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Chance Wiesen says:

Inverted boobies!!

Jason Shetrone says:

i like irish whiskey..

Mcgolven Loves DIPS says:

Plz give me a mudjug

Dipp Lordd says:

Hell yeah bro love your vids keep it up also Griz Green is my every day also love outlaws new dip

Cope King says:

I’d have to say my favorite Whiskey is Jack Daniels original

Ethan Alexander says:

Makers mark

Outdoor Paradise says:

Just ordered my first cans. Great review. love your group of dippers!!

Pamela Van Slyke says:


Justin Martinez says:

Awesome video can’t wait to try the new outlaw bad ass bourbon yellllloowww

Realtree Dippin Bros says:

Evan Williams

Clay Lucas says:

good review, man.


Marc Maynard says:

its not a pack of cigs

Jonas Bäuerle says:

Awesome brother


Yo Chris can I get a shoutout in your next video please

_xXUNKNOWNXx_ says:

Gotta love that fat cut

James Simpson says:

A quick question…. Has anyone else noticed a decline in quality of the original grizzly dips? Seems like the dark is now the original to me and the originals are now the floor sweepings. Maybe Im just crazy.

YFN ELI says:

I am dipping I am living thanks to the grizzly wintergreen gods

Dread_Head_7 says:

I love inverted boobies! As well as Crown Royal Maple.

Candice Mccutchen says:

Love the vids chris keep grindin

Elusive Anomaly says:

My dad gave me a bottle of Middleton Dair Ghaelach Irish whiskey on my 21st birthday and it’s become a household name in its own right.The flavor is exquisite and complex but smooth at the same time.At a hefty price tag of $270 per bottle this whiskey will make you fall in love with it again and again.I enjoy a glass every Sunday night after dinner.I love it.

Tj Roe says:

Pack a can of dip Rite Aid you mother trucker

Josue Jasso says:

What if I get pulled over and the cop smells the bourbon? “I can explain officer”

brandon popolo says:

Great video as always. Can wait for the next one

Bobby Rubino says:

Keep doing u man, love the videos!

conner jones says:

Hey bro love the vids and love the channel makes laugh till I bout piss my pants keep it up man

Frog Jug says:

bourbon boobs lol

Julian Perez says:

I love drinking jack daniels they should make a jack daniels flavored dip that would be awesome

Zombie Swag says:

I remember the wild watermelon was crazy juicy, so i bet this is gonna be insane

Pawnzii says:

Nice vid dude

James Cronk says:

awesome vid

Lane Crews says:

Wanna try it. I really like your videos

Sam Roger says:

I watch your videos all the time love them man keep it up

Chris Justice says:

Your videos are amazing


Yo Chris thanks for signing my mudjug can you please sub to my channel

Mud81 Dipper says:


Georgia Dipp says:

Favorite whiskey has to be wild turkey or crown

Bill Yensen says:

Jack Daniels is the way to go. Btw you can’t get more noob than Jake lmfao.

BoontheGoon69 says:

Where’s Jesse Ryan’s dip review on this??

Elusive Anomaly says:

Hey Chris you are the man!

Benjamin Harting says:

I love inverted boobies

big Dipper says:

I have a random question , why do you always bleed

Logan Hale says:

Love your reviews. Definately like the mudjug shop trying it

Christian Tedford says:

I coincidentally watched after a drank a couple of brewskis. Man you I love the vids rolling out.

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