Whiskey Review – Baker’s Bourbon

Today we taste and review Baker’s Bourbon.

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11:27 – boof

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Like Jazz and wine, snobs have predictably hijacked whiskey appreciation, spoiling our natural, common connection with it and creating a false dichotomy of “good whiskey” and “bad whiskey.”

It’s time to break through the emotional bias with facts and science. That’s what this school is about.

** The only valid definition of “good” whiskey is “whiskey you like to drink.”

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The best way to learn about whiskey and share that love is to drink whiskey and talk about it with friends. Study the history, find the stories, and discover the culture and the methods that have been developed over hundreds of years. That’s what you’ll do when you attend The Whisk(e)y Marketing School.

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Ryan Whiskey Wine Dane says:

I actually know the real story of WhistlePig.

Blaine Smith says:

LoL at the ending. Bang on good stuff.

Ian Emmons says:

What in the fuck did I just watch?

Sylvain Cormier says:

I would love to hear what you think about Benromach whiskys, mainly their 10 yo, 100 proof. Cheers

UnknownStriker says:

Hello from California ( unfortunately lol ) just started to appreciate whiskey for about a month now thanks to you two! other reviewers are boring to be honest and you guys make it fun and informative! picked up quite a few different bottles, monkey shoulder & angels envy happen to be my current favorite. One question though, when you re-age something of your own creation or blend, would you also add spices/ingredients to achieve flavors you’re looking for?

Brice Podoll says:

Daniel, do you dye your beard? It appears much darker in the last two episodes. I know sparkles are there but, I don’t believe Chad is going to make you look younger with contrasting.

Justanotherparatrooper says:


laplantski says:

Been sick for the last few days. Couldn’t even enjoy Whisk[e]y for the New Year. So I’m trying to make up for it now (yeah that’s my excuse for morning drinking) Still feel like shit and I can’t sleep. Maybe I’ll make it for the new Vault movie…

chuck430 says:

would have sucked if you actually finished one of those bottles in the “lost episodes”

ChrisC says:

I was wondering why you now see Moscow Mule mugs everywhere, when they weren’t even a thing when I was younger.

It’s almost as if the key to massive marketing success is to see what everyone else is doing, and then do the exact opposite to either create the reaction wave or to be there to catch it when it happens. What Maker’s did, creating a new premium, expensive bourbon at a time when whiskey was on the outs, strikes me as similar to how the Glenfiddich folks ramped up production during Prohibition at a time when everyone else was cutting back. So they were ready with plenty of product when it was legal to export to the US again.

John Reed says:

What are your thoughts on some bourbon producers using Solera for aging? Pro’s and cons?

《dobber 》 says:

So was wondering sense y’all aren’t gunna be able to put out aged stuff for a while what are you going to release in the meantime would be interesting to see an attempt at a craft shine and not just a flavored one

Matthew2063 says:

Do they still make light whiskies? If so, I think it would be fun to see you guys try some on either in the Vault or on Biscuits maybe try and make them better (in the vein of cigar whiskey)

007privatei says:

Did you guys do a review of Glenfiddich 18? Also, I absolutely love your channel! It has gotten me so much more into Whisk(e)y! I’m still working my way through all the episodes but I will finish all of them eventually 😀

What what In a butt says:

I enjoy this channel;’ however it is not because i view anything as legitimately intelligible.

Lloyd Betzel says:

Can you please do the nikka samurai whisky

SuperPheemy says:

I’m sorry to tell ya Chad. You’re the adult on the show. When Daniel absconds with all the whiskey and Rex makes reference to his “beanbag”, you need to step in and go from Editor to Director. Be merciless and force those chuckleheads to calm down. (and remind them to turn on the mike)

Chris Jacobs says:

Hey guys. Love the channel. I have a question. You often sample several whiskeys on the same video. Do you “cleanse your pallet” between each different one? I’m new to whiskey and I wonder how much each drink confuses your taste buds. Thanks!

hellomomo says:

I agree with so much of what you say, guys. However, saying that I’m a keeper…yep, I agree with that the most.

