LiquorHound’s Top 10 Bourbons of All Time!

Many people ask me what my favorite bourbons are, so I decided to shoot a video showcasing my “Top 10 Bourbons of All Time”. It wasn’t easy leaving out some great bottles, but I think I can sleep with my final decisions. Now I know there have been many great bourbons released, so if you have a bottle suggestion that you think could have replaced one of my picks, let us know. Remember, taste is subjective, so no one’s wrong (unless you tell me something like Old Crow, then you’re wrong). 😉

As of 10-10-2014, my current bottle count stands at 1475 total bottles. I have 919 different ones in the bar & another 556 in back stock. I am a Certified Specialist of Spirits and have also been certified by the Tequila Regulatory Council (CRT). I’ve been actively collecting for the last two decades and what started as a small basic home bar has transformed (with the help and understanding of my wonderful wife) into what I think is a pretty nice collection. Thank you for watching and sharing in my passion.


Ash Baskerville says:

This is a great video, thanks! Is there anything from 2014, 15 or 16 that you would now add to the list?

Simple Diversion says:

Love the video! Been a fan of Four Roses for a while! We made a video too of our top bourbon. Nice to see other people’s opinions

Jim Bowling says:

Quick question, how long will bourbon last in a open bottle, does it go bad?

Ryan Aita says:

Ever think about doing a review on some of these like the pappy , the hirschel or the distillers mastery

RichR65Ct says:

Nice video,a couple of days ago ( July-19-2017 ) I was driving home after work and I said,I have to stop and pick up a bottle of bourbon but I only had $30.00 on me so I was thinking Elija Craig or Turkey 101.I stopped at a shopping center called Stew Leonards,they have their own liquor store inside the market but I wanted to stop at Connecticut Beverage Mart about a mile further down but I was soooo tired I wasn’t up to driving the extra distance so I stopped at Stews.On the shelf they had a bottle of Stagg barrel proof 129.5 apv for $52.00,I bought the bottle with my credit card and told the lady at the register ” I never heard of such a thing lol there has to be something wrong with it but I’ll take it home and try it and probably register my complaint on the internet,but its a nice tasting whiskey.

MCESTA1 says:

I have a question about a photograph I saw, it a box that says Distillers Masterpieces on it but I don’t know which one it is. I would like to send you a photo to see if you have ever come across this bottle. Unfortunately none of the people at my local liquor stores are very knowledgeable when it comes to bourbon, no one I have come across has any good info about this box. Thank You for all your videos you have taught me a lot about bourbon and scotch.


In your opinion how do you think they compared to the Blanton’s series Bourbons or is there even a comparison?

JuanDinger265 says:

Do you prefer to mix these with coke or pepsi ?? Thanks in advance.

Matthew White says:

Thoroughly enjoyed your review sir. I was born in 82 and have been looking for WIld Turkey from that year. I absolutely love Old Grand Dad 114. So, of course you now have me twanging for and Old Grand Dad 114 from 82. Cheers!

Robin Loke says:

Hi Bros may i know which 1 is your best liquor ? cause in singapore here liquor tax very high n try to buy 1 your recommend brand to sip thks

Eugene Nassif says:


Brandon Rodriguez says:

hey liquor hound i just found my love for whiskey and just started watching your videos. have some special balcones, blantons, jefferson reserve working on more. keep up the awesome videos

David O'Malley says:

What’s the “Lot” number on the back of the OGD114?

Gene Hunter says:

can @liquorhound or anyone reccommend a good smooth/sipping bourbound. emphasis on “smooth” for a good price. im trying to keep it under $100

Satan's Trilogy says:


galen stone says:

“They all do different things.” I presume they all get you soused.

Duque Dupre says:

Have you thought of making a top 10 of “common bourbons” I mean bourbon that aren’t hard to find or over the top price.?

stevematherly says:

How do you feel about PVW20 and ER17? These two and GTS are my top 3…..

JJ Salas says:

Informative. Thanks for sharing. Where would William Larue Weller (Antique Collection, any year) fall in your line-up? Maybe Top 20 bourbons??

Tanya Wilson says:

Great show and great info

farooq khan says:


peter white says:

Well I now have 2 of your top 10 Bourbon’s of all time. No easy feat living in Ontario, Canada. Both traded for, 3 SM Scotch’s for the Four Roses 125th and a Glendronach 15 Revival for the 2012 George T Stagg. I doubt I will get much further than 2 without winning the Lottery.

I was amazed I could drink the GTS neat at that proof by just waiting 20 min. Spectacular.

This is probably the 50th time I have watched this, memorizing. Can you imagine the views if you were actually reviewing these and nosing/ tasting them 🙂


Dave Smart says:

How do you know the year on these bourbons? I can’t seem to find the year

Daniel Hansen says:

impressive lineup!

Alan Johnson says:

Did you really pay 10 thousand dollars for that first bourbon? I just looked it up and it’s going for 9,999. If I may ask, how did you come across this if you didn’t pay full price?? And if you DID pay that, might I ask what the hell you do for a living lol
LOVE your channel, keep doing the great work.

achill 3 says:

Only one I’ve had is the EH taylor regular. Oh my that stuff is good.

Ryan Snow says:

I was just cleaning out my cabinets and found two of the PHC wheaters. I love that bourbon.

Ronald McCoy says:

I just found a bottle of the E.H. Taylor warehouse for 65? Good find? How rare is it?

Simple Diversion says:

Great video and perfect choices! Well done sir

Welsh Toro says:

Thanks Hound, That is one hell of collection of Bourbon. It’s amazing what you could buy “back in the day.” I started drinking single malt whisky as a green teenager in the late 80s. My first bottle (cos I liked the label) and subsequently my go to whisky for a couple of years was – Port Ellen. I can’t afford to taste it any more and it breaks my heart.

Kelly Weldon Suleski says:

No Blantons, interesting…

jam1ga says:

Love your video’s.Ive tasted both 4 roses all 3 Parkers the Hirsch both Staggs and the Bookers Anniversary.Im more of a Rye as the secondary grain but what do u think of the Jeffersons 17 yr Presidential and 2015 William LaRue Weller?Both Wheated bourbons.I also loved the PH “promise of hope” and their Cognac finish.Great job.I enjoy your video’s.Those 2 4 Roses are so good.The Great Jim Rutledge will be missed at 4 Roses.

John L says:

Great choices there! Enjoyed this video. I would be interested in your thoughts comparing the very best of Booker Noe, to the best of Jimmy Russell, to the best of Elmer T Lee. As you know the 3 of these men were very close friends and experts in their craft. What do you think is their best offering?

DEPiper says:

How long do you keep a bottle once it’s been open? Do they have a shelf life once you pop the cork?

Eliseo Lusian says:

Was the most money u have spent in a single bottle ?

David Archer says:

I like Four Roses Single Barrel.

mervy210 says:

So now almost 2 years later are there any newer releases or anything that has come to market that you think would break into this top 10? If so what would you take out to make room for the new comers.

G2 The M says:

Did you taste the George T Stagg 2010, a lots of people think this one is the best, i would to hear what do you think about it

Dwayne Cook says:

I have an unopened bottle of the A.H. Hirsch and the Col. Taylor Tornado Warehouse. Waiting for very special occasions to open!

Chadster says:

Impressive collection.

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