Whiskey Review: Conviction Bourbon with Woodford Reserve Distiller’s Select Comparison

Today we taste and review Conviction Bourbon and compare it to Woodford Reserve Distiller’s Select.

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11:27 – boof

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Belfry says:

Whiskey made in a prison? You guys might be drinking toilet whiskey.

Mateo 5001 says:

Come on Rex, where’s the apple?

Jeffery E Petrone says:

Ya’ll lack the conviction boys, but then again what are ya’ll gonna do?

diamonbacks47 says:

Wow, you guys are early this morning.

R M says:

Netherlands are below Schotland.. Or did I misinterpret that wrong.. I know one whisky from Netherlands, millstone. Haven’t tasted yet tho. For belgian whisky u have Belgian owl and some others. But I think belgian owl embodies more the spirit of whisky (is that a thing?).. Maybe Gouden Carolus whisky..

Martin Mæhle says:

You guys should do a review of Glendalough 13. It’s an Irish whiskey………… didn’t you guys say irish whiskey was going to become more interesting in one episode?…….

JC Fernandez says:

Fiddly bits

Sandro G. says:

Try Swiss whisky, apparently they even won some prices?

Tim Dietrich says:

For African whisky check out Three Ships. Andy Watts is their master distiller and is a great knowledge. Search around there are lots of podcasts that he has guested on.

Will Brent says:

On the flip side, what region do you want to see LESS whiskey coming from

Elmo Heyns says:

Howzit you magnificent bastards. So my country (south africa) produces 2 whiskeys. Bains and three ships. Would you care to do a review on that? if you can find it? Its too expensive for me to buy and ship it to you.

Raster says:

Just Stop. Just stop right there. That was the first intro where I laughed (wait for it…) out (yes, this is what you are expecting to hear) LOUD!

I laughed out loud.

Come on. Forget about all the past whisky reviews here… What did you do? Like 3 seconds of video and I’m laughing.

What’s going on?

So anyway. I may like your YouTube channel a lot now.


Nathan Earley says:

So if malting barley means starting germination, then kiln drying it with some kind of smoke, peat or otherwise to stop the germination process, does anyone do the same thing with corn? I have no idea if this will have a similar effect, or if it would take some of the intense sweetness away from and otherwise standard bourbon, but it seems like an interesting concept.

You guys are welcome to try this in your distillery, provided I get a bottle from each batch.

Emil Lund says:

Sounds like a really nice whiskey 😛

Will Brent says:

A Real whiskey Dan? What’s that supposed to mean? You kniw what I hear?……SNOB

Tim Osborne says:

The Netherlands is further south and warmer than Scotland and both are much warmer than Canada.

bmsmusician says:

Bottle looks like JD Sinatra edition which is an awesome whiskey too!

The other Guy says:

People should have to explain why they did thumbs down. What in the world could you not like or disagree with in this video?

LuckieGuly says:

Good video y’all! What city in Tx?

NZAnimeManga says:

The Netherlands is much further south than Scotland. If England can make whisky, so can the Netherlands.

Shroom Goblin says:

you guys should try other drugs! lol

JoldridgeTV says:

Can you please review bullet bourbon i cant find a episode when you explain it. also my teacher said about a hotel in speyside where its £90 a night but you get £50 worth of scotch free behind the bar of your thinking for visiting try it

Jan Fredrik Leversund says:

Really acing the geography, guys.

NiceGuy Jo-El says:


Zelmel says:

Glass decanter seal: maybe some Sugru? Silicone silly putty stuff that will dry to permanent silicone gasket if you shape it.

sgtsagara02 says:

Dang it. Just missed the first ten.

John Barry says:

Turd… i mean, third.

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