Top 10 Unique and Interesting Bourbons (Crowdsourced from Whiskey Lovers)

Todaye we taste and review the Top 10 Unique and Interesting Bourbons (Crowdsourced from Whiskey Lovers)

The List (Alphabetical Order)

AD-Laws Four Grain
Angel’s Envy
Belle Meade Madeira
George T Stagg
Jefferson’s Ocean
Jefferson’s Groth Cask Reserve
Joseph Magnus Straight Bourbon
Maker’s 46
Prichard’s Double Chocolate
Wyoming Double Barrel Whiskey

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bmxriderforlife1234 says:

heres an interesting note on renamed whiskies. you can find jack daniels made whiskey before jack daniels was called jack daniels. bottle shape is completely different. doesnt say anything about jack daniels on the bottles.

im not entirely sure on the history but despite the claim that jack daniels has been around since 1866 his distillery wasnt actually built till like 5 years later or some shit. however he made whiskey for other people before the originally distillery was finished. but thats why they can say its been around for that long, he was basically selling whiskey under a different name before hand.

if im not mistaken jack daniels did a limited edition release of bottles with the older name on them. but you cant find anything on them anymore. but im fairly certain the bottle was round instead of square and had a white and black label on it. fairly certain they used to have a little section about it on their site but its completely changed since they started introducing newer stuff.

Dan Carrocce says:

Side note: Irish breakfast is the perfect black tea

Brian Timmer says:

Jefferson was a coward that ran from Richmond when the British were coming.

Jim Goldstein says:

My favorite bourbons: Angel’s Envy Bourbon, Wyoming Whisky Small Batch

dannymars says:

George T Stagg is between $1000 and $2500 in Australia, depending on the year. Holy Fucksnacks.

C. Prusse says:

You need to try the AD Laws Rye. I live in Denver and toured the distillery. Their Special Rye is award-winning and delicious.

David Klink says:

Cannot tell you how valuable this video is to me. Thanks guys….I look forward to seeing your videos as they come out. It’s improved my quality of life!!

Jeff Cirelli says:

Huh, cool about the pritchards. I did something kinda opposite on a recent home brew. I was brewing a chocolate milk stout, And to get it to be a chocolate milk stout, during secondary fermentation, I added 8oz of cocoa nibs. WHICH, I had soaked in some Breckenridge bourbon for about two weeks prior. I also added 4oz of coarse ground coffee, it was a home roasted single origin honduran coffee that i have come to enjoy quite a lot on its own.

The beer turned out lovely. Took a while to really come into its own after bottling.. 2 weeks in the bottle and I was worried we fucked it up.. but, its currently ten weeks or so in the bottle, and it has developed into a fantabulous stout. What worried me was the coffee. I used a fresh roasted bean, it was 9 days old when I added it.. and most beer recipes online dont take into account fresh roasted coffee. You need FAR less when its fresh. The beer, when fresh, had MAJOR coffee flavor, almost to the point where I was wondering where the beer was. But, over time it mellowed into the very excellent, what I am calling, Mocha Milk Stout.
I dont think the bourbon did a whole lot to be honest.. I MOSTLY did it to ensure the cocoa nibs would be sterilized prior to adding them into the secondary.. BUT, it may have added something.

John Hallman says:

good video. I especially like the cork squeak to bleep naughty words.

Jason Unsworth says:

Old Forrester 1920 Prohibition Style should have made the list

b Karns says:

Hey MB’s. Great show today I always look forward to your whiskey reviews and have been looking forward to this top 10 unique bourbons for some time now….. Much to my dismay only 2 on the whiskey review were bourbons….

William Figueras says:

palette cleansers: coffee beans (smell), ginger (taste)

Ken Gambe says:

would like you guys to review a glenlivet nadurra whenever possible i’m intrigued now.. well done as always cheers

Sorachi Ace says:

can’t believe that mooch passed on the fizt 20…that’s a really rare and limited bottling @whiskeyvault

Aiming Wanderously says:

You had me until Jefferson’s Ocean. Maybe I got a bad bottle, but it is one of my least favorite bourbons of all time. I usually agree with all of your reviews though, which has me wondering of the quality of my bottle…hmm…

Flo E says:

You said the George T Stagg has a tobacco note in taste, any chance its actually peeted? Is there nay peeted burbon – would that be allowed?

Dan Dee says:

Everytime I watch your reviews I learn something interesting. Thank you.

Jose Diablo says:

No George T. Stagg video yet but I am patiently waiting for it…..For now..

Jon Parker says:

Y’all are my new favorites, since we lost our beloved Whisky Bitch!

Latios Lover says:


Cliff Lash says:

hey, guys,

The Fitz 20 (no, I’m not a bourbon snob) is the great grandpa of the current Larceny which is one of the best bourbons around, regardless of price (under $30 here in ATL).

Obj 98 says:

Im watching this 7 days before my 20th birthday (im from norway) im excited to Get on the whiskey-train !

julle huu says:

so does they do overall better whisky now days tthan like 30-37 years ago im pretty new in over all in this but godd damm there are many diffirent whiskeys

Stankfinger1976 says:

I know it’s just a dram at a time, but you guys have to have a good buzz by the end of this video. Lol. I would to do what you do.

Luke Holmes says:

Yep. Agreed. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

Cliff Lash says:

Hey, guys some more…regarding the W & H – buy the Dickel 12 for about $500 less…

Gaston Deveaux says:

I want to visit this amazing room. Is it within a bar? Where oh where? under a rainbow?

Kunal Brahmbhatt says:

Am I the only one who saw that Daniel whipped out the Sauternes finished Laws and then FF a few frames and its the standard Four Grain? XD

Dan D says:

Hi guys as for the barrel i have never seen reference to barrels made from other woods have you heard of whiskey aged in other types of wood like pine birch cedar or is others tried and are some of them poisonous i have searched but am finding it hard to find. Daniel can you answer this for another Daniel who loves whiskey.

Zesty Cheesemaker says:

Totally agree, most purist will only drink one type of liquor and do not explore their palates. I am surprised you guys did not get a dessert like quality from the joe magnus. The Stagg, nice man you guys have to try all of the BTAC collection, William Larue Weller and the Sazerac 18.

Sub to liquor hound, he has a substantial collection

The Garlock says:

Man, what a collection of booze.

Kristopher Castillo says:

Phenomenal reviews on my favorite drams and some I have not tryed the hunt is on yet again….

We Do Whiskey Things says:

Thanks for all the great education. Your making it very difficult to stop building onto my bar.

Mathias Storm says:

In terms of color in bourbon, the no-coloring thing is probably only when distributing within the states. I’ve had a Kentucky straight bourbon that stated that the color was “adjusted with caramel”.
Western Gold is the bourbon, and is bought in Lidl (supermarket chain)

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