Old Forester Statesman Bourbon Review

Overall Score: 85/100.

This video represents a personal opinion only. This video is an independent review and is not selling or linking to a site that sells the product being reviewed. Do not consume alcohol in the United States if you are under the age of 21.


Michael Hamilton says:

You’re welcome, sir.

Pipedown 0 says:

I’m very knew to bourbon. I’ve heard good things about Henry McKenna single barrel. Enjoy your channel and I’m curious to know your opinion on it if you’ve tried it. i watched your video on the top 5 bourbons for beginners. Wondering how this compairs to those. thanks!

Jordan Simmons says:

When will this be available in the uk?

buckshot1333 says:

Thanks for another great review! I REALLY enjoy your work! Best wishes to you and yours with the baby on the way! I’m with you on the 1920 style being a great bottle. I recently purchased a bottle of Rowan Creek which is side by side with the 1920 my favorite bottle In my collection! I’d love to see a review on that sometime if you come across one…cheers!

SOWLEG says:

Congrats on the family addition 🙂

My Bourbon Journey says:

Great review and I agree with you regarding the old forester 1920 prohibition style being fantastic. Congratulations on the new baby on the way

Tom R says:

great sound and video for a backup location. I have been waiting for a review on this bourbon. Thanks for the review.

Matthew Evans says:

To the man/woman who did the new Whiskey Blooded graphics work, cheers to you. Looks great!

Nick B says:

What do you think of the other whiskey rows aside from the 1920??

Michael Hamilton says:

I just returned from a weekend with family and I was sipping on Basil Hayden which was VERY good IMO. Not overly expensive around $40-$43 here. You should try and review if you have not already.

Charles Wagoner says:

The Statesman is a letdown for me because I like just about everything else that Old Forester makes. It’s probably a bit worse to me than the OF 1870. It has potential, but it’s just too harsh. You’re right though, it would make a pretty good old fashioned.

WhiskyJason says:

maybe you should turn off the auto-focus on the webcam and close the blinds – still a very good review and up-to-date!

Josh Church says:

I’ve really been wanting to try the Old Forester line what’s your opinion on any of them?

Jessie Voisin says:

Cool review. Praying for Mama and baby. Last chance to catch up on your sleep! Bought a bottle of the Statesman and an Old Forester Single Barrel last weekend. I favor the OF 1920 too. Cheers

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