Whiskey Review #203 Henry McKenna 10 Bottled in Bond Bourbon & a Safe word…Scotch Test Dummies

Join Scott and Bart with the Scotch Test Dummies as they taste/review Henry McKenna Bottled in Bond BIB 50% abv Kentucky Straight Bourbon whiskey. This hidden gem of a whiskey comes in the mid $20 range and should be on your bar.

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Rombout Mastenbroek says:

Safe word: stupilisious

East Coast LQ Reviews says:

Tried this yesterday with my boss, definitely worth the price for a 10 year aged bourbon

gabrielgv0619 says:

Quick question guys: When you score bourbon or Tennessee whiskey, are you using the same scale as you do for scotch? Like for instance, does the “90” score on this McKenna mean you like it equally well as a “90” scored on past scotch offerings?

Dan E says:

Have a bottle on the shelf, have not opened it yet. Great price!

Keith Petersen says:

Wow. I just had 2 drams of the McKenna and I must say one of the best bourbons I’ve had.
A solid 90+ for me. I paid $29 and I found out that “Total Wine” sells it for $22…Definitely picking up another bottle when I pick up the Elijah Craig barrel proof that arrives in September. Have you guys ever had the Evan Williams single barrel?

Adam Jay says:

Just stocked up on a couple more bottles of McKenna 10 found online for $28 ea after shipping (which was absorbed by buying many other bottles). Excited to compare the bottles from that barrel to the bottle I found locally.  I can’t knock this Bourbon on anything. What you get for the price is astounding. Let’s hope it keeps a nice balance of being a hidden gem and readily available without inflating in price too much!

tallesta says:

Is this how “Velvet Elvis ” came about listening to you guys talking about the safe word? This and Rittenhouse are on my buy next list as they are priced low for what you are getting. May have to wait a while though as while looking through a small liquor store today in the back I found 3 dusty bottles of Knob Creek 9 year age statment for $28 and bought them all. W00T!

Gachain says:

I like HENRY MCKENNA BIB, and I agree, it Improves with Each Glass. Mike

Raster says:

My recommendation is “Maker’s 46″… great stuff!

If the dog barks or something drops out of your hand I think you should say “well obviously Raster did that…” ha

Paul Klimm says:

3 drop method with circular breathing. LOL

Raster says:

“Fatty” is the new safe word!

Gachain says:

Enjoying CLYDE MAY’S Alabama Style Whiskey Tonight. It is aged Corn Whiskey, 5 to 6 years in Heavily Charred White Oak Barrels. The twist is there are “Oven Dried Apples” added to the Barrels. I Love Apples and I root for Alabama in College Football so I had to give this a try. 42.5% ABV

The phrase “Added to the Barrels gives me the impression of Apples Floating in the Whiskey. Not sure though.


COLOR: Dark Reddish Brown with nice legs moving Moderately .

NOSE: Caramel, Vanilla, Apples and Charred Oak Notes. The apple notes hit the noses as just an added note in the Whiskey, Very Natural.

PALATE: Lightly Sweet arrival, faint Hints of Apple along with Caramel, Vanilla and Oakiness. Medium Creamy Mouth Feel.

FINISH: An Alcohol Burn reached up from my throat and my tastebuds were done after 2 mouthfuls.

I LOVE the Hint of Apple in the flavor profile. I experienced it as an organic part of this whiskey. It is Subtle and integrated. Unfortunately the Alcohol Burn in the Finish is very Hot.

With 4 drops of Water

COLOR: Dark Reddish Brown with nice legs.

NOSE: Light Apples and Slight Charred Oakiness.

PALATE: Sweet Light Carmel arrival with Apples lightly mixing in. Light Creamy Mouth Feel with Light Spice rising as I Swirl it around. A very light apple sweetness and tartness mixes in as well, but very lightly.

FINISH: Drying with Light Pepper. with light hints of Apple and Oakiness. No Alcohol Burn this time.

I enjoyed the Apple Notes in this Whiskey, but Longer Time in the Barrel will Tame the Alcohol Burn. This Whiskey Definitely Needs Water to Tame the Burn, Experiment with Amounts to suit your Taste.


Rombout Mastenbroek says:

OMG, I just did a search on this one and stumbled on a store in holland that has the best bourbon choices I have yet seen in Netherlands 😉 I’m not telling where hehehe but I’m a happy camper!!

Adam Paal says:

The last secret in bourbon is out. Thanks Dummies!

Brandon Wilson says:

Where are you guys from? I love all of your reviews an videos , I literally but bottles look the review up an drink asking with you even if it’s a4 year 2 year video I love it

Double Jay says:

Bart’s safe word should be “Dr. Pepper” ironically 😉 That’s a great single barrel whiskey guys, I found a older bottle from 2011 that blew my socks off!

