Larceny Wheated Bourbon Whiskey Review! Breaking the Seal Ep #19!

We opened up a bottle of larceny. The ole Makers Mark killer. Is it better than Maker’s Mark?

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peter white says:

Ya, I wanted this to be better than it was. Luckily Ontario got flooded with OWA 107 for $35 cdn, picked up 3 bottles before they were gone in a couple days.Even picked up a couple of Weller 12’s for $46 cdn. Larceny goes to the back of the wheater line.

endlesssk8er says:

wheat is supposed to replace to kick of/spice of rye is what i heard when it comes to wheated bourbons. you guys say its sweet but it wasnt sweet for me lol!


Cheers guys great review, hey always entertaining. For me know a huge Larceny guy but hey to each there own. I’ve not reviewed it on my channel and don’t know that I need to after you guys did yours. You summed it all up!

Whiskey Quests says:

Sup guys! This goes for 25 bucks by me. You’re thumbnail attracted me to click on it. I’m a Larceny Fan and think it beats Makers especially because it’s cheaper and has a higher ABV. But yes I wouldn’t pay above $25 for it. In that case I would pick up something better. I also like Makers can’t go wrong with a classic right?

The Whiskey Dic says:

I think you two have good chemistry on camera. Larceny is a great dram for sure especially at the price. Nice review!

Rick C. says:

I can buy Larceny for $23 and it blows Makers out of the water. I don’t even consider Makers anymore

Eric Crookston says:

Larceny is a great name. Because I feel robbed for ever spending money on this hot garbage. I couldn’t even pass it off to my wife in cocktails.

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