Stealth Pappy?? | Weller 12 | The Bourbon Guild Review Show

In this episode we review Weller 12 year old bourbon – often referred to as a cheaper alternative to Pappy Van Winkle. Watch and find out what we think!


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seckler17 says:

I found several bottles at a small local liquor store that is connected to a tavern. $32.39 a bottle. Normally in my area it goes for about $70+

bigwillpro says:

Great show guys. I have all three and I have to say I prefer 107 over the 12 and will never pay over MSRP for it. Cant wait till yall do eagle rare or one of the bookers batches. Cheers.

DJ Beacon says:

Thanks to Ben for buying 4 bottles in Germany and ranting about HUGE mark up pricing. Another great review and show. I’ve been able to buy 4 bottles of Weller 107 for $24 to 29 in the last 6 months and love it. Yet no one around here has any W12 year to sell. Even a local Bourbon Bar hasn’t had the 12 year to sell at $40 a pour (but on their menu) for the past few months.

Buddy Winters says:

I own special reserve and have had a dram of 107, but never since a 12. So BULLSHIT!

Cynthia Baehr says:

Omg! Ben you’re fricken hilarious!! You need a bullshit count on every video!!

Bourbon Shenanigans says:

Great job guys!!! Love the conversations!!! LOL

SJ 12350e says:

Great show. Love the Banter. BRBOB is on fire as always. Have you guys scored anything below a 5? Me thinks Jules score is more accurate…

Jesse Midnitekrawlr says:

Love your show and your chemistry on camera! Cheers guys.

Hiroshi Yamashiro says:

“If everything is a nine then nothing is a nine”. -Jules. Well said, buddy. Well said. Jules for prez.

Ole Thanatos says:

Well, the Butcher was in rare form in this episode. He made some really good points, but still rare form.

Andrew Stone says:

Butterscotch, spice and everything nice. Good but not secondary good. thanks guys!!

peter white says:

Regarding blending OWA 107 and W12 60/40. This blend was originally meant to as an alternative to Weller Centennial.

I have made this blend many times and enjoy it quite a bit. Since the Weller 12 is very hard to get now this blend may also go away. I like both Bourbons, but like the blend better.
Nice video.

Kunaal Khanna says:

I bought five bottles of w12 last year between 40-50 in Chicago. Haven’t seen any since then however. Stellar pour of course. But the price gouging drives me insane too. Well done on another great review! I do make the poor man’s pappy though. The sum is greater than its parts IMO. Just like how numerous distilleries release blended scotch I find a little experimentation takes you far!

1990325is says:

just started watching three days ago. pure entertainment and i dont even drink bourbon lol.

VegasArt says:

Great review guys. Love the back and forth. Glad you shot down the poor mans pappy mixing idea. This is so good as it is as is the 107. Keep it up guys

Meghan Tansey says:

This is so fun! You guys make me want to drink bourbon, to see which one of you I agree with. <3

John D says:

Awesome review Guys!  You’re going to yell at me but I just bought a bottle of 107 for $75 in Maryland.  I never had Weller before and I wanted to give it a try…

Kind Lee says:

I love your show! It’s the most entertaining review out there. Everyone has different pallets however someone always have and agree with my taste.
I have to agree with “Jules “with this one.
The Complex and wow wasn’t there for me. Very simple and smooth.
I prefer “antique 107” over weller 12.

East Coast LQ Reviews says:

great review guys! i work at a liquor store and my boss let me buy the only 2 bottles he got for the year for $39 a bottle, was definitely a big score! anyways, cheers friends!

Jeff Knapp says:

I gotta go with Jules on this one, taste wise, and Ben on the mark-up bowlshirt. What’s Jules’ highest rated bourbon to date? Cheers guys!

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