Old Forester 1910 Old Fine Whisky Bourbon Review

Here we sit down with Old Forester’s 1910 “Old Fine Whisky” Bourbon. It’s a 4 ½ year old Bourbon that’s been double barrel matured to impart deep flavor characteristics reminiscent of their 1910 bourbon that was double barreled due to a distillery fire. It’s bottled at 93 proof and retails around $55.

As of October 2018, my current bottle count is over 2,400. I am a Certified Specialist of Spirits and have also been certified by the Tequila Regulatory Council (CRT). I’ve been actively collecting for the last two decades and what started as a small basic home bar has transformed (with the help and understanding of my wonderful wife) into what I think is a pretty nice collection. Thank you for watching and sharing in my passion.


Ricardiohead says:

Hound, if you had to pick only one, is it old statesman, 1870, 1920 or this 1910? And if you could pick 2?

Alex K says:

Nice review. I picked up a bottle of Early Times BIB 1L while driving through Ohio for $23. It’s not the only KY whiskey that’s cheaper there vs. KY. One of life’s great ironies.

multiverser says:

Wow, fantastic. Thanks for another informative video!

Jesse Pinkman says:

Another great review. I’m so glad I subscribed all those years ago.

burton14e7 says:

bawse pour!

Triplecap says:

Was there on Monday and tried some! Interesting mini distillery they have there in Louisville.

Sippers Social Club says:

Great review! I’ll be on the lookout for this. Thanks Hound

Grégoire SARAFIAN says:

What I enjoy in your videos (unlike many others) is that you document the whisky you’re going to try first, and enough informations to put your tasting in perspective and also the whisky analysis is very precise & always interesting ! I’m sold for this, love the description…Do you think this one would be sold in Europe too? Thanks in advance…

Dirt 117 says:

My man!! Still alive! Looking forward to the best spirits video of 2018 in January

Matthew Pillsbury says:

What price range is that bottle of 1910?

Ian Leong says:

I’ve missed your reviews! Welcome back 🙂

Chris Styles says:

Yes!   Good to see you

Invictus says:

Cant wait for more tequila reviews you are definitely one of the best

newmennium says:

I missed you

VegasArt says:

great review especially appreciated all the background info. hope i find one soon.

The Mash and Drum says:

Good to see you again liquor hound! Glad to see you again. Your name came up on one of my Livestreams. Cheers!

Brad Toast says:

Would love to see a review of the recent Foursquare rum releases (and more rums anyway). Not too many reviews out there.

Nth Degree says:

Great review! Thanks

Glen Blackwood says:

Was disappointed I could not get the Birthday release this year. May grab this one and be resolved in my pursuit.

Gulf Coast Spirits Society says:

We thought it was delicious too, didn’t realize it was only 4+ years when it was re-barreled

Amit Stern says:

Love your videos! been having to rewatch your old videos over and over again waiting for you to get some new content up! keep it up my man, great videos and very informative

Greg Newland says:

Very good review, I look forward to sampling this expression from BF whiskey row series.

Badseed says:

Fantastic review – Hope to find it.   Off topic – but do you plan on getting or reviewing JW Ghost & Rare?  Would really like your take on it with the mix of distilleries involved.  Thanks.

Evan Herrera says:

Great as always

foodquig says:

I should be on the lookout for this 1910 expression… Fabulous review!

Scott F. says:

So happy to see the hound back on bourbon!
I’ve been hearing about this release and after your review I can’t wait to find me a bottle.
The 1920 Prohibition has been my favorite from Old Forester and sounds like it may have some serious competition.


Anibal Raposo says:

Are these permanent or one offs?

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