REVIEW: Elijah Craig No Age Statement (NAS) Bourbon

This is a video review of the new Elijah Craig No age Statement (NAS). This is also our first video. Enjoy.


Heywood Jablowme says:

Tell me something I don’t already know

Ronald Theriot says:

I tried this, on June 10th, and I really liked it.

Lisa Gy says:

….good , honest review…….drinking EC now ……cheers from Mark

The Malted Man Cave says:

Great Review. I just subbed:) I am going to be reviewing this soon on my channel. I know it’s crazy because it is so cheap but this is my favorite bourbon bar none. I have had a lot of expensive bourbon too:) Cheers!

Heywood Jablowme says:

Just another guy on YouTube who has no business doing whiskey reviews

piyush sopory says:

try eagle rare. i think it is a good strong long finish heavy oak bourbon. good in the winters.

cassius969 says:

First few batches will be good. I am worried about down the road. If they are smart they invest and bring 12 back.

TheInvincibleArmour says:

Elijah Craig is next on my list, just picked up a few bottles of Michter’s, not bad stuff.

piyush sopory says:

i bought this recently. i thought it didn’t have a long finish, otherwise it is quite good but i think there are better than this in the price range.

Painter Dood says:

Just picked up my first bottle of the NAS.
Now I’m no expert but I know what I like.
Elijah Craig 12 was my regular bourbon for many years. I bought a case of the twelve last year when it was on sale for $20 and had no idea that Heaven Hills had SOLD OUT its loyal customers in order to bring a lower quality whiskey to market.
This stuff is not even close to the 12.
I am very disappointed!
To say it’s young is to say the least. The 12 is much smoother and only mildly sweet by comparison. The NAS has way too much caramel for my taste. Not a fan of sugary, gluey whiskey.
I will treasure my last couple of bottles of 12 but won’t be back for the Small Batch any time soon.

cassius969 says:

If they are smart the 12 year will be back once they are set up to cope with the demand.

SecondSquared says:

quality review. my only gripe with this bourbon is the pungent aftertaste, otherwise it’s very nice

peter white says:

Just found your channel, nice review. Up here in Ontario, Canada we still get the 12 year AS, but that will go away soon. Will be picking up 2 or 3 12’s for the bunker.
Also with Knob Creek dropping the 9 year AS I picked up a small batch and Single Barrel, in the store the AS and non-AS were mixed together so I had to dig right in there to find 9 YR 1B.

Look forward to more reviews

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