Noah’s Mill Bourbon Review

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Comments says:

*You will need a better Microphone. I use this one ( Rode VideoMic Pro with Rycote Lyre Shockmount )*

Brett Mueller says:

I feel blessed and fortunate to have been born and raised in Kentucky, in an area that loves all forms of whiskey, so anything I’ve been interested in trying, it’s been available at my local liquor store. Granted, I’d still greatly consider myself a true beginner with bourbons and scotches, so as taste and interest for certain notes or brands develop, I’m sure it could eventually get to the point where I would travel to get something I might not find at my local store. I love your videos, man! If you ever come down to Kentucky, make sure to get in touch.

Lloyd Fink says:

drinking this now. I wrote up my review and you and I weren’t far off. I scored it a 92/100 definitely not the best but worth the 50 duckets

My Bourbon Journey says:

I enjoyed the Elmer, it’s actually my dad’s favorite so it was worth it just for him.

Triplecap says:

45 minutes, but I always search when I am traveling on vacation, for work, etc. Sometimes that is very far away from my home.

chroniceye0 says:

Like the new setup. Furthest I’ve driven for a bottle is about 15 miles, I’m lucky to live right behind a liquor store which is also my place of employment and Houston also has a ton of liquor stores period so I never have to go far.

Kevin Stasik says:

You’re really cranking out the vids. Great way to roll in 2017. Remember to look into Black Saddle

Mike Laycock says:

Thanks for the review…to answer your question, 3 hours hunting small town liquor stores hunting for Elijah Craig 12 year pre NAS. Found 11 bottles. Again, thanks for being receptive to my request for the review.

My Bourbon Journey says:

I’m kind of the same however it seems when it’s gone I want it even more and the price there getting for it in places now is crazy. Cheers and keep the great reviews coming.

No Nonsense Whisky says:

Looks like you made some upgrades to lighting. I’ve been looking at something similar, but not sure what I want to do. I don’t tend to drive far for whisky, if I can’t get it in my local shop then I just use the internet

jules b says:

Can i bring this back to the UK in my luggage next time I am over in the USA do you think?

Manmohanjit Singh says:

I’m liking it!

Nick B says:

Furthest I have driven has been 10 miles. Pretty lame lol.

Jessie Voisin says:

As soon as you poured I was thinking: “Stay thirsty, my friend”. Furthest driven was two days to visit George Dickel distillery and buy the 17 year old distillery only version.

Midwest Whiskey Reviews says:

85 miles but it was for a allocation lottery….lol, I have started making a couple reviews and any suggestions would be appreciated.

Amrit Prasad says:

Awesome review. I was gonna put Noah’s Mill as my replacement to Bookers once the price went up. Now that that’s not happening I will still try to pick up a bottle of Noah’s Mill and try some this year. Furthest I’ve driven for Whiskey is 20 miles.

Satan's Trilogy says:

10 miles

Bourbon_Aficionado says:

Sixty miles, but whenever I travelI alweys go shopping and hunting for bourbon. Furthest from home was Orlando Florida area and I live in NY

Enno King says:

My Batch reminds me of an older version of Bookers and Jim Beam 12. And I prefer the latter despite the lower proof. This really may be just a sourced Jim Beam.

John N says:

Like the new lighting.
Have you tried Old Scout or any of the Smooth Ambler products?

PalJoey1957 says:

Couldn’t drive it. Oceans kill combustion engines. But I sent to England for some Woodford Reserve Distillers Masterpiece Four Wood Finish, which is no longer on the shelves here in the States. A shocker: they apparently sell 700 ml size bottles, rather than the 750 ml size we get here. Bummer. And of course you get hit with the expensive shipping and currency exchange costs. So I don’t recommend doing that routinely. I just had a bug up my ass and the Four Wood got great reviews. Taste? I’m saving it for a special occasion.

Mike McKinney says:

7.1 miles according to google maps. I don’t chase down whiskey. If I can’t find it locally, it’s not considered.

Phil Padilla says:

I drove 10 miles for some wild turkey, my county just turned wet three weeks ago. What’s the best Bourbon you’ve ever tasted?

John Blumenschein says:

Nice channel I’m a subscriber and regular watcher. Coming from the heart of bourbon country I enjoy bourbon videos. I’m going to be doing some bourbon tour videos on my channel hillbilly wine 101. I would like to invite you and your viewers to my channel. I will have some fun and interesting videos coming up. If you like please subscribe, like, and share. hillbilly wine 101. Thanks John

Matthew Pillsbury says:

4 and 1/2 hours door to door all highway. I make that trip every Month or 2. Worth every minute and mile. 🙂

Rick says:

Is there any benefit to allowing bourbon/whisky to breath?

arion45 says:

45 miles to a Total Wine to get a bottle of Blanton’s. Not too crazy.

zoltar808 says:

Videos looks good, need better sound (closer mic).

tolvthomas 12 says:

from Seattle to Denmark(Europe) for a pappy 20 and visit family

Jason Voorheese says:

Noah’s Mill vs Rowan’s Creek?

Mathew Jones says:

45 minutes for a bottle of baby Saz. Glad I did 🙂

Whisky aus der Sicht eines Amerikaners says:

The new set is much better – well done. Good review! Noah’s Mill is one of my top 10 bourbons for 2016

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