What was the Best Bourbon of 2017?

Chad and Sara have tried their favorite bourbons of 2017 in a blind taste test, have ranked them, and now are putting the best three up against each other in a Flight Flight. Only one can win! What will it be?
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ElCajoia says:

Have a Bottle of Bookers 2016-06, fair at best and really did not want to buy another bottle of Bookers. With that said, after watching this, succumbed to the review and bought a bottle 2017-03, what the hell happened, this is not even close to being the same as the 2016, complex with a finish that actually blew my mind, minutes in and finish wont stop, legit review you guys, thanks.

Aaron says:

Evan Williams single barrel vintage

555 Gear says:

Great work on this channel!

BeachBum Silver says:

You have to compare the proof to proof like G T Stagg is 135 proof, some of the best there is.

David Ramos says:

Is the Michters small batch a good one too, the 10yrs is hard to find here in Fl

blahmehmeh says:

I love how scientific your methodology is! #madprops

Joe Lee says:

Thanks for the education!

Andrew says:

Great video! Any possibility of comparing the different booker batches? Not sure how many you two own but would be very interesting!

Dave Jacobs says:

Oh, to sip, savor and debate poors of bourbon with Sara…………
Here’s to health, peace and joy in 2018. And fantastic bourbons all around.

BigPawTivald says:

Enjoyed to much whiskey last night. lol. hurting unit. Good list though, heres to another year.

Brent Murphy says:

This was awesome really enjoyed the show . You 2 bring it to the table keep it going…….

Jimidrammer says:

I didn’t think you guys scored, you should include them in your reviews.

vksjb says:

I wish youtube gave you the ability to rate channels because I would give you guys 5 stars or a 10/10 for sho!!! thanks for your content keep it up guys!!!

john west says:

Happy New Year!!! love your videos. enjoyed this one especially. love the barrel proofs…
you have always done some of the most professional videos. but i’m curious, did you get a new editor? that was a lot of zoom in and out

John Crosetto says:

My review would suck because I love bourbon and I’d be plastered by the end of the video giving everyone 5 stars! 🙂

Ryan Whiskey Wine Dane says:

Just catching up! Hope you had a good New Year! Looking forward to what awaits you and all of us in 2018!

BadgerVito says:

Glad to see the strong performance by Booker’s!  I have always loved Booker’s/Knob Creek.  For whatever reason the Michter’s flavor profile has never scratched an itch for me.

It's Bourbon Night says:

Happy New Year everyone!!
Q: Where do you get your glasses used in Flight Fights?
A: We get them on Amazon right here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00RII1Y0W/_encoding=UTF8?ref=exp_inf_pl_itsbourbonnight

Gary Edward says:

That M10 is crazy good. Distro is just so thin in IL. Only bottle I found didn’t survive the party it got opened at.

VaryingViewpoint says:

Great in action bourbon review of the year!

the thing says:

Even though some of them are pretty Choice Bourbons Blanton’s would probably beat them all if you can find it

jürgen wittmann says:

have you done great again! In any case,I will be back with you in 2018.Sara Looks like a princess,and chad like al cabone! lol

Rundas242 says:

BC liquor stores has Michter’s 10…………………….. But it’s $219.99

StaggerLees says:

I got my first bottle of Booker’s this year and I highly agree, it is one of the most delicious bottles I’ve had. Good shout.

Layne Nelson says:

Fun episode. Great way to end the year. I have really enjoyed “drinking with you” in 2017. Thank you. May God bless you both in the New Year. Cheers!

Alice Borges says:

Bourbon é a melhor bebida desse mundo ❤️

bigwillpro says:

Happy New Year great ep I have the Booker 2017-03 and it’s in my top 5 the ECBP B517 is my #1for now keep up the good work

john west says:

I respect your work. And love your channel.

Star87 says:

Chad and Sara are so elegant! Love you guys and Happy New Year !

Benji Travis says:


john west says:

I respect your work. And love your channel.

James Nichols says:

I wish I could buy Elijah Craig bourbon where I live

Zoe West says:

Bookers and michters 10 were my 2 favourites too =)

Indy Piper says:

The Flight Fights are awesome. Thank you for doing these!

Bold 311 says:

Have had multiple bookers (not 25th or centercut though) and think they are too rough, and I like barrel proofers. But found a 2017-03 after this video and like it much more. ?placebo? dont know and dont care, thanks!

Freddie Slaughter says:

Knob Creek is the worst

xxl96 says:

What an awesome video to end the year. Glad I found this YouTube channel in 2017. If you are a bourbon lover this is the best channel to watch. Not to mention that Sara is very easy on the eyes. 6,800 + subscribers very nice. I say 12,000 in 2018. Share this site with your friends!!!!!!!

William S says:

Fan boy and girl! j/k Happy New Year Guys.

Todd Gallagher says:

Bookers is $80 and not that easy to find in Nebraska, need to make a trip to bourbon country and bring a trailer. Thanks Guys!!!

The Whiskey Wasteland says:

I love you guys! Where in Kentucky are you in? I would LOVE to be a special guest on a show sometime! #CheersFromTheWasteland

JPBAMA says:

Great review ya’ll! I can find the Booker’s here in Bama.Havent see the Michter’s single barrel or Wathen’s Barrel proof in Alabama or Tenn. Booker’s has reached $74.99n here unfortunately.I did find Booker’s 2017-4 in Nashville last week for the old price of $59.99. It’s pretty tasty.Hard to go wrong with Booker’s!

alan D says:

Great finial review of the year, and Happy New year.

Sara ” Can I call tie…” It is a good thing you said that last year I will not hold it against you in 2018.

mepatton says:

“Glitter is the herpes of craft supplies.”

Never were truer words spoken.

Steve Lindstrom says:

Great stuff. The Booker’s 2017-04 is also incredibly good.

Keahi says:

Thanks for your suggestion. I got my hands on Bottle of William Larue. It was delicious.

mahesh ferna says:

Was there a review for Jefferson’s presidential select 16? because I didn’t see one.

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