Whiskey Review #209 – Elijah Craig Barrel Proof Bourbon WOW Scotch Test Dummies Youtube

Join the Scotch Test Dummies, Scott and Bart as they review the Bottle of WOW or the Elijah Craig Barrel Proof Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey bottled at 69.7% abv.

Named after the father of Bourbon Rev. Elijah Craig this limited release Small Batch, twelve-year-old Bourbon is bottled at Barrel Proof and without chill filtering, preserving the natural flavors produced during the aging process. At full Barrel Proof, you can enjoy the Bourbon much the same way our Master Distiller does when he samples straight from the barrel or, if you choose, add water to reduce the proof to your liking.

Tasting Notes
Color: Deep Amber
Aroma: Caramel with oak, fruit notes of apple and orange
Taste: Caramel, vanilla and butterscotch along with spices of black pepper and cinnamon in the back of the palate
Finish: Nice layered finish of all flavors; fades slowly with a hint of cool spearmint at the most lingering end

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bunit1701 says:

A little late to the party, but based on hearing actual Scots say it, I believe it is pronounced ‘Salon-gee-vah’. That being said, I think I prefer your spin on it (salancha).

Lisa Gy says:

…love the Paws shirt ……thx again guys for an interesting review…haven’t tried barrel proof …..but looking forward to it ….cheers from Mark

foodquig says:

I think “Auchentoshan” is a great safe word…

Gachain says:

Hey Guys:

Got my Bottle of WOW last week. I tasted it a couple of times before I committed my experience to writing and here it is.

ELIJAH CRAIG Barrel Proof 69.7 ABV BARREL #240-4622???


12 Years Old Non-Chill-filtered
May 2017 Release

COLOR: Deep Reddish Brown, Red Tint Stands out to my Eye. Many Legs Running Moderately.

NOSE: Vanilla All Day, Deep and Rich notes of Vanilla with a Candy sweetness underneath. A Sharp Alcohol scent as I venture closer but I back off to avoid a burn.

PALATE: Neat, A very small portion, but the Mouthfeel is Rich and Velvety. A Rich Vanilla note with some Caramel

FINISH: A Very Dry Finish with hints of Wood.

I Love the Rich Creamy Mouthfeel, but the Alcohol comes on Strong Neat so I will add water.

With 1 drop of Water.

NOSE: The Candied Sweetness comes to the Fore.

PALATE: A Woody Dryness comes out. After a drink of water, the Vanilla sweetness arises but woody notes surround it and there is a dryness

FINISH: Very Dry

Added a second drop of water

NOSE: Candy Sweetness remains.

PALATE: I am able to take a nice mouthful now and Wood Spiciness dominates. The Mouthfeel is still coating and pleasant

FINISH: Very Dry. My Tongue is Dry

Poured another 1/4 of a Tasting Brandy Snifter and added 1/2 a teaspoon of water.

NOSE: Candied Sweetness still there but, more rounded.

PALATE: A Thinner but Still Nice Mouthfeel with Wood and Spice predominating. There is a dryness as well with hints of sweetness.

FINISH: Very Drying.

I enjoyed the Rich Vanilla Nose a Rich Mouthfeel Neat before the Alcohol Burn rose up. I enjoy Mouthfeel Very Much and this Bourbon has it. The Woody Spiciness with 2 drops of water was enjoyable. The Candied Sweetness in the Nose with water was also Very Nice.

At 69.7 ABV it needed water to tame the Alcohol so as with all Barrel Proofs each of us needs to find our sweet spot. I Loved the experimentation I did here and I will continue to seek my SWEET SPOT with Elijah Craig Barrel Proof. That is the joy of a Barrel Proof Bottle.

I really enjoyed the Rich Vanilla and Caramel Mouthfeel Neat, next time I will let it sit for an extended period to see if the Alcohol evaporates from the glass. This is Fun!!

Lockguy 26 says:

puppymonkeybutt…. safe word

Soteriologe says:

I just picked up two bottles of this same 69.7 abv batch online here in Germany – for what on August 10th 2016 _(your upload date)_ would have amounted to $ 53,66. Sounds strange that it be cheaper here than it is over there. Maybe you should buy online. I should have loaded up more while the age statement lasts, but my cellar is overflowing…

Daniel Frank Hoffman says:

Great video guys!

MemphisDutch says:

I’ve been a fan for some time now. Thank you guys so much for the great and entertaining reviews!

Aimee W says:

Love watching how much you’ve grown. Great Saturday lazy day watching! Keep it up, Dummies… 🙂

busa King says:

you guys just now trying this? where you been the last 11?

