Whiskey Review – Ancient Age Bourbon with Rock Hill Farms Single Barrel Bourbon Comparison

Today we taste and review Ancient Age Bourbon and compare it to Rock Hill Farms Single Barrel Bourbon.

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Stephen Hill says:

I am so sorry everyone. I loved Laphroaig when I started watching this channel and now I don’t. It’s a shame, but there we are.

It’s a fact of life. I’m 62 so it’s not like I haven’t tried lots of different whiskys before but the Whisk(e)y Vault has helped me to see beyond the fierce and smokey stuff.

I have spent a fortune on whisky fuelled by Daniel and Rex’s excellent videos. Who here, apart from the very rich, can honestly say that they have not been nearly bankrupted by the call to experience the new? Who has not been asked by their wife , “Why are there three new bottles when you haven’t even opened the other ones yet?” Well perhaps that’s just me.

I took a sabbatical from the channel and rested my wallet for a few weeks. I returned and decided that there are many excellent whiskys but I would no longer buy bourbons because I honestly prefer the taste of Scotch. There’s nothing wrong with bourbon. It’s not inferior. I just know my own preferences.

I also decided that I don’t love Laphroaig anymore. Nowadays I just like Laphroaig very much.

There are lot’s of whiskys but they don’t all have to taste like Santa Claus’s boots after he came down the chimney. There is life after extreme smoke and I think I have found it thanks to the boys. Merry Christmas. ( Today I am drinking Chivas 12 with a splash of Laphroaig).

Duke Wheeler says:

Next up Kentucky Gentleman

GeneralKoekwous says:

guys this one is for the fans, which do you guys prefer? bourbon, irish, scotch or any other? and which is your complete favorite whisk(e)y?

hrothgargames says:

Did y’all stop numbering the vault episodes?

Coal Burner says:

I’m soooooooo glad this channel wasn’t around when I turned legal drinking age, because I would be a homeless drunk with an awesome collection of whiskys.

Michael Slager says:

Nice episode, boyz! Great info share from corks to cuts and mashbills! And, thanks for coming on down to the bottom shelf and discussing Bottom Shelf Matters! The Triple A – Ancient Ancient Age – I pimp daily is going to cost a couple of more bucks, has a broader flavor profile and comes in at 90 proof. A fine low cost mixer. And admittedly, I much prefer the RHF to AAA. Proost!

Trevin Rook says:

So, Scott Frost to Nebraska. How about that?

Arrynek01 says:

We had ethanol affair in Czech Republic couple years back. Blackmarket alcohol somehow got into regular circulation, people started getting sick, some blind, some died. Government proclaimed temporary prohibition on hard alcohol (not beer, we are not animals!) through television. On FRIDAY night. I worked at a pub at the time. Imagine the amount of drunken people, and their opinion on the matter…
Goddamn, if that wasn’t the most insane shift I ever had.

Taran Greenwald says:

That wine talk in the beginning gave me an idea. I’m not sure if anyone will see this but I think it would be cool–like, entirely as a vanity exercise–if the Tribe could compile a list of restaurants (or bars, but I’m thinking restaurants specifically) that offers glencairn glasses for their whisk(e)y. I guess I’ll start–M Sushi in Durham, NC. Imagine my delight when I order a glass of Anika Coffey Grain and it comes in a glencairn.

Andrew Kuper says:

If you guys can get your hands on anything from New Holland Brewing, I’d love to see you review one of their whiskies.

Mr. ModdedToHell says:

Welp, I just ordered the The GlenDronach 18 Year Old Allardice and Glenmorangie The Quinta Ruban 12 Year Old To make the (70-80%) legendary Macallan M, including shipping from the UK (59$) it was 200$. I’m so excited to taste the 90/10 mix!

Justanotherparatrooper says:

I want to know what happened to the Blendagedon that Rex made with your lonmorn 16!!!!!!

OldMan Stone says:

Am I the only person that noticed the black v neck is now grey for the past couple videos. What chaos is going on

Bruno Schubert says:

The chemist in me get really appeased on these videos in which “the chemicals” are actually named. Hahahahahuh

Calo Q. says:

This is the moment I realize I’ve looked like a D@#*K head all this years at the restaurants.

Jay Bradford says:

Definitely one of the best intros to date…

nope avi says:

I still love how daniek took his glass with him haHaaa

D Doran says:

So help me get this right. To be a bourbon, it must spend some time in a cask (no minimum). To be a straight bourbon, it must be aged 2 years. And to be bottled in bond, in addition to other requirements, it must be aged 4 years. Is that right?

