtract an additional teaspoon every 4 years over 8… If you have a really aged whisky and hit 0 teaspoons due to age, treat it like a scotch and add just a few drops of water to open the spirit up. Cold spirit also dampens flavors and aromas so by chilling in any way you are losing, by drinking 40% or higher you’re losing what you paid for. But to each their own.

Ireland boys Fan says:

Does this guys boyfriend drink bourbon?

ralph malph says:

while in college in KY we used to drink beam 3 yo mixed with coke 50/50. we’d shoot 7 yo beam or makers or drink over ice. really isn’t a wrong way or best way. just dont waste really good bourbon on a mixer. especially with all the small batch stuff now a days you can try anything on different bourbons…. i just have to have it cold.

Anonymous Anonymous says:

You drink it from the bottle until the ground comes rushing up against you and smash you in the face. Then you get back up and pour the rest over your face to clean your wounds.

Vlad the Inhaler says:

Whiskey stone, gets your drink cold without watering it down.

bigcatdaddy76016 says:

AC/DC said it best in a song…Whiskey and water backwash……sip the whiskey, don’t take a shot of it….If you abuse whiskey, it will abuse you back!!

Bac si Gà bé says:

This guys a fuck up

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