Review – 1792 Sweet Wheat Bourbon

I reviewed the first in a new series of releases from the Barton 1792 Distillery. The “Sweet Wheat” bourbon is an 8 year old wheated mashbill bourbon that’s bottled at 91.2 proof and is a very tasty for a bourbon in that price range ($33-$40).

As of 7-17-2015, my current bottle count stands at 1,967 total bottles. I have 1041 different ones in the bar & another 926 in back stock. I am a Certified Specialist of Spirits and have also been certified by the Tequila Regulatory Council (CRT). I’ve been actively collecting for the last two decades and what started as a small basic home bar has transformed (with the help and understanding of my wonderful wife) into what I think is a pretty nice collection. Thank you for watching and sharing in my passion.


Rich Lucey says:

“….pretty nice collection.” Lol, you probably have the most comprehensive collection I’ve ever seen. Can’t wait to try the sweet wheat. I have a bottle coming next week.

Morris Nell says:

Great review like always.

Phillip G says:

I bought a bottle today for 24 dollars

Scott Dreyfus says:

Hey great review I was able to get three bottles! It’s my new favorite go to Buffalo Trace product. I was sad to learn that this product will be extremely allocated and we on got 38 cases for our entire state. Cheers and congratulations on the pickup. It’s more complex than Old Weller Antique 107 but even at 91 proof still packs a very balanced punch. #Cheers to #BourbonResearch

Originalredman36 says:

Woooo! Friday review….love them, keep them coming! Cheers

Joe Finch says:

I was lost while drinking this, but you hit the nail on the head with every stage of the flavours. I also got a hint of bananas

Funky Tape says:

Nice. Haven’t seen it yet here but not really jazzed about another wheated bourbon. As I’m sure you know BT dropped the 8 yr AS on regular 1792 some time ago. Hard to imagine SW is 8 yr on the back label.

peter white says:

I like the old bottle so I pour the new release into it and turf the new bottle with the plastic gold stopper and fake leather paper on the neck. Fortunately the juice remains the same quality.

Fantastic review as always.

SwissMarksman says:

Hello Liqourhound, nice review!
Do you think there is a difference, if I smell a wine/spirit with the mouth open?

Sanford Hamby says:

Fantastic review and thanks for all the information. Especially, about the water. I agree on letting time do its magic.

Nick Rehg says:

You should do a video comparing the eh Taylor line. Now that they have released the barrel strength it would be awesome to do a video on the small batch vs single barrel vs barrel strength. Love your videos!!!

Daniel Skon says:

Thanks for the review. Off to the liquor store.

GunOwnerDan says:

1792 Ridgemont Reserve used to have an 8 year age statement, but I think the new bottles are missing that age statement.

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