Dade Murphy says:

Willett Bourbon, please, bastards, glorious! New Year!, HAPPY!, AHHH!!

Giorgio B. says:

I went from glenfiddich 12 straight to talisker 10, and man is it lovely! But.. am i close enough to smoke that i can go and get a bottle of laphroaig 10?

levelonewhiskeysommeliergreataxe3 says:

Knob creek is the cheapest. Then Basil Hayden, Baker’s, and finally Booker’s. Booker’s is actually the first bourbon to break the fifty dollar per bottle barrier.

steelasp says:

I’ve only recently started exploring whiskey, and this channel has been highly informative. I’ve tried a few of the less expensive whiskeys that I learned about from your channel, but my favorite so far is one I have not seen you review. It’s called Fifty Stone from Maine Craft Distillers. Have you tried it? Thanks for making these videos, Keep making them, and I’ll keep watching. Cheers!

Terry Bradford says:

Just roll with it Chad, enjoy the wreck, lol.

John Bedard says:

I’m on board for Rex year!!! 😉

Joseph Candelaria says:

Happy new year daniel and rex

Michael Wellman says:

Too funny.  So, how long does it take you to shoot one video?

Chuck Ironsight says:

TRY eating miracle berries with whisky. its a strange little fruit

Spencer Geller says:

In this episode of the Whiskey Vault, the frightening threat of Communism creeps ever closer in our hearts and territories. Find out next episode to see if the boys have the gusto to fend off Stalin and his evil regime from infecting what they hold dearest: Whiskey.

Reece LeMay says:

Glad y’all finally did a review of this. One of my favorites!

BigPawTivald says:

Well heres to 2018 and i dont wanna see or smell whiskey for a bit. to much of a good thing last night.

Michael Draut says:


Moose 1976 says:

BLIND TEST 3 whiskeys that Chad picks and rank them. See if Rex and Daniel match (or not) AND IF THERE IS ANY SURPRISES ONCE REVILED.

Rolando Gm says:

you guys are just entertaining

kid riglar says:

Love Makers Mark.

kidomaruss says:

Can you guys do a “Best Sherry cask” episode? When i recommend scotches at my store i am drawn to sherry cask finishes because i believe it gives it more depth. I often recommend Aberlour 12, glenmorangie lasanta/quinta ruban, aberlour abundah, and glendronach 12. I know Daniel doesn’t like sherry casks but it would very educational and give rex a chance to mooch more whiskey’s. i mean provide us with additional information from his unique point of view…


chuck430 says:

“what kind of peanut?”
::I’m done with your shit:: “a peanut peanut”

Jon Gardner says:

We’re no longer numbering the episodes, beginning in 2018?

Daniel Posey says:

Hello! I’m a whiskey drinker, potential chronic alcoholic, and aspiring bartender. My question is simple, Jim Beam or Jack Daniels? Which one of those is your go to cheap whiskey?

Keir Blackwood says:

Daniel and Rex, although only barely being legal at the age of 18(Scotland) I have delved into the world of whisky. I recently, at a family friends house tried, a dalmore 15 yr + cigar malt, Glenmorangie 15 yr, highland park 12, along with some others. Whilst poring me another half, he showed me and let me smell a whisky that was kept in a small 75ml bottle, which I thought was very odd, although a fantastic smelling whisky. After resealing the bottle he proceeded to tell me that it was in fact Macallan 40 year old. Now I’m not an expert in whisky but I do know that macallan 40 is worth a lot of money but he was given it from someone he knew that worked for the distillery. I just wanted to ask you guys, how much money, for you, is too much for a whisky?

P.s Big fan of the show

JerryBear16 says:

Relatively new viewer. I’ve seen videos where the comments mention a time when this show was about whiskey. After today’s episode I find this hard to believe.

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