Rebel Yell 10 Year Single Barrel Bourbon Review

So I decided to buy a bottle of the new Rebel Yell Single Barrel 10 Year. I am glad I did, since it’s a full flavored and oily wheater bourbon. It’s bottled at 100 proof and retails around $40-$45. They’ll be releasing 2,000-4,000 cases this year and next, but I’m hoping this gravy train doesn’t end after that. 😉 My bottle is from barrel # 4744186

As of 11-4-2016, my current bottle count is approaching 2,400. I am a Certified Specialist of Spirits and have also been certified by the Tequila Regulatory Council (CRT). I’ve been actively collecting for the last two decades and what started as a small basic home bar has transformed (with the help and understanding of my wonderful wife) into what I think is a pretty nice collection. Thank you for watching and sharing in my passion.


peter white says:

Enjoyed the Podcast on Bourbon Pursuit.

I wish this one would make it to Ontario as I love Wheated Bourbon and I have some PVW’s and the 2015 WLW but they are not daily sippers as I cannot replace them. Oh well can just keep going back to Maker’s 46.


Jorge Landa says:

Hi There , really enjoy your site and thorough reviews , got three bottles in Houston today – Aged from 09/06 barrel # 508 3195 , when will you do a 2017 release review ? …your review above is from their 2016 first year , heard they released 4000 this year and batches are generally thinner , hotter -more wooded than 2016 any news on 2017 ?

John Bilbo says:

Love love love this review.  Thank you so much for this review.  My new favorite bourbon.

Sanford Hamby says:

Thank you for another outstanding and in-depth review of a very interesting Bourbon.

The Whisky Hunter says:

Good review my brother. Almost makes me want to put down my single malt and run out and buy one 🙂

Raymaster7482 says:

Thx for the tip!
Btw looks like you are gonna need some additional shelfspace pretty soon! 🙂

VaryingViewpoint says:

Another great review!

Rick L says:

You are the man! My brother requested a bourbon for Christmas so I have been on the hunt for a bourbon for under $200 and your videos have been very helpful. Happy Holidays and Cheers!

Jason Voorheese says:

would you skip the standard and just go for their single barrel or small batch, even if they’re a little harder to find?

Larry Burgess says:

Are you going to do a review of the Clyde Mays barrel proof?

Soteriologist says:

Good then that I bought a last pair of the Weller 12 before the price really started rising ! _(see _VUTV4OSBco or “Inflation And The W. L. Weller 12 Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey”)_
I have to say this again: your vids are among the best and well informed. I enjoy listening to this even though many Bourbons/American Whiskey are not my thing. Right now I have in my cellar only the Wild Turkey Rare Breed, the Rittenhouse Rye, Bakers 7, Weller 12 and Noah’s Mill.
Would you recommend the *Elijah Craig 12* Cask Strength ? Is it basically the same experience as the regular EC 12, only stronger ? Because that right now is my only other candidate. Better yet: *if you have the cask strength, could you review it in against the regular ?*

Matt S says:

I was waiting until your most recent upload to ask this question. What is your favorite (or most exciting) Spirit?
Example: Bourbon, Vodka, Scotch, Irish Whiskey, etc…

Gjon Juan says:

The guys from Whiskey Vault, said Rebel Yell is garbage but, you seem to enjoy it

The Pious Priest says:

Paid closer to 60 for this one (small mom and pop store so I don’t feel as bad), and it is truly a pleasant bourbon to drink.

G. Ray Brown says:

Where are you located in Texas? Let me know if you will be going to Garrison’s in Hye to do some tasting. I would like to go there with you. Also, would like to see you do some Texas Whiskey reviews. Seems like all of them are doing single malts. Do you think that is because of the success of Balcones?

Parker Marsch says:

Quick question. Next week in Alabama, our ABC stores have a big release where they sell all of the special allocated liquors that are released throughout the year (not sure if that’s what they do at other government run stores in other states). I plan on camping out so I can at least get a Pappy 20yr, but I was wondering if there is anything that was released this year that you think is a must have? Either of the Four Roses limited editions, Old Forester Birthday Bourbon, Parker’s Heritage 24yr, any of the Orphan Barrel bourbons, etc.

Shan Santee says:

Haven’t seen you lately i thought your liver might of fried out for drinking to much.

Matthew Pillsbury says:

How can we PM you questions? Do you have a bottle of Angel’s Envy Rye yet? Can you do a video on that for us all? How About the Whistle Pig 13 year old Boss Hog and the 15 year straight rye? Any videos of the Michter’s 10 year bourbon and the 10 year rye or 20 year Bourbon?

Noble Oak says:

I have a bottle of Vintage Rye 21 years old in my collection ! It is from KBD ( Willett Family ) ! Do you think it is a good Rye Whiskey ? Thanks from Bremen/Germany

junofluke says:

Great video. Will look out for this label (specially at the $40 price). Can’t bring myself to buy 12 yr old Weller for $200 locally.


isn’t buffalo trace a wheater?

Larry Burgess says:

Also love the Jim Beam Red Wheat

Scott Dreyfus says:

Thanks so much for the review. I was on the fence about this one since no one I trust had reviewed it yet. I already put in an order for it to review myself. Cheers

Ryan Aita says:

Hey liquor hound. I actually got allotted a bottle of William larue weller from the btac and am very excited to pick it up . My friend also won a george t stagg. Have you had the wlw? And if so what are your thoughts on it

Red Coat says:

Unlike a number of Youtube reviewers of bourbon, you actually know what you are doing! Very skilled analysis and very helpful, reliable information. My sincere thanks!

Matthew Pillsbury says:

I love your videos and think you do a great job letting us see your AMAZING collection. Keep up the good work!!

rootabager says:

You sound great on the bourbon pursuit podcast especially the part on glass selection. How do you spell the German glass your friends from single malt society used that were expensive. I tried googling how it sounded but failed. Thanks.

peter white says:

Completed a multiple bottle trade that included this one. Fantastic right from the get go. Thanks for this review as I insisted this be part of the trade.

Edison says:

I see so many incredible whiskies behind you… why have you not reviewed them?

Robert Breeden says:

Great review! Would like to find some of this.

IH F says:

Hey LiquorHound. I recently found your channel and have really enjoyed your videos. I was wondering if you had tried any of the liquors from Bone Spirits in Smithville, Texas. Their bourbon and corn whiskey are the first spirits I’ve ever made detailed notes on. I’m trying to build my tasting skills and was hoping to compare your tasting notes to mine to see if I’m anywhere in the ballpark. Thanks for all the detailed reviews!!!

Ryan Oberleitner says:

Great review. Your notes align pretty well with my barrel (4744374). Mine was also very sweet with lots of cherry notes which you mentioned. It had some of that classic cinnamon wheat spice as well but perhaps not as much as you mentioned. Certainly a great bourbon that checks a lot of boxes – wheated, age stated, good price, and easy to get. I’ve been saying it’s the best new product released this year.

Brian Haycraft says:

Impossible to find this in Kentucky. Tried today Louisville, Taylorsville, and Bardstown. Nothing ! So disappointed! ß

From Australia says:

Your campbelltowns behind you are distracting me ;-)…

TTplinker says:

I just saw that bottle in Austin. I passed on it because I had a bottle of Jefferson’s Ocean already in my basket. I’ll go back and check it out. Great review. Cheers

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