ralfy review 662 – Eagle Rare 10yo Bourbon @ 45%vol

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Bigfoot Dean says:

Some have mentioned Eagle Rare used to be a Single Barrel offering. If Buffalo Trace is to be believed (and I happen to believe them), the Single Barrel designation was only removed due to a change in the bottling line. Again according to BT, Eagle Rare is as close as you can get to a Single Barrel bourbon, without the designation. As I understand it, the barrels are still bottled one at a time, but there will be some of the last barrel in the line, when the next barrel is put in to barrel. That means, at most, some bottles will be a mix of two barrels. At around $30 for a 750, it’s hard to go wrong. But I definately would love a cask strength version of this.

Jonathan Flowers says:

I would love a review of the Glenmorangie Signet. I haven’t seen any other roasted ‘chocolate’ barley scotches (at least no one else milks it like Glenmorangie does). Seems very different and interesting. I appreciate all your wisdom!

LGB007 says:

If I buy another bottle of something like this, my wife will threathen me with divorce or intervention. Im at 40+ bottles in my collection already. Ah well, I guess I need another, to hell with the consequences. LOL

The Spirit Safe says:

I had this last night and god an absinthe/wormwood note. I thought “that’s something Ralfy would say”. I awake to find the review but no mention of absinthe/wormwood.

mpharr2 says:

When Maryland stores have this they limit purschase to one bottle.

Aaron Golliver says:

favorite bourbon of Tommy Wiseau

Michael DeMers says:

I love Eagle Rare! We can get it for $35 here in Nevada, and it’s amazing.

Jimidrammer says:

The Eagle Rare 17yo is also good even if the oak gets a little creaky. It actually is “Rare”, the 10yo is in every store in the U.S.

Devin Martinez says:

You should review blanton’s!

Key Largo says:

I would skip the 666 and go straight to 667. Try ” Whistlepig ” Rye , you won’t be sorry.

holyclap says:

I highly request you review Garrison Brothers Texas straight bourbon whiskey. The general release version. It’s utterly amazing and flavorful.

Robert Rogers says:

Another Buffalo Trace product is Colonel EH Taylor Bottled in Bond.

Tom Thurman says:

Another great review! Slainte

JediYamiseta says:

“This is amazing stuff”… gives it 90/100… what’s a whiskey have to do to get a 95 from ralfy… give him a reach around?!
Ralfy you need to look at your rating system, doesnt make sense.

Ross Fudd says:

Living in Fairbanks, Ak and the temp sitting at 80º F (26.6º C). Sometimes we like a little Ice in our Bourbon. Good one though right up there with Elmer T Lee.

Michael Tortorich says:

Ralfy, a philosophical insight per your comments about Eagle Rare. The PBS travel show host Rick Steves recently observed (to paraphrase): “in Western developed countries, people have a tendency to live from a perspective of scarcity & fear, while in poor developing countries people often live from a perspective of boldness & bounty.” It’s a shame that whenever a good thing enters our lives in our culture we have to wonder — from experience! — if the price will go up or if it will disappear entirely. It’s a cultural imperative for us to re-emphasize quality of life over profits … and to recover a sincere interest in Progress.

Johnnie Walker says:

Eagle Rare 10 is $80.00 dollars here in Australia.

Serby says:

Yes, finally. One of the best bargain bourbons here in the states.

RBCbomber says:

I’ve been buying this for my dad for Father’s day for years now. it really is excellent stuff

RichR65Ct says:

I just bought a bottle 7/12/2017,I never tried eagle rear before but I watched a comment on another whiskey and in the end they mentioned eagle rear so I thought I would buy a bottle.I like Bookers and Jack Daniels cask strength of course,but this is my new $30.00 whiskey for sure.I like the oily butter after taste.

Mark Peterson says:

Sigh… my favorite go-to. I am so happy you were able to enjoy this, but I’m also in the position of having one’s favourite, quiet secret, splashed across the internet. :^) I got to watch a batch of Eagle Rare being dumped and bottled last year at Frankfurt. I think it beats Blanton’s and, frankly, all the other Buffalo Trace (Sazerac), offerings… except maybe for Weller. And now we’re all going to have to go out and grab a case before it vanishes. :^)

Coble242 says:

Just had my first sip. It is amazing!!!!!!!

Norman Lang says:

It already rather scarce. When it first came on the market, Eagle Rare was readily available. Now it’s become rather hard to find in North Carolina. It’s one of my Favs and definitely the best value in the marketing. Made by Buffalo Trace, makers of Pappy, it’s an outstanding whiskey…better than many at higher price points.

Brian Bridges says:

I was able to get a bottle, so I’m drinking it with you now as I watch this. I’m excited. 😀

Lukáš Jakub Drábek says:

Thank you for a tip. As I write before, would be fine if you add a bottle code to every review.

Ben Locker says:

Ralfy, happy that you have a bottle that has a 10yo statement. Eagle Rare has been one of my favorites until they removed the 10yo statement a bit over a year ago. Same thing happened to Knob Creek and Elijah Craig. So upsetting!

luke grantham says:

When I first purchased this bottle a few months ago, I DRAINED it. Went out and bought two more just in case people discovered its exceptional quality. This is a beautiful whiskey.

Drift Wood says:

hey Ralfy, have you thought about doing a review of Elijah Craig’s Barrel Proof? It still carries an age statement, where the small batch no longer does.

Radio Laboratory says:

ER10 Ralfy is the closes n quality 2 Elmer T Lee tht Iv evr tastd.. thnx 4 ths revu m8 cuz dang Iv past ths 1 by many a strol thru th local State Storz! cheerio

Mark Wilson says:

This tastes, to me, remarkably similar to E.H. Taylor (perhaps less spicy).

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