Top 10 Budget-ish Bourbons (according to whiskey lovers)

Today we taste through our list of the Top Ten Budget-ish Bourbons crowdsourced from whiskey lovers around the world.

The list includes Four Roses Small Batch, Wild Turkey 101, Woodford Reserve, Ejila Craig Small Batch, Michter’s American, McKenna 10, Make’s Mark, Eagle Rare, Buffalo Trace and Bulleit Bourbon.

#10 Woodford Reserve
#9 Four Roses Small Batch
#8 Elijah Craig
#7 Michters American (Not Bourbon)
#6 Henry McKenna Bottled in Bond
#5 Makers Mark
#4 Bulleit Bourbon
#3 Wild Turky 101
#2 Eagle Rare
#1 Buffalo Trace

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LedZepPurpleRainbow 1 says:

Makers Mark or just a good old bottle of George Dickel no12.

Mr. Truxton says:

Sucks that I can’t get half of these in my country… Btw, why don’t you ever show the classic Four Roses, but you show the small batch and single barrel? Is the classic trash or something?

Ryan Gonzales says:

Water whiskeys?!?! Why would dilute your shit for a review

J Mig says:

Henry mckenna is still 27.99 here in va. Been dying to try thanks for the review

FromAustralia Yeah says:

All i smell and taste is smoke, oak, booze….

Anthony Lazaro says:

“Like a.. wheat bread”
“I think you’re having a stroke”

Alan Brooks says:

Michter’s American is over $40 in FL. And extremely hard to find anymore. Great whiskey though and I would pay $40 for it anytime.

Dean B. says:

makers on sale for $21 at a binnys near you!

Zachary Bender says:

Haven’t seen this type of video from you guys but would be cool if you did a video for building a whiskey cabinet. Balanced between the styles and at the “budget” level for a base to expand upon.

Mike Northrup says:

Jim Beam Black is my go to……I’ll have to try these sometime

Scott Allen says:

First cool video. Appreciate the sensory descriptions. I’ve had every one of those in the list. I live in central Indiana and I’m 99% not one of those could be found for under $30. Maybe the Buffalo trace. Anyway thanks for the video! I need to get to Austin!

jamesnm21 says:

There’s a whole new market for sherry and wine cask matured “bourbons”. The new oak requirement, besides ensuring the caskmakers plenty of work, may have it’s place, but just like craft beer, there’s uncharted territories wide open for exploration. American Whiskey. A new category of spirits.

chris cross says:

you guys should do a 10 best whiskey with eggnog holiday special

Megan Bray says:

So the price of Maker’s Mark in my neck of the woods is $27.99 in the local Target store, mind you I live in Kentucky.

chuck1prillaman says:

must buy buffalo trace. must buy buffalo trace. must buy buffalo trace. 26 dollar at Virginia ABC store. must buy buffalo trace.

Ryan Hall says:

I would have loved to take Popcorn Suttons shine and put it in a charred barrel.

The Aiki Tone Ranger says:

“So oaky that you feel like you’re chewing on a piece of wood.” I actually enjoy the more wood-forward ones (though as you guys discussed, there seems to be different interpretations of that – I’m along the lines of wood flavors, “round rich dark”, not necessarily bitterness or spicy bite), and am always interested in learning of bourbons that fit that description. Any suggestions?

alan lapan says:

Candy apples , cotter candy burnt marshmallows , lol cheery chocolate

guezcisco says:

Wondering if they get these bottles for free for their reviews?

Johnathan Walker says:

Where’s the Knob? Everybody loves some Knob in their life! Costs the as Woodford… at least where I live.

The Hillbilly Piper says:

For some reason I can’t find Buffalo Trace where I live. I’ve tried almost every liquor store in the Fort Smith,Arkansas area.

Josue J says:

Woodford Reserve & Makers Mark are my favorite whiskeys so far. (I’ve only tried a handful?

Ryan Hall says:

My budget Whiskey would be 1792, redemption, buffalo trace, larceny, wild turkey, woodford, bullet


“I’m not getting that at all… I think you’re having a stoke…” Hahahahaha!

Anders Larsen says:

The only 30$ bourbon I can buy in my country is a Jim Bean Kentucky 35Cl bottle. The two cheapest 70 Cl bottles I can buy are John Lee Kentucky Straight Bourbon and Kentucky Gentleman Straight Bourbon for 42$. But as for bourbon I usually use it for cocktails such as the refreshing summer drink, coke and bourbon, or the cozy spiced eggnog.

Ryan Foreman says:

Elijah Craig has been my go to for a while. For me it’s the best for the money.

John Thomann says:

officially drunk @ 11:36.

CollatoralHD says:

Elijah Craig was born in Virginia in 1738, just so you guys know. Also, the cult thing isn’t entirely true, they were Baptists, who were persecuted by the Anglican Church at the time. He actually worked with Patrick Henry and James Madison during the ratification convention of 1788 to protect religious freedom.

Erich Haney says:

I’m disappointed Weller Special Reserve and Weller antique 107 both not on the list and they are under thirty bucks and quite delicious

alan lapan says:

Lol , I had to open Johnny Walk and put raspberry ginger ale drink and just died watching you guys , but great video lmao

Michael Willis says:

Hi guys, I am relatively new to whisky.. My favourite so far is johnnie walker king george v.. I love the strong smokey flavour and the smoothness of it. However.. Its not a price you can just go out and buy bottles of so does anyone know of a whisky that is similar or very close at a cheaper cost?


access95 says:

Disagree on the Bulleit being flat and almost boring, to me it has lot’s of interesting spice notes on the start mainly cinnamon, nutmeg and black pepper, moving over to notes of coconut, apricot, vanilla and almonds, finishing off with loads of sweet red apples and smaller nutty notes as it fades away, my palate finds it quite interesting and absolutely delicious at the price, it’s really opened me up to bourbon coming from Islay Scotch.

Chris Torres says:

Wild turkey 101 rare breed is my go to for Turkey

Gary Jennings says:

Woodford used to be $40 easy a couple years ago in Kansas City… Nowadays $25 to $28 tops.

The Happy Hour Hound says:

Buffalo is up to $65 bottle in AZ now. Insane.

Nicholas Mathis says:

Top 10 cheapest bourbons

Cj Boyle says:

As a fairly new Bourbon drinker I would have to agree with the top 2 selections. Possibly in the reverse order as I enjoy Eagle Rare a tad more than Buffalo Trace but it is a bit more expensive. Both are hard to find in my area. I live in a wealthy retirement area of Florida and all the rich elderly people buy up all the good booze before I can get off work.

Marcello Cellucci says:

Hey can you guys try the New Proper twelve Irish whiskey from Conor MacGregor, would like to know your guys thoughts

Outdoor Dad says:

My groomsmen bought me Woodford Reserve for my wedding. I’ve drank whiskey since then.

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