Old Weller Antique 107 Kentucky Straight Bourbon Review

Review of Old Weller Antique 107 Kentucky Straight Bourbon

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Rodney T says:

Hey nice job friend, Subbed!!

Largenj_Jesse says:

BT recently put out a release saying they are raising the MSRP to $49.99!

ranman1959 says:

One of my favorites. Luckily we’ve been getting a regular supply of this in Ohio.

Largenj_Jesse says:

“a little sting in the nostrils there”…best line of the video! Earned a SUB

Spad says:

Itching to get my hands on a bottle of OWA and Weller 12

3_william_56 says:

I’d like to see an episode on mixed drinks. I’m also a member of the brotherhood of bourbon and I think it’d be cool to see your take on it. Cheers

Aimee W says:

Great review and graphics!


Cheers Chris! Great review. I’m a fan of the Weller lineup, all a bit different and unique.

Christopher David says:

Great review. Awesome bourbon for $25 to $35 bucks. Well worth it.

Whiskey Quests says:

You have a really nice collection there. Love the color on this one. Without tasting it I would expect tons of oak. By your tasting notes it sounds like this would’ve surprised me.

dpsycho says:

Interesting commentary.

William Davelaar says:

The price has gone up to 49.99

Michael Hassett says:

Just love this bourbon but so hard to find here in Florida. Solid reviews!

Jeff Berner says:

We get this in Ohio but it’s getting harder to find bc it sells out within 15 minutes or less of delivery.

Any alternatives to this you’d recommend ?

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