My Top 5 bourbon’s for beginners, reviewed!!! Readily available.

5 readily available bourbons to consider if you’re just getting into whiskey/bourbon.

Included in the reviews are Basil Haydens, Evan Williams single barrel, Eagle Rare, Elijah Craig small batch and Four Roses single barrel. The Bourbon distilleries also listed below.

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Approximate cost of the bourbon’s outlined
Basil Hayden’s $35 – $50
Evan Williams single barrel $25 – $35
Eagle Rare $25 – $35
Elijah Craig small batch $25 – $35
Four Roses single barrel $30 – $40

NOTE: Affiliate links below may allow me receive a small compensation at time of transaction USE CODE: BOURBON for an additional 15% off of your order.


The Whisky Scout says:

Great review and they are quality products.

2TEN90 Brewing says:

Just found your channel looking for good beer related videos and subbed. While we sort of do the same thing for craft beers, it is really cool to see the same for Whiskey’s. We often drink stouts aged in bourbon barrels so getting to know whiskey better is something we need to do. Plus we like whiskey as well! lol. Like i said we upload craft beer vids….really anything beer related so check us out if you get a chance. We would love to know what you think. Looking forward to more of your vids. Cheers!

Greg Pirie says:

I was surprised to not have Buffalo Trace on your list. Bulleit is another great choice.

gothael1 says:

Store pick = flavor may vary? How does that work?

John Drinks says:

Really like the selection – there’s a few I’ve yet to try. I’m a little surprised Bulleit didn’t make the pick! Great channel – I’ve subscribed!

Van Young says:

Some beautiful bottles . I am wondering what would you do to the empty bottles ?.

Gary's Whisky Reviews says:

Interesting review. My favourite bourbon that ive tried so far is the Woodford reserve double Oaked followed by buffalo trace.

John Anile says:

I’m so glad I found your channel! Great stuff! I love all Evan Williams products, and the Elijah Craig Small Batch is excellent, IMO. Hopefully, I can find some Eagle Rate soon. I have not seen it, so far. I also haven’t tried the Basil Hayden’s yet, but I will definitely be on the lookout for it after watching your video. Keep up the great work, and cheers!

Duane Large says:

A new subscriber to your channel via the Scotch Test Dummies. This is a nice review of 5 very enjoyable Bourbons. Eagle Rare has been one of my favorite daily Bourbons for a few years. Cheers !!!

clifton Gaddis says:

great picks and nice shirt

Simple Diversion says:

Have you heard of Old Hickory Bourbon? Its a nod to Andrew Jackson… Saw it at my local liquor store for $32, but have never heard of it and didn’t know if it was any good. Love Basil Hayden’s and Eagle Rare!

Art Aguilar says:

I’ve had all of those, except for Evan Williams SB. Need to pick up a bottle of that. Eagle Rare is a shelf staple for me. Love that shirt! Gonna check the website.

TheWhiskeyCowboy says:

These are all good daily pours, and approachable for new bourbon drinkers…. but folks need not confuse that with not being suitable for “the rest of us”. They are. 😉 Cheers.

foodquig says:

These are all very good choices… People often bash Basil Hayden’s because of the low ABV, but it’s a good one for taking off on a bourbon flight and moving on to stronger whiskey afterwards…

Salty Dog says:

Thanks for the thoughtful review. I’ve only recently gotten into whiskey/bourbon, but have amassed a small collection of bottles already. I have Blanton’s, Booker’s, Buffalo Trace, Bulleit Rye, High West Rendezvous Rye, Wild Turkey 101 Rye, Michter’s American Whiskey, Eagle Rare, Woodford Reserve, Four Roses Single Barrel, Noah’s Mill, Old Forester 1920, and Russel’s Reserve Single Barrel. I guess I’ll have to make room for the Evan Williams and Elijah Craig per your recommendation!

Richard Dalmau says:

Try to keep your bottles half way full…..

OJ4HIRE says:

Good stuff bro your doing great

John T. says:

Excellent video = subscribed
When I was quite a bit younger, I always stuck with Jim Beam white label and Jack Black…and always doused with Coke. Now that I’m older and actually care about the flavor of the bourbon instead of the end result of a long night, I have recently purchased a Glencairn and a my first bottle to try “neat.” I went with Elijah Craig and sipped…it is so much more enjoyable than what I remember from years past.
I picked up a bottle of Clyde May’s straight bourbon as well and in my opinion, it would also make a good “beginner” choice as well; smooth without a lot of heat. Thanks for the video…I’ll look into trying your other choices soon.

hillbillywine101 says:

Nice video, thanks.

Donner Pass Whiskey says:

Thanks for doing these reviews. I am about a year into my bourbon adventure and have tried 3 of these. I am keeping mine in the $35 and under range and have found many great bourbons and rye’s. Really love Four Roses small batch but have not tried the single barrel. Cheers

beans316 says:

Excellent info , my favorite out of that bunch is the Eagle Rare but all are great value

Jeff Winbush says:

Good work and good choices. The only thing I’d suggest you try is to not speak in a monotone. I’m not saying turn into Robin Williams, but a little variance of your voice might be worth a shot. I’d also suggest maybe trying to keep the review between 10 and 15 minutes. At least starting out, but you’re off to a fine start with both your bourbons and your videos.

Bourbon Journey says:

For me I would have Buffalo Trace instead of Eagle Rare and would add Wild Turkey 101…all in all you can’t miss with the selection. Part of the fun is trying them all! Cheers!

Jason Voorheese says:

Basil Hayden’s I’ve never had, but found Old Grand Dad a bit rough. Evan Williams was great, even if I “outgrew” it quickly. A little too woody and one dimensional for my taste. Eagle Rare, I’m going to be the outlier, and say was too sweet for my liking, even by bourbon standards. Cloying. Cough syrup. It’s taking me forever to finish. Elijah Craig was one of my first, actually, along with Knob Creek, and enjoy it very much! Four Roses, I’ve only had yellow, but liked it a bit. I’m trying to decide whether to get another Four Roses next, or some other high rye bourbon. My all time favorite bourbon is, strangely, Maker’s 46, but wheaters are pretty hard to find

Frank Baran says:

Four Roses ?

Van Young says:

4 roses sounds great for winter. Is the Fourr Roses on the Sweet tasrte palate side as well (I hope it does has sweetness). Thanks.

Julia Grabowski says:

I liked how your picks were very devisified & only 2 were from the same distiller (hevan hill ) but on that note Evans williams single barrel & E.C. are in my opinion very different bourbons & great picks. Four of your picks I own a bottle of & would replace them. Basel Hayden is the only one I don’t own but have had it at a bar & plan to skip it & buy a bottle of Baker’s instead. Great video & of all the BEST BOURBONs for beginners vedio I have viewed I think you nailed it & the other fell short.

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