LiquorHound’s Top 10 Bourbons Under $30

Well it was a tough decision but here are my top 10 Bourbons under $30 as of 2015. The real issue I had was deciding to choose Elmer T. lee over Knob Creek. Knob Creek is very good and much more available, but I felt if you have the opportunity to buy Elmer T Lee, it should be on your radar. If you can’t find Elmer T. Lee, substitute Knob Creek and you won’t be disappointed.

To see a great definition of “Bourbon” and the differences between “wheated” and “ryed” Bourbons (as well as a review of a 4-Grain Bourbon I vatted and barrel aged myself), go to this link:

As of 4-03-2015, my current bottle count stands at 1,810 total bottles. I have 991 different ones in the bar & another 819 in back stock. I am a Certified Specialist of Spirits and have also been certified by the Tequila Regulatory Council (CRT). I’ve been actively collecting for the last two decades and what started as a small basic home bar has transformed (with the help and understanding of my wonderful wife) into what I think is a pretty nice collection. Thank you for watching and sharing in my passion.


MRKTM690smc says:

Good luck finding any Elmer, W107, or W12 in my area….  or surrounding areas for that matter.

justin sanders says:

haha. you’re lucky to find elmer at $60 around central ky. i’ve seen it higher.

dhsilv2 says:

5 of these are possible to get for the average buyer (Buffalo Trace, 1792, EC, Evan Williams, and Four Roses). Eagle is pushing over 30 and most are going to struggle to get it, the T Lee is well over 30 (and impossible), elijah craig is no longer a 12 year, the wellers are REALLY hard to get…the 90 proof shows up now and then. Even Buffalo trace requires effort to get.

The Whiskey Rickhouse says:

I understand how hard it is to narrow the field, we are currently filming a March Madness style bracket blind tasting on 16 whiskies.  The series should be out soon, I was surprised in a blind taste what label I liked over what I thought my favorite was.

Robert Bryant says:

Could you please review Old Scout Single Barrel Cask Strength?

Tom Willeford says:

I want a wife like yours.

Lisa Gy says:

….Blantons ?

piyush sopory says:

u mentioned it. 1792 with water just ruined it.

Tom Peebles says:

what bourbons have you had that have the highest viscosity?

KitsChannel says:

No Old Crow? I’ve had Old Crow that far surpassed Evan Williams plus its cheaper.

Andrew Hidalgo says:

I couldn’t watch the whole thing but did you have a favorite?

Bryan Garcia says:

George Dickel isn’t good enough to make this group?

ChickenManFan says:

Really enjoyed this video. I’ve watched a few of your bourbon vids already. About to turn 41 and a buddy of mine is starting to get me into bourbons. Enjoyed my first with Town Branch. Just got a bottle of Knob Creek now to try. Looking forward to trying many more. Thanks!

Zach Smith says:

In tuscaloosa al buffalo trace aint to be found.

SepticSceptic says:

I can only afford the cheaper Bourbons here in the U.K. and the Elijah Craig is head and shoulders above the rest. Tastes like a more expensivre Bourbon.

Joshua Baca says:

Elmer t Lee for $30?

Timm Sasser says:

Couldn’t agree more with (most of) the review, and appreciate the nosing. Most people really overlook that aspect, well done.
We diverge, however, on the Larceny. The nose is non-offensive, but the taste is slightly bitter (prunish) and the finish falls off the table almost immediately. Sub either Russell’s Reserve or WT 101, and we’re in lockstep. I’m somewhat in the bag for Evan, but I get the differing barrel to barrel offerings.
Thanks again. This is good stuff, and some great notes on good bargains out there.

Philip Larkin says:

No Wild Turkey? I may not be a professional, but WT is a very affordable and tasty bourbon to me.

MrIkesimba says:

What a shame that Elijah Craig lost the age statement.

Chuck Iringtwice says:

Thank you for very thoughtful instructive reviews! They are very helpful, CHEERS!

Badseed says:

I am a single malt Scotch man mostly, However I would like to try a few bourbons, but the issue I have is most seem to be rye based.  Now I am not really a fan of rye – go figure being a Canadian and all.  Can you recommend some bourbon that might appeal to a scotch lover, that doesn’t have a taste for rye.  The only one I know that doesn’t have rye is Makers Mark and Makers 46 – what do you think of these?  Love your videos – fantastic education.  Keep em coming.  Also Happy St Paddy’s Day – I got me a Redbreast to try for today.  Cheers and Thank you.

Joshsou7 says:

My first bottle of Eagle Rare was probably one of the best bourbon’s I’ve had…the second bottle has left a lot to be desired….

Keith Miller says:

Now go backwards.

Robert Bryant says:

Can you review Henry McKenna Single Barrel 10 Year Old Kentucky Straight Bourbon?

Luis Wells says:

My addition would be Old Grand-Dad 114. It is a delicious high rye mash bill. Great reviews, by the way! Thanks.

Alex Campbell says:

Could you make more under $30 reviews for other types of spirits please, that would be awesome.

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