Knob Creek Original – Review #61

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KiD eLLi says:

i waited so long for this review, haha!

Smoky Bear says:

Knob creek is so tasty. It’s like Jim Beam dressed up and wearing socks!

PoweredbyPlants says:

One of my faves too!

Eric Rose says:

Store by me still has 7-8 bottles of the 9 year on shelves. Snagged a 1L of it because why not. Cheers!

foodquig says:

To Your Very Good Health!

John Preister says:

How do you compare with Four Roses single barrel? Both are about the same price and both 100 proof.

monkeybongos says:

Does anyone else get cinnamon or ginger in this bourbon?

Whisky Neighbour says:

I agree. Stock it, and if you like the high proof consider the SB expression. Thanks Whiskey Dic!

Josiah Quincy says:

4th floor to the seventh – what you call the sweet spots

Mat Sangrigoli says:

Have you tried Johnnie walker 18 year old ?

Jeff Winbush says:

It’s not my “go-to” bourbon, but for 100 proof, it’s super smooth and it’s very much one I enjoy sipping as I sit on my porch and watch the world go by. Good review.

walkinthunder says:

Hello everybody have you ever tried the wheated whiskey LARCENY its really good

ben Cessna says:

I absolutely love this specific bottle of knob creek. I still cant drink it straight but ive been trying to slowly work my way towards drinking whisky and bourbon straight

William Hales says:

Can you please do a review on old Putney

joe ulven says:

Hey Bill, I like what you’re doing here, it’s great but I just want to let you know 2 things to improve your reviews

1. Don’t vigorously swirl the whiskey around like wine to open up, that’ll only evaporate the alcohol vapors faster causing build up and that’s why is there more prevalently burn on the nose.

2. When nosing, do a slight huff (like a dog sniffs) and leave your mouth slightly open to allow excess alcohol vapors to escape your nasal passages. Because if you don’t it’ll cause Burning in your nasal passages because the a whole vapors know where to go. It’s like having only one window open in a car, you’ll hear that thudding sound but then you open another window then the air has somewhere to pass-through instead of building up. It’s the same concept.

southerncountryboy8 says:

consider reviewing george dickel #12. I’ve enjoyed it. I think it’s good stuff for 20-23 bucks

Steve Walther says:

Good stuff.

aaron thompson says:

This was the bourbon that really started my whiskey journey, very much enjoy it to this day. Cheers on another great review!

George says:

Thanks as always, great nosing and tasting notes. By the way, although there isn’t much more to say about the distillery I would have at least mentioned the connection to Abraham Lincoln.

michael claisse says:

it cracks me up that this is called the whiskey dic

WhiskyThrottle says:

good job Bill and great video

Josh Montes says:

Glad you finally got around to making this. Did you pick up any peanut while sipping this? Looking forward to your Knob Creek Single Barrel review

Donner Pass Whiskey says:

This is one that with a little looking around you can still find 9 year bottles on the shelf. The NAS is still good but I would rather spend the extra $9 on the single barrel that still has a 9 year age statement and is 120 proof. Oh and 1st!

Michael Miller says:

I’ve been watching your videos from the very beginning and you’ve come a long way, good sir! Great delivery and smooth video. Love the info and all the descriptions. Thanks and keep up the good work!!!

Chris Beaton says:

my first bourbon…and still a favourite..cheers Bill!

Jeremy C says:

Good review! I’m a big fan of Knob Creek (both the small batch and the single barrel). I was originally a scotch drinker for the first 2 – 3 years after I turned 21, and I had tried a couple of bourbons like Maker’s Mark and Four Roses Single Barrel, but I didn’t really like them. Knob Creek Small Batch on the other hand was the first bottle of bourbon I really liked the flavor profile of. I think it’s the maple syrup and nut (peanut maybe?) flavors that I get from it that makes me really like it. At the $26 a bottle that I can pick it up for around here, I think it’s a fantastic buy.

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