Luis Wells says:

However…having recommended ‘Feints’ as a safe word I would like to go on record as saying that I really enjoy Bart’s journeys down that rabbit trail. Keep it up Bart.

Gachain says:

Enjoying OLD GRAND-DAD 114 tonight, finished the Bottle. The gentleman has good taste.

Added 2 drops of water and let it sit for 2 hours. I wanted it to open up.

COLOR: Deep Brown with many legs. Love to see the legs trickle down.

NOSE: A Very Sweet note, candy like hit my nose first, followed by Caramel and Vanilla

PALATE: Light sweet arrival, followed by Pepper as I swirl it around. Light Sweetness remains mixing well with the pepper.

FINISH: Peppery and drying, yet there are some light sweet notes.

OLD GRAND-DAD 114 is a winner in my Book

Gachain says:

On the Subject of Apples, I am Finishing a Bottle of Laird’s APPLE JACK, 40% ABV. This is a Blend of Apple Whiskey and neutral Grain Spirits

I Love Apples in all their expressions. APPLE Whiskey may be the original AMERICAN Spirit. The Laird Folks “claim”? to have Distiller’s License #1. At any rate, APPLE JACK was made by Freezing Hard Cider in the Winter, thus separating the Alcohol from the juice. The term JACK in some way refers to the Freeze separation of the juice and Alcohol.

COLOR: Deep Gold, Like a good Filtered Apple Cider Nice Legs Running Slowly

NOSE: Rich, yet not overly sweet Apple;

PALATE: Medium Creamy Mouth Feel, Soft Apple Notes with Light Pepper and Wood Notes

FINISH: Pleasant Pepper rising from my throat with light tingling on the tongue followed by Drying. Hints of Light, Dry Apple fill my mouth.

The Nose of this APPLE JACK leads one to expect a fruiter Apple Flavor in the Palate, yet the Creamy Mouth Feel delivers Soft Apple Notes which are Flavorful, but not Overpowering. I Like Laird’s APPLE JACK yet I seem to be in the minority Which Means More For Me, at a Good price!!!

Laird’s also produces a 100 Proof Straight APPLE BRANDY, a 7 1/2 Year old (Why the 1/2???) 100 Proof APPLE BRANDY and a 12 y.o. APPLE BRANDY. I was able to find all three of these, in spite of LAIRD’S Tight lipped information policy. I called them to find out where I could buy their 7 1/2 y.o. APPLE BRANDY in Brooklyn, NY and I was told they do not have that information, I would need to call a distributor. Mind you, their offices are in Scubyvillle? NJ which is a New York suburb WTF!

Jerry Bartlett says:

Glad you pointed out this one to me Scott, really nice bottle. Not much of a nose to me but the flavor is smooth and balanced.
Enjoying this one a lot. Need another bottle soon.

Donn Testa says:

I will also say get these heaven hill products while you still can because their company is “shitting the bed” they’ve knocked off the age statement from fighting cock and Elijah Craig to use younger whiskies and this year’s release of evan williams vintage has fallen to 7 years aged from 10… sadly after 30 glorious years of bringing us something special at great prices, this company is falling like a rock in a pond,,,I’m assuming whoever actually cared at heaven hill died or retired…

Excitmnt94 Evan's Dad says:

safe word…… Sheboygan Love the Henry McKenna Single Barrel BIB.

Sal Renzulli says:

I may have to give this one a shot. We had the fatties? ha ha There’s your dang safe-word boys…Fattycake! Ok… Question.. Scott 90, Bart 87 Which one of you is way wrong as all get out?? ha ha ha

Keith Petersen says:

I picked up a bottle today and will try it during winter. Just to darn hot right now for whisky drinking for me.

Keith Petersen says:

Safe word “Elmer Fudd”

The Whisky Scout says:

I have had my bottle of this sitting in the cabinet for a couple of months it is about time I get around to opening it. I went into basic 85′ and I remember (at Ft. Knox),  we had so little time to eat the shovel effect was engaged and taste had no importance.  I had no more food hang ups after that. My grandmother made great bread pudding and the army’s version was pretty darn good.  I cant wait to see if I get that in my taste profile.

Martin Collmer says:

varnish a Bourbon note safe word

Evan Shokoofi says:

Good video guys. Glad to see you guys still having fun with it 🙂

Gachain says:

Enjoying some Corn Forward Bottom Shelf Bourbon Tonight in OLD CHARTER 8 y.o., 40% ABV. Have been enjoying Rye Forward Bourbons recently and wanted a Corn Forward Expression.