Travel DogVlogs says:

I just turned 21 and this channel has really helped peak my interest on some new whisky’s

Nick Burns says:

Lvl 81? Sounds good to me, I’ll have to put that on my business card. “Nick Burns. Lvl 81 mooch”

Fire Fux says:

That was very unenthused intro.

Michael Smith says:

ancient age to wine would = white zinfandel

Avarice176 says:

There was a bit of discussion about “cuts” here, I was wondering what your thoughts are on “devil’s cut,” Daniel?  I remember it being a bit of a fad a few years ago, so maybe you could review a whiskey and share some knowledge on them?  Keep up the great work guys!

Olivier Beaudry says:

Question for you guys. I got started with whiskey around June. My wallet’s put in more work than my liver so far. I didn’t know the few specifics of an opened bottle’s shelf life. 2-3 of my bottles remained at a third of their content from July-August until today. Now that I know this affected the bottle, it’s hard to get past the diminished character. I’ll get around these bottle just fine, but I have more and more bottles getting past half their original content. I’m a bit worried that I’ll get to a point where I end up with a whiskey inventory that’s decreasing faster in quality than I can reliably drink it. I’ve been looking in the options available for preservation (Wine preserver, transferring to smaller glass containers), but I’d like to have your take on these or this problem. Do you use any of these solutions ? Would you not bother with extending the shelf life ? Love the content guys and cheers

Michael Joyce says:

Rex, for the first 20 seconds of this you sounded like the Android from Radiohead’s Fitter Happier

NickRivers says:

Personally I️ think buying wine at restaurants is for suckers. Don’t get me wrong I️ love me a good wine bar, but whole bottle pricing for what you can experience at home is night and day. I️ see that happening with whiskey pours now. $12-15 for Buffalo Trace, $18-23 for Bookers. Hopefully your good work on this channel feeds into the minds of those people paying those outrageous prices and the effect is restaurants pricing their bottles fairly. Do you guys find yourself giving in to the markup? If so are you satisfied or does it come off as a bad choice in retrospect?

Yvonne says:

Suggested add on: BLACK FEATHER

Gio B. says:

“Welcome to the Wine Vault”

Terry Bradford says:

Some great distilling info. reminded me of my time in Korea when i was able to learn about it from a friend of mine.

Cross Eyed Jedi says:

Thanks for doing this review guys! Ancient Age was my Grandad’s favorite and he passed away last week. I keep a bottle of it in my Scotch cabinet to share when I talk about him.

Ryan Wine Dane says:

Got the glasses today! So excited! And I have discovered that the aroma and taste are quite different from what I usually drink out of! This is awesome!

Dan Hrubes says:

Have you guys stumbled upon Widow Jane 10yr yet? curious what your thoughts mayb be

David Herman says:

So, crazy idea, I doulbt would do anything other than giving you more ABV, but could you do a slow evaporation on the 40% whiskeys, and do anything for the taste?

Andreas Reitzel says:

Boats are sexy? I can agree with that!

Keith Clark-Hoyos says:

Loving a little geek Info this time around!

Evan P says:

Hi there. I am a new drinker, and recently started binging your videos like crazy. I would love to get into whiskey, specifically bourbon and have been trying to find what I like. It all started by mooching Blanton’s (loved), and Woodford (alright) from my father-in-law. I then bought a Costco size bottle of Larceny (it had a cool bottle), but could not get over the straight acetone taste of it. So for months I have been trying to drink 1.75L of a bourbon I dislike before I buy anything new, and I am almost done! I am now looking at what my next bottle should be. Any suggestions? I have a big sweet tooth, so was looking for something smooth/sweet. Also I am not a big bitter person ( not a fan of coffee or beer for that matter).
As an aside, I have mooched a scotch too (Ardberg 10), and while not bad, the taste of peat had me thinking i was drinking liquified moss. So I am not sure If I am a scotch fan.
Thanks, and love the channel!

shadowspy81 says:

Hey, I love scotch, but I have been brewing beer for 4 years. When you all open the distillery would you be open to distilling a batch? The highest abv I have done with a beer is 24.5% and I am curious what would happen if I had a recipe distilled.

PSBeard says:

Just tried Monkey Shoulder on your recommendations. Picked up for under $30 here in MN. I have to say completely pleasant and drinkable. Could definitely use more body and oomph, but again for under $30 nothing to complain about. If I am a huge fan of highlands, but also like a touch of smoke what would you recommend?

Gin Kat says:


Owen J 1 says:

#review Glenfiddich Project XX (I see it on the shelf next to the 12 and the Macallan) and compare it to Glenfiddich 21. Please and thankyou.

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