Maker’s Mark 46 Bourbon review

Video review of Maker’s Mark 46 by Jason Pyle of


Roockk Uu says:

damn-good bourbon!

Jason Pyle says:

Thanks for the comment. By law, anything labeled a “Bourbon” cannot have any additive of color other than what occurs naturally from the charred/toasted wood. Just FYI.

Christopher Drakeford says:

i mixed with coke and ice. one of my favorite drinks.

Brendan P. says:

watch a cigar review then a whisky/bourbon review.. the descriptions on smell and taste are the same!

kabarsedge says:

Yes, the guy they outsource their stave production to calls the staves French Oak #46. I think this is the best bang for buck bourbon anywhere; and I’ve done the bourbon trail 3 times.

Jamison Moeckel says:

Great review I think it is important to note the oak addition is European Oak that changes the flavor a lot because American White Oak and European Oak have different flavor profiles.

johnr1031 says:

Last night I drank the original Maker’s with some friends and, for the first time, I understand the hype about bourbon.

In the past, I’d drank jim beam in shots with a chaser just to get drunk (college, what can i say?). However, last night I tried maker’s neat and it was so, so good.

I’m interested to try this.

Magnetic Minds says:

You are a very well spoken individual, and the information you presented here is appreciated.

scupking says:

I want to try Makers Mark 46. The original is ok I’m actually drinking some right now but my favorite bourbon is Knob Creek. I still need to try Bookers and Knob Creek signal barrel.

1202 Program Alarm says:

I love this bourbon! This stuff is truly meant to be savored.

Jason Pyle says:

@MM4L94066 Thanks for the feedback. I had some severe struggles with the volume early on. Please check the latest reviews and let me know if they are clear for you. Would love to know your feedback.

Nitnyline says:

Massive fan of the 46, could not agree with you more!

Pete C says:

Hello , what is the real purpose of putting water in your spirits?

Danny McCaffrey says:

Pyle’s the best – easygoing, low key, unpretentious but knowledgeable. I’m sure things got hectic with the parenthood needs so the vlogs petered off (plus there’s only so much bourbon). But of all the bourbon reviewers I would most like to hang out and have a sip with this guy. Reminds me of the guys I went to school with. Geek and Southern gentlemen all in one. Faulkner would hang with this guy.

Deeezo187x [] says:

damn nigga killed that bottle!.. you know he’s going to give it a good review. Mr. Savage put a big dent in that bottle

Jac the Sipper says:

+johnr1031 Welcome to the world of Bourbon. Grab a bottle of George Dickel #12 if you get the chance, that’s one of my favorites in Maker’s price range. 

Matthias Hotes says:


Jim Spriggs says:

This is one of my favorites too, as far as mid-priced bourbons go anyway. Have you done a review on Wild Turkey 81 ? I would call it my “house whiskey” these days. Great review as always Jason.

Aequitas180 says:

Have you done a review on bulliet bourbon if so can you attach a link?

ThePband says:

Surprisingly good. I will be buying again.

William Petersen says:

This is the best looking setup for your reviews man. I would stick to this scene and lighting and even the black t-shirt. Draws attention to the product and the allure of the spirits at the bar.

Jason Pyle says:

@DRUNKASSPUNK800 I’d give Elmer T. Lee a try, Elijah Craig 12 year as well. Just a few suggestions.

Scott Dreyfus says:

I agree its pretty fantastic. I feel like basil haydens was going for a similar palate but just came short of 46.

tlv music says:

when are you gonna do scotch reviews??? i would love to know your opinion

The Justice Warrior of America says:

This is a great video. I like your style. Your very low key but knowledgeable. I will be cracking my first bottle of Makers 46 this weekend. I clicked subscribe. Keep up the good work.

tlv music says:

flavoring in bourbon….i am appalled !!!! i thought that was illegal…

Deeezo187x [] says:

damn nigga killed that bottle!.. you know he’s going to give it a good review. Mr. Savage put a big dent in that bottle

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