OLD CHARTER came up in my search for Corn Forward Bourbons. There were others but I have yet to try OLD CHARTER and it got decent reviews for a Bottom Shelf Bourbon. The $13.75 price tag in Brooklyn was nice as well.

COLOR: Medium Amber Gold with Slow moving Legs which I find encouraging.

NOSE: Sweet Caramel and Corn with Vanilla and Slight Wood Notes.

PALATE: Light, Creamy Mouth Feel. Corn Sweetness with Medium Pepper notes combining with but Not Overpowering the Sweetness, Nice Light Blending of Flavor with Hints of Oak in the Background

FINISH: Pleasant Pepper with Hints of Oakiness, Dry in the End.

I like the Sweetness in this Bourbon. The Mouth Feel is lacking in my opinion, but the melody of Notes in the Palate was Very Nice. For the Price, it was Certainly Worth It.

PS The label says GENTLY AGED FOR 8 SEASONS IN CENTURY OLD BRICK WAREHOUSES so a literal understanding of season make it Aged 2 YEARS.


dhsilv2 says:

Anal would be the best….but to keep it PG. “Dolphin Face”

Jessie Voisin says:

If you ever do an inexpensive bourbon shoot-out, toss in the Jim Beam Choice (Green Label). I bought my last bottle for $14. It flat-out beats some bourbons priced in the 30 to 40 dollar range.

Donn Testa says:

I see exactly what you’re talking about, when I cracked my first bottle there was an off putting chemical taste, but it quickly went away and wasn’t there when revisiting this bottle.

IMaynardJames82 says:

Guy on the right not only looks a bit like Tool’s Danny Carey, but sounds almost exactly like him!

Gachain says:

Had the last Dram of a Bottle of EVAN WILLIAM’S Bottled in Bond last night. I usually linger a long time with my Whiskey but last night it was a VERY SLOW Dram, and I was rewarded with Charred Wood Notes in the Nose in my last couple of Sips. Here are my impressions.


COLOR: Deep Brown with Nice Legs Running Slowly

NOSE: Very Sweet Carmel, mixed with other sweet notes that I have difficulty naming, later Charred Oak notes as Well. VERY NICE

PALATE: Medium Creamy Mouth Feel, Light Sweet arrival, Slight Burn on the Tongue, but some Nice Wood Notes rising with a Hint of Wood Smoke. Pepper mixes in as I swirl it around.

FINISH: Lightly Sweet with Light Pepper. Drying yet Light Sweet notes remain.

I would Like a Richer Mouth Feel, but the Sweet Carmel Nose is Very enjoyable. There is a complexity in it, but I can not pick out the Pieces. The wood notes in the Palate are Pleasant. They put me in Mind of sitting around a Campfire with Friends at a Bluegrass Festival, some folks playing others listening to the music


roostershooter76 says:

Glad you guys got around to it. The safe word should be “Velvet Elvis”! Lol

Kunaal Khanna says:

Sepia, a Michelin starred restaurant in Chicago calls out Henry McKenna by name in their “Single Barrel Old Fashioned” They don’t give this honor to any of the other spirits in their libations’ menu. That’s how I started buying this stuff for the cocktails. Fantastic buy for the $.

A similarly amazing value is the Smooth Ambler Old Scout 7 yr. Harder to find and highly rated by Jim Murray (94.5 according to MOM) I have their 7, 10 and 9 cask strength bottles. Perhaps a budget bourbon shootout is in order! Not that there is anything “budget” about their taste.

Charles Nappo says:

I LOVE this bourbon. For 30 bucks it can not be beat. I grab a bottle every time I see it.

Gachain says:

Another Corn Forward Bourbon EVAN WILLIAM’S BOTTLED IN BOND Last Glass from the Bottle and I will be getting another.

COLOR: Deep Brown with Nice Legs Running Slowly

NOSE: Very Sweet Carmel, mixed with other sweet notes that I have difficulty naming, VERY NICE

PALATE: Medium Creamy Mouth Feel, Burn on Tongue, but some Nice Wood Notes rising with a Hint of Wood Smoke. Pepper mixes in as I swirl it around.

FINISH: Lightly Sweet with Light Pepper. Drying yet Light Sweet notes remain.

I would Like a Richer Mouth Feel, but the Sweet Carmel Nose is Very enjoyable. There is a complexity in it, but I can not pick out the Pieces. The wood notes in the Palate are Pleasant. They put me in Mind of sitting around a Campfire with Friends at a Bluegrass Festival, some folks playing others listening to the music

Matt Holt says:

safe word: jibber jabber!! hope this helps, I use this most weeks. as in “quite your jibber jabber” cheers.

Daniel Hamilton says:

Age stated, 100 proof, and inexpensive. Excellent stuff

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