Jamisons Bourbon Reviews Jim Beam vs Evan Williams

Today I wanted to take a look at two of the biggest and most popular brands of bourbon. This is just a short comparison video. If I reviewed them separately I would take a more in depth look at them. I am unsure if there is any need to do that though because these are both fairly simple and straight forward bourbons. If left in the glass for around 20 minutes more aroma and tasting notes do happen though.


BadWolf762 says:

I got tired of Jim Beam going up in price the last 2 years (Mila Kunas must be paid well) and tried a bottle of Evan Williams because it was $7 cheaper for a 1.75. I find the Evan Williams much better and will never go back.

Nelson Bennett says:

Jim Beam is 37% not 40% alcohol.

libertygamer1776 says:

I’ve been getting into bourbon whiskey and whiskey in general. Bought a bottle of Evan Williams Black Label this past New Years and I still have just a little bit left, I like to pour myself a glass to sip on here and there in the late evenings after work while playing some Skyrim or Battlefield 4. I like EW because they’re pretty cheap as far as bourbon goes, I started with the flavored honey whiskies (about like 3 or 4 of them I think) and that experience led me to try some traditional unflavored bourbon. EW so far is my go to, cheap, smooth and good, who doesn’t like a bargain? I haven’t had the traditional Jim Beam yet, but one day I’ll get around to it. Cool side by side comparison video btw! 

Guitar Retro Rocket says:

I enjoyed your review.  I have been an Evan Williams fan for a long time.  I first discovered it in college as a value bourbon, but now I drink it as my everyday toddy.  Cheers!


fair review man. Two thumbs up

Matt W says:

Good vid, I find EW to have a bit more bite than Beam, but for low cost mixers they are both fine. I have no problem drinking Beam neat, but don’t enjoy EW as much that way. I’ve had plenty of the more expensive bourbons out there, as I used to be a bar manager (never had Van Winkle though), but Beam is my everyday choice, especially the 8 or Devils Cut, which aren’t much more $$. Cheers

Cephas Martin says:

I like the smoky taste of Evan Williams. Is that what you mean by the taste of oak you mentioned? Evan Williams became my bourbon of choice after tasting it the first time.

alak58 says:

any bourbon is better than Jeam Beam white label.yuck..cheap and nasty bourbon.

Ruby1978 says:

if they’re both good, i’m going to save the $4.00 a bottle and get Evan Williams

1978garfield says:

For some reason Jim Beam just instantly hits my gag reflex. You could put a teaspoon on Beam in a can of coke and I could not drink it. Same for Early Times. I like Evan Williams, and used to like Ten High back when it was actually all Bourbon. Now it is mixed with “neutral spirits”.
This keeps me from trying other Bourbons because I dont want to wind up with a bottle full of something I hate.
Know of any other Bourbons on the Evan Williams side of flavor?
With it’s good flavor, higher proof and reasonable price EW is hard to beat.

william wheeler says:

Evan Williams is only good for mixing on the cheap. Like a tub of piss that somebody farted in.

papawx3 says:

I was fortunate enough to have been born {early 60s} at a time when GREAT whiskey {and cheap too} was everywhere. I took it for granted. Now, for the most part, they are all gone. Gone are: Stitzel-Weller, National Distillers, Old Taylor, IW Harper and several others. you guys haven’t a clue as to what you have missed. Beam is GARBAGE. People that drink Bardstown profile bourbon don’t know good whiskey. About the best going today are Buffalo Trace and Eagle rare. “Pappy” and all of that other over-priced stuff is for suckers. Used to buy the same booze for $14 a 4/5 thirty years ago.

Anthony Jaswinski says:

Williams is a better bourbon mixer than Jack. For your reasons and it can actually be a pleasant stand alone

Halsey Marcoux says:


Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen says:

They’re both pretty good, especially for mixers. I think Evan Williams is the better deal because it’s around $14 where I live. I think Jim Beam is maybe a little better but it’s definitely overprice at $19 because it’s so popular. Taste is subjective, just go with what you like. Can’t really go wrong with either one.

DC 111 says:

You just can’t beat EW black for the price. Old Crow comes close… But not quite.

Bulls Are Man-Cows, Not Their Own Type of Animal says:

Jim Beam is good but Woodford Reserve is better than both of these I an’t even ever tried Evan Williams.

Jay Harrell says:

Nice review! I’m a big Scotch drinker and starting to branch out into bourbons. My liquor store has EW Black on sale for $8.99 so I think I’ll give it a shot! (pun intended)

Danofstockport says:

Nice comparison 🙂

deepwoodskentuckian says:

Evan is so much better then JB , jb is so dang bland, and i can get a fifth of EW for ten less then jb..

MrBacon613 says:

Alright guys, I need some help. Im in university and, therefore, do not have much money to spend on drinks. On the other hand I love whiskey and university goes hand in hand with drinking. Does anyone have some recommendations for a good cheap whiskey? Thanks

Haze Reviews says:

Evan Williams by far. Heaven Hill brands have a more refined and loyal bourbon nose and taste. Not to say Beam suntory isn’t making good stuff…they are just not as a good as Heaven Hill!

Greedy Joe says:

ya likec4 five mixed evanwilliams black makes me hangover bad

William Petersen says:

I am just now learning more about Bourbon, which has always been my spirits preference, and I have always ordered Beam and Cokes and for my Manhattan’s I order Maker’s, Maker’s 46 or Weller wheaters when available. I had just tried Beam Black and was underwhelmed, in fact I really had no desire to drink it on the rocks (in Manhattan’s was okay) so I picked up a bottle of Evan Williams yesterday as I was not accustomed to drinking it at all and I just want to say that it way more appealing to me than Beam White or Black. I sipped this on the rocks and enjoyed way more than I thought I would. That being said, Evan Williams will now be my lower shelf bourbon of choice and I cannot believe I didn’t try it sooner, but like I said, I have just started exploring and refining my Bourbon tastes/preferences.

Matthew Coury says:

i personally hate evan williams; maybe it was just the batch I got but it was VERY sour, terrible terrible taste. Jim beam is my go to.

• l • says:

Jim Beam no question

Brian Holdren says:

Yaaaaa! It’s NOT WINE OR HENNESSEY! Still, I dig this vid… Though he should be drinking from a rocks or highball glass… As for mixers: who the heck mixes inexpensive Bourbons?

CosmicPentastar says:

EW is my go to bourbon. I get the white label (100 proof) if It’s avaliable. Also I like the unpretentiousness of the bottle design. The old fashioned style. And the gold drop shadow behind the letters. It’s like someone’s old uncle thought that looked cool. lol

Chuck Iringtwice says:

Great review! Short and to the point. Sitting here drinking Evan Williams and I find my take is spot on to yours. Not bad for under 20 bucks! Just subscribed to your channel, Cheers!

Sector 001 says:

Is that a Mossberg 500 in the background?

Chris says:

EW black labe #1 for price

Tristan Lipich says:

10 seconds in, pissed you compared Jim out of a plastic bottle vs Evan in glass. I don’t drink shit out of plastic. Automatic fail

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