Jefferson’s Reserve Very Old Straight Bourbon Whiskey Small Batch Review

A review of Jefferson’s Reserve Very Old Straight Bourbon Whiskey Small Batch. Overall Score: 89/100.

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Lippy says:

its called oxidation! thats why the whiskey changes over time with air in the bottle. Dont leave a bottle with only a little bit left for too long because it will kill it

Patrick Hardy says:

if you use air fresheners or plug ins those oils from the fragrances over time will taint your wiskey. if you keep them in a dark cool dry place away from oils and fragrances they shouldn’t change that much. just make sure you cork it completely as sometimes due to neglect that can cause you to loose flavor.

pbkayakyer says:

Yup, it definitely changes after being opened up. And in my experience, never for the better. I’ve had many good bottles of bourbon, that I really liked, change to just “okay” bourbon after a few weeks. I think I’m going to become a bourbon snob and get the can of compressed air to try and stop the oxidation of the bourbon. I’ve also got smaller bottles to put it in once it drops below the halfway point- anything to keep that initial flavor you get from a fresh bottle!

MRKTM690smc says:

absolutely noticed whiskeys changing over time…. The bottles I’ve nearly finished I’ve found I enjoy them more and more as they get lower in the bottle.  Specifically noticed this with a bottle of knob creek and EC12 recently.  How about a review on Orphan Barrel Forged Oak, Bulleit 10 yr, or maybe venture into islay scotch whiskies??

smoking joe says:

Great review i was able grab this on sale for 24.99 im glad i got it lol..

nathan strubberg says:

High West Rendezvous Rye is a great whiskey. Henry McKenna 10 yr single barrel bonded is another one of my new favorites! Or for shits and giggles give us Old Grand Dad 114! Love the videos, keep up the good work! Cheers!

J-rocksMOTO says:

Yes the more air in the bottle the more oxygen for the whiskey to oxidize

noairbag1 says:

good stuff, somewhat distinct, a bit pricey in my state though

Bourbon_Aficionado says:

What might be happening is that over this year or so you have been tasting a lot of bourbons and as you said in the video “higher proof” bourbons so your pallette has developed and you can appreciate it more.

Kodex says:

Yep, Changes the taste. Some scotch changes for the better like the 16yr balvenie triple cask. What I do is, when I am at 30-40% range I move it to a smaller bottle or fill up sample bottles to trade with others. Check out one of my posts on Instagram @Drinkingcaveman to see the sample bottle project I did. Also its good to tip your bottle once and a while to get the cork wet. If you don’t do this the bottle can get more air into it or the cork could brake into the bottle.



BoltAction308 says:

I have definitely noticed a change in taste over time. It has something to do with the oxygen tainting the drink. They do make a product called “private preserve” which is a gas you spray into the bottle that keeps the oxygen separated from the liquor. It was developed for wine but I believe it works for all alcohol.

Corey Martin - Big Poppa says:

I’m with you Dave. I really didn’t care for this at bottle opening, it got better with time. I will not t buy another though. Much better bourbon out there for that price or less.

Have you reviewed high west campfire ?

b1gb0yz1 says:

Yo man! You’re reviews are my favorite for bourbon! Keep on killing it man

Alex B says:

i agree with the B+ score. i’m new to the bourbon game, but i was pleasantly surprised with this one. it’s smooth to me. i also agree that the price point is like $5-10 too high and i’d like it to have just a bit more character/spice to it. overall, a good bourbon.

MyStoneColdHeart says:

Breaking Bourbon did a test on whiskey changes after the bottle was opened. They found that over the first six months the whiskey actually improved, much as wine improves with breathing. Then, it slowly deteriorates. Check out the findings.

deh175 says:

Watch Ralphy. Why you no add water?

Jefferson's Bourbon Channel says:

Hey Dave thanks for trying!:)

Tyson's Toy Channel says:

Bottles definitely evolve over time. Some get much better with air time and others become flat over time.

Nikolaj Jensen says:

Bottles change due to light, air and the temperature of the room the bottle stays in. If you want a bottle to stay as true as possible to its original taste and nose, you can use a wine preserver since they use compressed air so not oxygen gets into the bottle. I have used it for one whisky, mainly for see if it worked and it did. But i like the idea that whisky is a “living” thing that naturally evolves over time 🙂

Don Castello says:

Hello Dave
thumbs up.
Great review, the bottle is nice:)
Keep it up
BG Don

Seattle206723 says:

Yes its called *diffusion* and I’ve had my Balvenie 15yo Sherry Cask Single Barrel change from super creamy sherry cake like icying, to a spirited more raisin like spirit. I like it! What happens is in diffusion once you get that extra (*H2o*)oxygen inside the bottle, its molecules start to penetrate the spirits molecules. Hence you can get another different taste over time. The more you move the bottle with more air in it, (Kinetics) the faster this effect happens.

Richard Bostan says:

How about a review of Hudson Baby Bourbon or Hudson Four Grain Bourbon, or even Hudson Manhattan Rye? The reviews are mixed for all those whiskies, so I am curious about what your assessment would be.

deh175 says:

Seriously, doing a review on a bottle you opened over a year ago is stupid. I’m sure the distillers do not appreciate this.

noairbag1 says:

oxidation occurs with liquor much like wine or beer, but at a much slower rate after the bottle is opened (most drinkers don’t even realize this)…usually the change happens within a few weeks or a couple months, sometimes the flavors improve to a degree, before eventually fading or becoming a bit sour/bitter..(some bourbons start to take on a bubble gum like flavor towards the peak of the oxidation) I actually enjoy noticing the arc that happens. I feel like having a taste doesn’t let you fully experience what a whisky offers opposed to buying a bottle and keeping it around for a little while.

Brian Baer says:

This bourbon taste like ass

nathan strubberg says:

Just went back and watched you review McKenna and Grand Dad…whoops!

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