Raster says:


Matt Holt says:

Evening Dummies, some random trigger words to quit Bart’s Jibber-Jabber.


Sassenach! “Sassenach is a word used chiefly by the Scots to designate an Englishman”


Dingle-Berry! (You may have to look up the meaning yourself)


All the Best.

Aaron Smith says:

It’s utterly ridiculous to buy a barrel proof bourbon and then water it down. Buy the already watered down version.

Gachain says:

As An ELIJAH CRAIG FAN, I need to get this! Thanks Guys

Ryan Burnett says:

Where is that shootout you promised us Stag Junior v Elijah Craig BP? Thanks,

Daniel Hall says:

I’ll have to check Daves liquor for this, I want some WoW.

calitactical45 says:

Incredible bourbon. Picked up batch 10.

Freddie Slaughter says:

How does that compare to Jack Daniels barrel proof?

Gachain says:

As you know, I am an IRISH Speaker (IRISH GAELIC). You Had SLÂINTE correct all the time. It is pronounced the same way in Scottish Gaelic as well, as you know. BTW a bit of Trivia, We, who speak Irish Gaelic refer to the language as IRISH when speaking English, You will alway know if a person has a speaking knowledge of the language because we will say “The word for Hello in IRISH is DIA DHUIT (Gee ah Huht, with a bit of a hack) Lit: God with you. An English only speaker will say I do not know the word for Hello in GAELIC. I do not know any Scottish Gaelic Speakers so I do not know how they refer to the language in English. The intellectual Ferment Group has spoken LOL

Jeff Coole says:

I’m on the hunt for a bottle or two of this!

Lockguy 26 says:

Finally found the 12yr, delicious. I know Bart struggled with the cork but.. honestly… this is the only bottle in my collection that doesn’t drip down the bottle after pouring. the flat lip neck is great… Lol its the little things.

DerWhiskyClub says:

So happy you enjoyed it. Recommendations are always difficult due to different personal tasting preferences.
But i see we are on the same wavelenght 😉

Raster says:

As a water drinker… just water, nothing else, about a year ago I received a bottle of Blantons as a gift (and that started this whole thing for me)…

The night I first sipped the Blantons my first thought was: this is my “famous last wish.” The thought was: let’s say I’m about to go in front of a firing squad (for something I actually did)… I would ask for a glass of Blantons. I’d enjoy the Blantons and then they could shoot me.

So my question to you guys is: Is Elijah Craig Barrel Proof your “famous last wish?”

Don Nishita says:

Funny you mention cork design, I had a EC 12 cork malfunction the other day. The cork separated completely from the cap. I tried sticking it back in but it wouldn’t take. Luckily I had just killed a Wild Turkey 101 bottle so poured the EC contents into the WT bottle. So far my ECBP cork/cap has held together. I’ve started keeping all the corks from my finished bottles just in case I experience another cork failure in the future.

ScottMoonWriter says:

Looks like a good one to try out. Are there tips for how Bourbon should be stored (before and after it is opened). I haven’t watched all of your shows or I would know this.

Billy Hughes says:

Just got a bottle of this,…BOOM BABY!

Darragh says:

Sláinte or slàinte (SLAHN-chə) is a word literally translating as “health”[1] in several Gaelic languages and is commonly used as a drinking toast in Ireland and Scotland.


Corey Martin - Big Poppa says:

Great review guys, I love this stuff.

Safe word “Whirling Dervish “!!!

Josef Wassermann says:

Never tried. Will soon. Thanks.

foodquig says:

I will have to look for it on my next trip South of the border…

Ronald McCoy says:

bought a bottle of this today…..fucking incredible!! one of my all time favorite pours. drink this neat people. no added water.

Gachain says:

Finishing my bottle of Elijah Craig Small Batch and I must say that even though I feel it is lacking in complexity compared to the old EC 12. The last couple of glasses have had a nice caramel nose and a Rich Creamy mouth feel.

On to ELIJAH CRAIG Barrel Proof!! The Bottle of WOW!!


Lloyd Fink says:

Just enjoyed a GCG of this beautifully crafted nectar. emailed you dummies this evening so’s get back to me if you still have those #’s avail. Slainte!

Eric Renfer says:

Scott, you mentioned that your liquor store got three bottles of ECBP. I just got my first bottle tonight and the liquor store owner said they get an allotment of three at a time. Coincidence?

Martin Collmer says:

Oh, and by the way you cannot get Stagg at any where near $90 here. My local store quoted me $500 for a bottle (on the secondary market – total bullshit). For a $90 bottle that kind of ripping off is unconscionable.

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