Whiskey Review: 1792 Full Proof Bourbon with 1792 Classic Comparison

Today we taste and review 1792 Full Proof Bourbon and compare it to 1792 Classic.


newt duke says:

Hammered drunk watching this, Wisers special blend

Flanky says:

That was definitely the funniest episode so far, lol

Kris Kirby says:

My favorite cigar with lagavulin 16 is a Don Pepin Garcia original blue, Fantastic cigar and the flavors stand up well with the lagavulin.

Kolehmanni says:


budman1778 says:

lmfao!!! I saw that ending coming a mile away and still almost had the possibly life altering experience of blowing Bullet Bourbon out of my nose.. #Self restraint saves lives…

Roshan Lister Lobo says:

Hey guys… Could you review Oban Little Bay please?

Justin Taylor says:

Jefferson’s Ocean cask strength

Bryan Ciesla says:

Hey I notice you guys have the regular green label tully’s dew back there. I don’t get much out of it besides ethanol. very little apple and like fresh fields, but it’s so overwhelmed but the alcohol that I can’t enjoy it. Is that just me or is that how it should taste? For the price I hope It’s just the bottle I got because it’s really not bad past the alcohol

Kt J says:

Rex better get ready for grandma to call again.


As prominent figures and stewards of the whiskey world, could you help a brother score a bottle of Old Charter that’s said to be released at the end of this month? Dying to sip that shit.

Ryan Hall says:

The 1792 is a great bourbon. Priced right and taste is just great. A must buy.

Erik Wait says:

My first thought was, “Maybe it needs water and aeration?” and then Rex added water but never commented on whether or not it helped make the whiskey any more cohesive. Did it help?

kghostone says:

Listen, Mitch would not appreciate that, his small spindly arms can’t do that.


One of my favorites is 1792

Peter Spadotto says:

Best episode in weeks.

patrick henry says:

Lagavulin 16 / Padron 40th Anniversary

Sweddymercury says:

I thought whiskey was to be stored in a dark cool area? Those bottles in the sun in all of your videos are still good?

tolstoy21 says:

Once you wear a v-neck everything else feels like it’s choking you.

Chris Hewkin says:

Great content and a titty show.. hands down, greatest YouTube channel going

Hunter says:

Finals are over so finally able to binge watch all of the episodes I missed. I normally do this with a nice whiskey, but unfortunately I poured my last glass a few days ago. I suppose my roommate’s modelo will suffice!

Star87 says:

Street though for a reason (Rex)

Ryan Hall says:

The small batch is the one to drink

whiskey ace says:

It improves as the bottle opens

Chris Panos says:

Quite random but I see the original Tullamore Dew on the shelf in the back and I’ve noticed y’all have never done a review on the original. That’s a very basing one I’d like to see at some point if at all possible

Rowland Hempel says:

Take it easy, guys – videoing too many reviews in a row.

Duane Brimhall says:

How about putting your right hand under your left armpit and pump your left arm furiously as a salute…

Eric Harkleroad says:

WTF was that? I think I just went blind!

XRarehunterX says:

Is it just me or does anyone else think that the next big project needs to be building a new Whiskey Vault because those bottles look super crowded on those shelves

84corvan says:

Have a store pick of full proof and I think it’s great for $44. Anyone compared store pick to regular full proof?

Jacob Hershey says:

Let’s play guess that code!!! 4425???

Anton Vinnik says:

Hey both of you..I had a stupid idea last night….what would happen to a whiskey if you distilled it again AFTER it spend time in a barrel. Would you lose flavour or intensify some of it or is it just a stupid idea. Cheers

BBoyson says:

Oh that was beautiful lmao. Daniel’s question at the end was perfect!

Robert Stowe says:

Won’t the restaurant loan Rex a jacket (or a shirt!) while you’re there? …. Clas-s-s-y!

Arick Bakken says:

That was hilarious! I die.

Andrew Esterline says:

When it’s the last video of the day and you’re already faced.

ribbit1964 says:

my eyes!

John Ohlhausen says:

mmmmhmmmmmmm You guys aren’t drunk when you film these. Well a sober person wouldn’t rip their shirt off would they Daniel?

Don Mox says:

You guys forgot to put the link for that video up there

The4Wills says:

So that’s a full Weddle, would have never known

Brian Ezell says:

If Rex was asking whether there was a Jefferson’s Cask Strength, which I think I missed something, there is Ocean Cask Strength. I say we see a review of that soon.

Cody.Really says:

guess its a drive thru lunch today Rex

Drew Gregoire says:

I found a nice whiskey cigar pair angels envoy and rocky patel java latte

Omarmac1 Lopez says:

1792 the hulk Hogan of wiskeys. Great video chad

Gerko L says:


Alex Kistner says:

What Pick is the full

Kevin Underwood says:

I always got a sour finish on the full proof.

Cannon Ranger says:

A Mitch Mention should deserve this ceremony every time.

Brian Knotts says:

Major wardrobe malfunction

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