Whiskey Review: 2bar Straight Bourbon Whiskey with Four Roses Single Barrel Bourbon Comparison

Today we taste and review 2bar Straight Bourbon Whiskey and compare it to Four Roses Single Barrel Bourbon.

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Bluenipps says:

Daniel – Do you ever accidentally dip your beard in your whisky?

SheFlungDung says:

The Whiskey in Orlando on Sand Lake Road, check it out.

martin eilertsen says:

i dont know about florida but if any of y´all whiskey buffs are ever in Norway you are all welcome to my bar in downtown oslo called Lannisters.

Nathaniël Pranger says:

I thought I couldn’t love this channel more. Then you made a Craig Ferguson reference.

Positively Whiskey says:

I’m always a fan of the “Ba-Dow” the “basement” instead of the “balcony” for me

JK Kross says:


Evan Steeves says:

Is it just me or should it be beep bop badauw? I feel like the bright high notes are more of a beep or a bip than a bop… Am I reading too much into this?
I feel like this is straying into Roy’s silver is gold and gold is silver territory.

Mark Sescon says:

I don’t know if it’s been posted before: Have you heard of Lost Spirits Distillery in Los Angeles, CA? They have a tour that reminds me of Whiskey Vault meets Universal Studios Tram Tour. They have a pleated whiskey that’s phenomenal.

ChrisC says:

Daniel is a Craig Ferguson fan: confirmed.

Catherine Powers says:

I think you guys should add in a sort of rating system with the whiskeys you review, whether it be A/B/C/D/F, scale of 1 to 10, 1 to 4 or 5 stars, buy or not buy, or something else, I think it might help further round out your reviews. I love the specific characteristics you give on taste and smells, but still, a final opinion on it would be nice–although I understand tastes and preferences change based on your mood, what else you’ve consumed that day, your environment, etc. Regardless, just an idea. Keep on keeping on!

Thomas Tang says:

Hi, I am a long time whiskey fan and was wondering if you guys could try out devil’s share single malt whiskey from cutwater distillery, they also make a bourbon of the same name but I prefer the single malt. I think it’s an amazing whiskey; it’s one of my favorites and it’s only aged four years! It’s also pricey $130 at my local bevmo.

Cardinal_Sins says:

I will be sure to set my amp’s eq settings to Bop-Bop-Badow

Christopher Breton says:

If humans stood in a single file line around the equator, most of them would drown.

Roy de Jong says:

Rex, Daniel. New member of the whisky tribe here. Little over a year ago I started working partime in a liquor store due to my passion for whisky. In the last few months since i’ve been watching your magnificent channels, i’ve learned alot from the two of you and used my new gained knowledge to help spread the beauty of whisky. Thanks for the great video’s and providing the one and only guideline for drinking whisky, non snobery and with the utmost enthousiasm.

From one magnificent bastard to another,

Roy de Jong
Almere (The Netherlands)

Pat McDermott says:

The Four Roses Single Barrel is a 35 percent rye mash bill, so not really a fair comparison, why not pick a wheater to drink with the 2Bar? Just my 2 cents.

Haunyed says:

While I was living in London, mondays me friends and I drank Bourbon. So mondays was Bourbon day. Nothing better then star a week driking a whole bottle of it. Cheers

charles ashworth says:

Love the channel. Found you guys from Modern Rouge, but watch your channel far more.

SheFlungDung says:

Why does Rex still have hair?

Sean Hancock says:

Hi Guys, love the show. Have been out of the loop for a bit but love going back and binge watching old episodes to catch up! Had a question about tasting notes. I was watching an old episode where you both mentioned a cream note in the whiskey and that sounded really fun. Wanted to know if you have some sort of spreadsheet or data base that includes the notes on the different whiskeys you’ve tried. That way I could look up which ones have specific notes and try them, rather than trying to go though 100’s of hours of episodes to find ones with specific notes.

