Maker’s Mark Kentucky Straight Bourbon Review

Maker’s Mark Kentucky Straight Bourbon Review, yeah, we’re doing it because of a recent conversation in our Forty Creek review. Going back through my archive I realized I never did review Maker’s Mark but I’ve been using it and suggesting it for awhile now. So, now we can call it reviewed!

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TheJusnic82 says:

its not bad for a mass produced bourbon but by no means excellent

General Stojkov says:

You can get it at $60 per bottle here in Kazakhstan. Love the taste, though I find it a bit expensive. It is in the same price range as a 10 year old Glenmorangie. In my mind bourbon should not cost the same as a single malt scotch. Or maybe I am just being ignorant.

g paisano says:

I thought I liked Makers until I tried Elijah Craig I liked the Craig much better and its 12 dollars cheaper here in New York

kernell32bcn says:

In Spain, Germany and France you can find it in every classic cocktail bar and in some regular bars aswell.

A.K. SmiL3Y says:

My go to whiskey, i love this drink

Joris Renting says:

I live in Belgium, and we can get Makers Mark in only a limited amount of stores. Usually spirit specialized ones. Or drinks only stores.

BNJT says:

It’s €25 a bottle on Amazon Germany. I’m looking forward to trying it. My only experience of bourbon is Lidl’s Western Gold, which I’m told is a rebranded version of Jim Beam. Despite the cheapness I really enjoy the caramel notes.

birddog2017 says:

Not so long ago, Maker’s Mark was the new guy, the underdog, and to this day, there are places in America where they have never heard of Maker’s Mark.

Francisco Hernandez says:

I’m just picturing an earthquake shaking all those bottles off the counters. You should put a rail or something. But great video.

ice la honk says:

makers mark is garbage, its jack for guys who are too cool for jack.

Anonymous says:

What’s the difference between whiskey and whisky I thought it was just a region thing at first but it’s not then thought it was a blend and one wasn’t but it’s not… I have a few bottles of absinthe and some different whiskeys and scotch and some whisky like bourbons. Some coffee liquor and some rum I also have a few jars of moonshine at 150 proof and monte alban mezcal I like the smokey charcoal taste of it I haven’t tried tequila yet the closest is my mezcal I’m normally a bourbon kinda guy I don’t like blends when it comes to whisky and I don’t like cognac and stuff like Hennessy and I wanna try tequila but I really don’t wanna try patron bc it’s just like Hennessy to popular and every person in my life I’ve ever seen drinking both have been ignorant when it comes to alcohol just drink it bc they think it’s cool or good so patron is a no or Anything that’s not 100% agave what would you recommend? Hornestos?

Ryan H says:

Proud of your boy

Aaron Anaya says:

They still make after shock?! I never see that anymore

J Wallace says:

I’d rather go Buffalo trace over maker’s all day and you save an extra few bucks, Buffalos flavor profile is a tad more complex in my opinion and it’s a little smoother. Both good but I’d go Buffalo over makers, you should do a Buffalo trace review. They make eagle rare too which is a good bourbon.

Reece H says:

I’m considering buying a bottle of makers mark because I’ve read that its a good bourbon for those who haven’t drank whiskey/bourbon before would you agree if not can you recommend a good beginner bourbon thanks.

krisvitak says:

In México you can find it in local liquor stores for 23.35 dollars ( 430 pesos pesos) a little expensive i think, i can get for half of that a woodford reserve and for me it’s a tasty bourbon too, it depends how much you have in your wallet at the moment, btw I’m not an expert taster.

Magnetic Minds says:

Thanks for Sharing. Great Video!


you made me laugh when you said you could get two hot chicks


Funny you brought up hiking and the woods! In our Makers Mark review we described it as “rustic”! Good stuff!

Pedro Barzana says:

in argentina you don’t usually see it in a bar but if you are willing to pay you can buy a bottle

Jonny Lewis says:

Will you ever review maker’s 46?

Chris P. Pata says:

I’m here in Cebu, Philippines and I just liberated two bottles at a corner liquor store for twenty US dollars each. Paid more for these back in California.

Radium-224 says:

FML Maker’s in my town costs $109

deadlizard64 says:

3:54 I love the way Americans say Caramel so that backstep threw me for a loop

Andy Ros says:

Why are the playbook magazines there?

Jordan Kassabaum says:

What brand or type of bourbon would you recommend for cocktails? Do wheated bourbons like Maker’s Mark or more traditional bourbons like Buffalo Trace tend to work better?

JD Rider says:

I would argue that Jim Bean White Label is the “Budweiser” of whisky for few reasons. One, its cheaper. Two, its everywhere. Third, Maker’s is a wheater bourbon which is a minority in the bourbon world. Both are great bourbons and a good value in my opinion.

Good review, though. I especially liked your tequila review. I have been the exact same thing to people for years.

Hikers EDGE says:

I love makers won’t dr no anything else. My fav way is take a rocks glass add one shot 6 ice cubes fill the rest with Diet Coke tastes better than jack and coke in my mind

samminutes says:

Monoprix (pretty small supermarket that you’ll find at every corner in Paris) sells it in France for about 30€ (about 35-40 USD)

Oversalt says:

can be found in almost any liquor store in sweden, even tho its sorta new around here. fairly cheap as well. like 26 euro. to give some context, jack is 30 euro. (aye i know alcohol is expensive here) 

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