Single Barrel Bourbon Comparison Review

A single barrel bourbon comparison between Blanton’s, Rock Hill Farm, and Wild Turkey Kentucky Spirit by Jason Pyle of


Radio Laboratory says:

Jason. where do the maple notes come from in Rye…say a Bulleit Rye for ex.??
I understand the new-make Rye has no Maple taste. Do they use a Lincoln county process? Thnx

Sean Mendoza says:

Hey Jason, just thought you should know that Blanton’s does make a barrel strength.  Formerly called gold edition, is now bottled at 65.15% under the name Blanton’s Straight From The Barrel.

falcon048 says:

Excellent review. I am beginning to really appreciate your rating system. You’ve covered off 98% of my collection which then helps me evaluate future purchases on Bourbons I haven’t tried yet. Thanks!

ellory malachi says:

the rock hill farm is not even close to the blantons. The rock hill farm has a very direct smell and front note of green algea and sweetness rye compenents to the finish with very little candy notes. 

amaroudis says:

You know what we should do? You can buy your own barrel from Buffalo Trace.  So we can get Blantons barrels and have them bottle it at barrel strength. 

Jordan S says:

Hey Jason. You have by far the best bourbon reviews on youtube. I appreciate you taking the time to do all of these, really well done.

unwhackII says:

ever tried knob creek 9yr old single barrel? a friend just brought me a bottle from the US and i think its a really outstanding bourbon

beans316 says:

Nice review jason , im really liking alot more bourbons

Jason F says:

Lolol good luck getting two of these beauties for retail- or at all, now.

K Bohn says:

Great review! You did a really good job putting this together.

peter white says:

Hey Jason, your reviews are very informative as usual. Living in Ontario Canada it is always interesting to see how these various Bourbon’s are priced here. The RHF is $90 (I know because I purchased the last bottle available) and the Blanton’s is $65 (drying up here as well). As always appreciate your reviews as many of my purchases are based on them. Would like to get your take on E H Taylor Rye as it is my personal favorite.

Jamison Moeckel says:

Great review Jason.

ellory malachi says:

you will not like rock hill if you dont like a green algae pepper flavor on the nose and upfront note….blantons for me is better than both of the other bourbons has way more character and fullness to its flavors and texture

Robert Bryant says:

The best Single barrel bourbon is Old Scout cask strength single barrel with the EH Taylor Single barrel a close second in my opinion.

Funky Tape says:

Finally dipped into Blanton’s after finding it on sale. Basically the same impression, a lot of peach and dried apricot with a boring finish. Mildly disappointed to say the least. Will buy two bottles of Bookers before ever buying this stuff again. Thx and subbed.

hemptime123 says:

sick reviews, cheers ! 🙂

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