Whiskey Review: Copper City Bourbon with Wild Turkey 101 Comparison – Ep 353

Today we taste and review Copper City Bourbon and compare it to Wild Turkey 101.

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11:27 – boof

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TX Mark says:

Big YES to Balcones Rye. Just bought last week as a birthday gift to myself and am not disappointed. Really liked the lingering tobacco taste.

Randall Janc says:

Got the chance to mooch some laphroig 10 oban 10 and one more I can’t spell. I was impressed. New to scotch. Would laphroig lore be a good buy.

C S says:

is it me or did Daniel age like 50yr since episode 1….. not meant as an insult just concerned about his health.

StopCallingMe Shirley says:

Had it
Hated it

Matheus Gloria says:

Rex just pulled a Ri*BUUURRPP*ck Sanchez on us

John Bedard says:

Next dry week should be Kool aid reviews for the cult… I mean tribe lol 😉

David Golden says:

Rex you look like Pippi Longstocking in that stupid ass ponytail

Matt says:

Glenfarclas 105 is cask strength I believe and is also quite affordable and available.

Stevevp says:

Credit for giving a qualified response to the unanswereable ( for Daniel) question. I’d have a hard time answering too it all but lived at The Whiskey Vault….

charlie.g.hague says:

I’m getting notes of general tsao and MSG.

Mateo 5001 says:

On the Rex “Appleseed” wagon

Mark Carpenter says:

Arizona is the Copper State. I got that one recently and is pretty good.

Adam Farnsworth says:

MGP has 5 standard bourbon mash bills:

Corn: 99%, Barley Malt: 1%
Corn: 60%, Rye: 36%, Barley Malt: 4%
Corn: 75%, Rye: 21%, Barley Malt: 4%
Corn: 51%, Barley Malt: 49%
Corn: 51%, Wheat: 45%, Barley Malt: 4%

(For those of us nerdy enough to care)

Nick Dondarrion says:

Serious question (and not meant to ruffle any feathers): Are you guys starting to get a little bored with the Vault reviews, considering everything else you have going on?

I hope not. I love your reviews (and think everyone else does too). The other stuff is fun too, but I primarily tune in for the reviews. Keep it up!


Robert Millard says:

With Chinese food I choose Eagle Rare or Macallen 12

Eric Schwab says:

Rex Ruins Everything?!? Lol! How do you REALLY feel Daniel? Lol!

xiaguan whisky says:

What’s your favorite (easy to get) bourbon ? I mean normal stuff like knob creek.. eagle rare.. wild turkey.. most of the bourbon you guys review i will never find in Germany.

Terry Edgar says:

So it’s my day off and I saved up some bucks and bought several whiskeys today. I found blantons (been a biatch to find since hipsters and John wick F.u. k Reeves. Being a new tribe member and absolute “cultist” I have of course bought my first bottle of dalmore 12. As also a bottle of Johnny walker green. Giving them all a good chew I have a honest question to ask. Am I wrong for liking blended over single malt?

Shenanigans: “Rex you seriously just admitted a huge mooch mishap. Not knowing why they call the kick in’ chicken’ 101 is a huge missed mooch moment because their are lesser abv wild turkeys and whenever given. Choice one should always partake of the 101 for pure alcohol value lol.” #nerdoversemioldtrailerparkwannabesumowrestlerhairguy

Max Phillips says:

Ledaig……Yes that’s my middle ground whisky! It’s like the demilitarized zone between Islay and a Highland malt! A reviewer one time called it a Islay wannabe and was trash it for not making the mark…..it is it’s own mark, thank you very much!

ohsofunkyfresh says:

I get Honey Garlic Chicken on the nose mixed with fried egg roll and just a trace amount of General Tso’s…

Ola Nilsen Kjøren says:

its a *VERY* *NICE* whisky…

Scotch n Soda says:

Ledaig 10 or something else?

Nelson Wong says:

Does burping affect your whiskey nosing /tasting? If so Rex’s notes on this whiskey should be suspect

craftyloki says:

#penishair hahaha

elkhead01 says:

Glenfarclas 105 is their cask-strength and it should be available at Total Wine

Andrew Judd says:

Suggestion for Daniel and Rex: do videos with comparisons of several different gifted Whiskeys from Magnificent Bastards. This should fix your problem of having a huge backlog while also clearing the way to have more mainstream Scotches. Thanks love your videos!

Geoffrey Koleff says:

You guys have gone over several times about how climate can affect an aging process, but does climate have as much an affect on air drying/seasoning a barrel? For example barrels that you guys will be using in TX and Copper City in AZ may use vs something from say Louisiana or South Florida vs. wet Northwest vs. Midwest that has extreme winters and summers like Chicago or St. Louis.

JC Fernandez says:

I Have always known Tempe Az, as Milk Town, on the same note could you make a Spirit out of Milk or even the grain Kopi Luwak style

A R says:

this is my new favorite hobby: questing for those hidden dust covered gems Daniel mentions….on a completely unrelated note I have a question: how often do you suppose one can walk into their local purveyors of spirits and dig around through their scotch stock without actually buying anything before they are flagged? just asking for informational purposes of course…not that I would personally be acquainted with such questionable means of daily activity…..

Marshall Dyck says:

Rexs cult rant should be on a shirt. Also Rex and Daniel have you ever thought about trying to do distillery tours on the show or doing it maybe on the patreon?

Nam Cho says:

To Rex, have you tried the Glenfarclas 105, it clocks in at 60% or 120 proof, the closest thing to a Glenfarclas Cask strength?

Mose Chun says:

How about a whisky and pizza pairing?

HP Roll Tide says:

I appreciate your guys sentiments on favorite whiskies. An exhaustive list of my list of my “favorites” would probably include roughly 75 % of the whiskies I’ve ever purchased. There are so many great whiskies out there that I enjoy for different reasons. It’s easier and more realistic to say, this is what I am enjoying now. Cheers.

bmsmusician says:

I did it! Last week I had my fist mooch! At a bar in a pretty fancy hotel they had a decent selection of whiskeys and my eyes fell on JW Blue label and I asked for the price and it was $10 for a shot. I asked for a small sample to make up my mind and the bartender, which obviously were new in the business, gave me a free shot. And I even was the first one to crack the bottle! It was very ok, not worth the price so I went for a double shot of Glenmorangie original instead.

Michael Connolly says:

What’s up with that unicorn ponytail?

Kevin Cochran says:

Top 10 Whiskey and Chinese food pairings

T01LB0T says:

I think Rex should try pigtails out for the next review.

Terry Dolan says:

I have actually found a website selling pappy at retail. Keeping it to myself for now. #sorrynotsorry

adalt84 says:

Why does Rex have a penis coming out of the back of his head?

M. Morath says:

Dude – I’ve been sippin Ledaig for the last week, and couldn’t agree more. Mull has something special.

Stephen Reynolds says:

Your cultivating a cult that isn’t a cult but is a cult but it’s a cult above your average cult. Cult

Michael Draut says:

#CHADWEEK!! Bitches..

Jeffery E Petrone says:

Maybe not a cult, but definitely a wood factory.

Longboarding Piper says:

Can there be a rule, no eating food in the whiskey vault??

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