Jim D says:

I’ll be in FL (Orlando area) for a family member’s work function next month and we’re staying at the Ritz Carlton for 2 days. Last year at the same place the company hosted an open bar for everyone each evening and I was drinking Macallan 18 most of the nights. The had the Macallan 25, but the bar tender wouldn’t serve it to me as he said it was too expensive. Later one night a VP of the company gave the bar tender the OK and I’m pretty sure I had a pour. Too bad it was after several pours of the 18 so my taste buds were, shall we say, overused.

For bourbons there were plenty of options as well. Among others they had bourbons like Blanton’s and Pappy VanWinkle 23. I had a Blanton’s or two one night before going back to scotch because it was there.

This year I looked up their whiskey selection and must say I am happy. From Bourbon to Irish to Scotch there is something for every whiskey drinker. I plan on trying Langauvalin 16 and maybe Balvenie and Oban 14 as well as several other scotches one night and then probably again the second night because dam why not.

slade davenport says:

I hated whisky…. until I went to a party and someone handed me a glass of lagavulin 16!!! I fell in love and now have a fine selection of Islay scotch. But lagavulin 16 will probably forever be my favorite

Jim Taucher says:

World Famous Cigar Bar in the Fort Myers/Cape Coral Florida area. Also maybe The Celtic Ray in Punta Gorda

Spencer Geller says:

Day after day Rex continues to grow into the look of an aging Austin Hipster.

Kevin V says:

On the run from Johnny Law- ain’t no trip to Cleveland

Dan Swank says:

Please review Wild Turkey Longbranch. I would like to try it when available, but value your tasting notes. I am mainly a speyside scotch drinker, but drink George Dickel and Jack in the bourbons/whiskey section.

Michael Pacini says:

Another good review but very light on the closing toast . REX !!!

Motivated and Medicated says:



You’re both wrong fellas, beef n cheddar hot pocket hands down lol

Taran Greenwald says:

Hot pockets prepared in the oven are vastly superior to those prepared in the microwave.

Ryan Kilmon says:

I really really enjoy your show. However I really want to baby powder bitch slap you for saying a 2 year old is better then 4 roses single barrel. That being said i wouldn’t mind trying the 2 bar. Cheers fellas.

Emmanuel Lerma says:

Duuuudes you should use different sounds for different bleeped words
That would be awesome

Liam Tuck says:

I’m from Ontario, Canada and you know what sucks? How damn expensive whiskey is here because the government has a monopoly on liquor; can’t buy whiskey anywhere other than government owned stores… That sucks.

Shane Fleming says:

Tampa ,Fl Davidoff of Geneva. They have stuff from $15,000 an once to JW black and everything in between.

stanislavmigra says:

NO MIDS, all the treble, all the bass, … Panteraaaa 😀

Johnny Cliche says:

Meatball and mozzarella Hot Pockets are the only ones worth eating, you heathen bastards!…

Derek Sparks says:

I was so lost for a second, the cork squeaks make grundle sound so much worse than it actually is.
Grundle or G*****e… What swear word starts with G!?

Michael Kronsperger says:

The Mill in downtown saint Petersburg is an excellent whiskey bar, little pricey though

Wk1988 says:

Old Hickory whiskey bar Pensacola, Florida

Martin Hoffman says:

#mozzicheese&meatball #hotpockets

sman7290 says:

The sad part is that you guys maintain journalistic integrity BETTER than most journalists.

matt thom says:

I’m watching this at work while piss drunk on vodka… Do I have a problem?

Matthew Weeks says:

Whiskey and music pairing. Ever since I saw the video of Daniel bringing up “Barrets privateers” it won’t get out of my head


Rex, Daniel, and tribe. I’m looking for a suggestion on what my next single malt should be.

I’m a bourbon drinker but have recently started drinking single malts and blended scotch. That list consist of

Chivas 12
Johnny Walker black
Glenmorangie 10
Glennfiddich 12
Monkey Shoulder.

I need something with a bit bolder flavor but am unsure whether I should buy that Laphroaig 10 that looks at me every time I got to my local liquor store. Do you have any suggestions on what my next step should be in the world of scotch?

Stout_30 says:

All my years, I’ve always called it a Gooch. Only through this channel have I learned that there is a synonym known here very well as the Grundle. If I have only learned this from the vault and tribe, it was worth it.

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