Old Fitzgerald Bottled-In-Bond 9 Year Bourbon Review: The Mash & Drum EP51

Old Fitzgerald Bottled is a bottle, a label and a brand that exudes history. Produced in October 2008 and bottled in August 2018, this is the 2nd of 10 in Heaven Hill’s Old Fitzgerald Bottled-In-Bond series. This is from Heaven Hill, aged 9 years, has a mashbill of 75% Corn, 20% Wheat, 5% Malted Barley and has an MSRP of about $90.

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Juan Quintanilla says:

Great video. I seen one of those bottles here in Hawaii. It was going for $300.

Christine Deems says:

Glad to see you enjoying this bottle! I bought one for my mom for the holidays since she seems to prefer wheated bourbon and told her “do not throw out the bottle when it’s empty!”

Whiskey Quests says:

Nice bottle for sure would also make a great infinity bottle

Jeff Hawkins says:

The 9 year was so much better than the 11 year release. I’m looking forward to see what the next couple of releases are like.

Caskmate - Everything Whisky says:

Another great rundown! Always a pleasure to watch!

thedantrout says:

Jason this is something that I’ve been hunting for on the secondary along with the other two in the series. Great review!! Im looking forward to trying this. Cheers buddy!!


Great review buddy! One I have yet to actually try, was always a little reluctant to pay the prices they’ve wanted but maybe one day I’ll spring for one. Cheers!

whiskey ace says:

Loved the 12 year old version they used to sell in Bardstown exclusively at the Heritage center..assume they’re cut from a similar cloth..your review is pretty spot on..i got a kinda of plumy flavor note which seemed unique for a bourbon

BUDS: The Animated Series says:

Good choice. I’ve found this bottle very hard to find in SoCal.

DJ Beacon says:

Jason, Enjoyed your review. This 9 year is going for $150 to 160 in stores around town. One place has 6 bottles in the back room and puts out 1 at a time. I guess I will continue enjoying Larceny and HMcK. Most everyone is charging around $40 for HMcK now but one place in town still has older bottles for $32. Cheers!!

Bourbinsane says:

Awesome Review Jason! Been debating whether to crack this and the 11 year. May have too sooner rather than later!

Whiskey Straight Al says:

Loving your reviews. Great job, as always. Cheers.

Aimee W says:

Great review, Jason!

Tophamatic says:

Awesome review, thanks a lot Jason, now I’m thirsty. I need to find this one for sure.

Sigman 50 says:

This is my new favorite bourbon review channel, and I follow them all… Love the strong and history tied to all reviews… The story is part of what makes bourbon… Would love to see some Old Forester whiskey row series reviews…

Carl H says:

As always, nice review and history lesson. Now, I’m not being a smart a__ , this is a genuine question. Are there any bourbons you don’t like? I know you are reviewing higher end quality bourbons here on the show. I personally am not a fan of Jim Beam. Knob Creek yes JB no. I’m not a fan of wheated bourbons at all, well, the Rebel Yell 10 was decent. They typically taste like a flat soda to me. No wow or bite. Thats probably why i don’t care for Scotch or Irish whiskey either. they seem boring to me. but I’ll take a rye whiskey any day. I’m just curious about your tastes. Thanks.

Blind Whiskey Reviews says:

Great review as always! I have not been able to get my hands on any of these Old Fitz releases. Hopefully I can find one soon! Cheers

BUDS: The Animated Series says:

I really enjoyed the Bernheim wheated by Heaven Hill.

foodquig says:

Definitely a fancy bottle… It’s impossible to get here like so many bourbons that are not strictly mainstream… Pity.

Dan Thomases says:

Great review! I love the Old Fitz BiB. The 9 year opens up really nicely after a week or two. Still a little short, but the buttered toffee notes come out a little more with some time. It always makes me think of something between salted caramel and buttered toast.

Mose Chun says:

Nice review Jason on the Old Fitzgerald BIB 9 yo, the caramel and apple notes sound good but a short finish. I hope to find a bottle during the first half of the year release. Cheers to all the best drams!

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