Top 5 Bourbons for Beginners (2017 Update)

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Marty Paradise says:

Lol “I hate him anyway”! Cat
Great line up!
With you on the EC!

Brandon Warfield says:

Hands down best whiskey I’ve tasted Harmony! Go get it.

Matthew Lane says:

Makers is always my go to. Just solid.

Jeff Jacobs says:

This is great. Thank you

John Doe says:

Got maker’s mark and can’t stand it so far.

Tyler Walker says:

Big shooter going full saucy in a glencairn. Fuck yeah bud, keep your stick on the ice

Kev_greb says:

I’m looking for a good bourbon with a solid hint of buttery vanilla. Any recommendations? Maybe $25-$45

Charles Mace says:

Great review. My first bourbon was Wild Turkey 101 but I wouldn’t recommend it as a beginner choice. Still laughing about the cat comment.

tallesta says:

Excellent choices. however I would replace the Buffalo with Knob Creek or Four Roses small batch as you already have a great buffalo selection in Eagle Rare. Cheers!


Bulleit any good?

dennis klauer says:

You look so familiar man! I’m from traverse city originally. Good to see you helping out the beginner scene!

Scott Rogerson says:

Great videos. I have been a whiskey(e)y/bourbon/scotch fan for 6 years. Great stuff.

Avon Howell says:

What’s up Homie I love your videos. I’m trying to see if I like whiskey or bourbon never tried bourbon before I like smooth very little burn if none at all which do you Recommend

CptGriggs says:

Just picked up some Woodford Reserve, figured i’;d try it… really nice stuff for sure. Definitely a pick up.

Don Ruger says:

I agree with this list very much. I personally am not a fan of Makers Mark, but due to availability I back you on it!

Rob Banta says:

I would take out Maker’s and Eagle Rare and replace them with Henry McKenna 10 yr and Larceny.

Steven Young says:

Super jealous of the High West glass

Michael Smith says:

This is my top 5 beginner Bourbon List

1 Eagle Rare 10yr
2 Woodford Reserve Double Oak
3 Wild Turkey Rare Breed
4 Rebel Yell Small Batch
5 Henry McKenna 10 yr

Brad's Beer Reviews says:

Have you had any Clyde Mays? Also what would you recommend for on the rocks?

Stankfinger1976 says:

I purchased my first bottle of bourbon two weeks ago. I went with the Elijah Craig. I’m enamored with it. It’s got great flavor and a phenomenal buzz to it. I’ve been a Scotch guy for years, but I’m really digging the bourbon.

Druvian says:

Got My self a bottle of woodford reserve last night can’t wait to try it out for the first time. I’m very new to the bourbon/whiskey game

Colin Stacey says:

Of the 5 I have only tried the Elijah Craig (but I have the one with the age statement) and the Makers. The Elijah is in my opinion MUCH better than the Makers.

Porter Rhoton says:

Comment #200 🙂 Great video!


I need to step up my review game so I can pick up the kind of subscribers you have. Cheers Dave!! Also maybe we can do a colaberation one day?

ArkansasBadBoy says:

Eagle Rare is great but I’m on the fence about it being on this list from an availability standpoint. I also will take Woodford Reserve over any of these; just my personal preference 🙂

Gerald Frieberg says:

Great video ! And, excellent choices of good bourbons. I would add one more that I think is excellent for beginners: Four Roses Single Barrel (fantastic for the price, around 35 bucks here in Ohio). Thanks again for great review !

Bob Burnitt says:

I drink Seagrams VO and Crown Royal. Bourbon I can drink once in a while, but SKOTCH??? I would rather have a glass of diesel fuel anytime. I cannot STAND a drink of VO if they measured a chot of skotch just before putting the VO in it, I make them wash the jigger and give me another drink.

Mark David says:

Being new to bourbon, thank you for putting this together. I bought some Buffalo Trace and put it on ice and love it. My other favorite is Four Roses Single Barrel.

Tyler Kinne says:

A great addition here would be a the Henry McKenna BiB! Tasty and cheap (for now).

Daniel Ramos says:

Only Trash!

Buck Fush says:


Trevor Dobrinska says:

As a relatively new bourbon drinker, I’ve had 3 of these. Buffalo Trace is one of my favorites, Woodford and makers both feel a little strong for a beginner to me. Honestly, my favorite bourbon so far, and what seems to me the smoothest, is Basil Hayden. Can’t get enough of it. Love the show!

Tito says:

wow this guy is an apologetic cuck–men should not be allowed to act like this while discussing whiskey.

Chicken Friedfish says:

I just started my whiskey journey a few months ago. I noticed that the price of buying a glass of whiskey when you go out to a restaurant is sometimes more expensive than just buying the bottle. For example, I never tried Buffalo Trace, so when I saw it on a restaurant menu I ordered it neat and paid $7.50 for just a glass when I could have purchased a bottle for just over 27 dollars!

Gibson Weasel says:

I love Markers Mark

Ryan Logan says:

Another good starter bourbon around $40 is four roses small batch

Damar Niamji says:

You take too long to say the top 5.

Randy Lorancaitis says:

life story much

TJ Pierce says:

Old Forester 100 is better than Woodford Reserve and costs several dollars less. Same distiller, same mash bill, but with less aging that results in more subdued oak, and with butterscotch and caramel flavors that really pop.

Marty Paradise says:

Redemption! Just picked up tonight on dale $25.00

Timothy Collins says:

Once anyone tries the Elijah. Knob Creek, makers wouldn’t make the list.

w0g says:

Elijah Craig 12 year isn’t available anymore? It’s been a while since I drank bourbon, but that was always my go to. Also, it was $16.99 for a 750 mL. (2 years ago) but I don’t live in MI.

Bill M says:

Should have included Wellers Special Reserve.  Same pricing.   Went to a tasting class of 10 bourbons EC and Wellers SR were the top ones even over 50 dollar bottles.

Shane Cox says:

Every one of those bourbons, except makers mark are between $70 to $100 here in Australia.
They are all top shelf bourbons here. Only makers mark can be bought at any liquor store, the rest you would have to specially order.

Charlie Dace says:

So crazy that in the US all of these bottles are differently priced, in the U.K. I’ve only seen the first 4 but they all cost £20 a bottle

WoodshavenPatriot says:

Enjoy your videos and review style. Is Drew Barrymore your sister…cant help but see a resemblance.

Durbins Bourbon says:

Love your reviews. I’m New to YouTube and learning . Any tips to help get the subscribers up for a fellow whiskey YouTuber. Cheers!

gojo197zero says:

i have no issues spending 60-100 bucks on something I want. And I can’t find Blanton’s

Andrew T says:

5 shots would have me buzzing hard , do you get buzzed after this video is done?

G Scurf says:

Buffalo Trace Distillery is an interesting and free tour. Highly recommend them. Also, Willets is still family owned and operated. Willets is excellent as well. Johnny Drum Private Stock is amazing.

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