Whiskey Review: Breckenridge Whiskey PX Cask Finish with Breckenridge Straight Bourbon Comparison

Today we taste and review Breckenridge Whiskey PX Cask Finish and compare it to Breckenridge Straight Bourbon.

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Donald Sanders says:

I have a bottle of Colonel EH Taylor 4 Grain. Its good.

Karl Porter says:

You two are such different people. Always amazes me when people ask questions of preference.
Even when one of you thinks they know where the other is going and tries to finish the sentence, it’s wrong.

Priscilla Mancil says:

I love the New Fashioned Emma makes!

Jeff says:

Been watching you guys for a while now, just thought I would share a personal blend that I have been loving. It really is fantastic. Equal parts of stranahans colorado whiskey, redbreast 12 cask strength, and balcones single malt. Its incredible.

Karen Lee says:

I’m wondering if anyone has ever voiced their concern over Daniel’s less than optimal knife skills. Perhaps, during Rex month, for safety, Rex can confiscate his blade? Just a friendly citizen’s concern.

iBurley says:

Did you consult the lawyer about that bitters thing, or just assume that it would count? Most alcohol laws seem to not apply to bitters (even those made from alcohol) due to the fact that they’re considered “non-potable”.

Side note, which bitters did you end up using if you’re willing to share? The only glycerin-based bitters I know of are Fee Brothers and they’re actually made in my area.

Rob Carson says:


Ketsuta says:

Daniel claims that his story was his best mooch. I dare say this channel itself has been Daniel and Rex’s best mooch. Just how many bottles do they have piled on the floor that they didn’t pay for?

bob dylan says:

I just picked up a bottle of mcclellands speyside single malt and I wanted to know if you guys have tried it and is there anything you can tell me about it thanks love the show

Nick Martin says:

This is one of my go to bottles in my collection lol but I would have to agree is does have a less then desirable after tastes… but the front and nose are great!!! It makes one hell of an old fashioned!!!

Daniel Treadwell says:

Can I request Rex month be delayed since October is my birthday?

Martin Mæhle says:

Have you guys tried the springbank local barley series? I have the 11 yo in my collection for a rainy day. And want to find out what I should expect?

Joe Addleman says:

Hey guys my name is Joe and I’m a knife maker from Nebraska. While researching I found that some Scottish swords were christened with whiskey. Do you have any suggestions for what I can use to christin knives with

David Hansen says:

Should provide the list of the 100 people you plan to send the whiskey to.

Stephen Reynolds says:

American rules for alcohol are weird. You cant sell anything outside of your own product alcohol wise? Is a bar licence not a thing on distillery grounds??

homebray says:

OMG…. I was gifted a bottle of Breckenridge PX last week. I love it. The person who gave it to me said it was too smokey for her. I think that is the aftertaste Daniel is finding.

birddog2017 says:


Of all the chairs in the world
The barstool suits me best.
My butt cheeks never cramp or get too sore.
And being elevated, I see the world more clearly,
Especially through all those colored bottles,
And basking in the rosy glow from all my friends.

Oh, yes, I do like a barstool best,
Hoisting each glass until I met my rest!

Doug Allen says:

I understand that cask strength is more concentrated, so therefore more flavorful but I wondered if some of the reason why CS seems to be preferred is because as people’s tolerance for the alcohol burn increases it take’s a higher proof for us to get that kick we expect from it.

Adam Duffield says:

Have you guys tried Bains South African Whisky? It won worlds best grain a few years back and it has to be one of my favorites, I do love an underdog. http://www.bainswhisky.com/

Garrett Green says:

Did anyone else see that Matthew McCnaughey got his own bourbon from Wild Turkey? I really want you guys to try it, and give us your notes on it. I am really curious if its worth the purchase when I get back home in November. Love what you guys do. Keep it up!

Nick D'Andrea says:

Breckenridge is nice. I had the cherry finish and loved it.

Chef_PC says:


THC says:


Celtic Grizzly says:

Hello gents! As a new member of the tribe (and fairly recent subscriber to the channel(s)) I was curious as to which top 5 (or 3 if thats easier) whisk(e)ys you each enjoy at home or in your free time? Thanks again for the excellent content, cheers!

Thomas Keaney says:

He was totally hiding it! Why wouldn’t he have mentioned it before hand? A simple “oh by the way, I started dry week two days early so I could do this thing” would have sufficed. He made a conscious decision to omit the truth until confronted then pulled the old “technically, I didn’t break the rules”. I’m calling it Rule Snobbery! We all know that guy who says “technically, it’s allowed” during board games.
Daniel, we’re not mad. We are just disappointed.
Recompense will come during #REXMONTH.

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