Whiskey Review: Door County Distillery Bourbon Whiskey, Rye Whiskey and Single Malt Whisky

Today we taste and review Door County Distillery Bourbon Whiskey, Rye Whisky, and Single Malt Whisky.

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11:27 – boof

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btrain04 says:

Hey guys, so I took my first step into Islay a little while back and baught a bottle of Kilchoman Machir Bay. Some days I love it, other days the brine is just too much. Do you guys ever find that in whiskeys? What would you suggest as another trip down the Islay journey? Thanks guys love the shows keep them coming.

Jimmy Maynard says:

I like black shirt Daniel more, he is reasonable, what is with this posh white shirted Scrooge! This is unacceptable. The black shirt needs to come back!!!

Smoky Bear says:

What was the suggested whiskey Loga??? Thanks in advance!

Cameron 335 says:

Have you guys thought about making a whiskey tribe App for socially connecting with each other ?

Terry Edgar says:

Somm, you seem tired brother. Just so you know I appreciate whatcha doing man don’t burn out though I just started watching you guys! Rex, keep him drinking lol he’ll feel better. Whiskey vault question do you have a bottle of Jefferson’s presidential select any year please respond thinking about becoming a magnificent bastard lol. But don’t wanna give you something you already have btw I tried monkey shoulder last night because I have not been a fan of scotch but your reviews made me try and I’m hooked so hooked ty so much again for what you do!

Eric Sowder says:

Has anyone tried Jefferson’s Reserve Pritchard Hill Cabernet Finish cask finished ?

Trust kill says:

Ya…. Your “friend”…. In Waco, in a church, with a fire….. Are we just going to breeze right by this

Jason Coates says:

@7:40 so *that’s* what Daniel looks like when he’s controlling an overwhelming urge to strangle Rex…

Cloud Strife says:

Bowmore is a great mildly peated islay option.

chad holley says:

I can only hope to one day be able to frown at the chance to pour Lagavulin 16! His house burned down Daniel! Also love how a “smoky” whiskey was chosen to toast for that…. lol

Michael McCreary says:

I’m not an expert on the matter by any stretch……but…. regarding your comment about opening a brewery and distillery together to share equipment/storage/barrels etc… I’ve been told by local distillers that it’s not legal in my state and I would assume we aren’t the only one. One person can’t be an owner of both a brewery and a distillery and you can’t make wine or beer in the same place that you distill. One I know specifically (Topo in Chapel Hill, NC) already owned a restaurant/brewery. The distillery had to have a different name and be in a different facility from their brewing and on paper is a completely separate entity (at least as it was explained to me). Similar situation with Fair Game Beverages (distillery in Pittsboro NC) who make fortified wines as well as various rums and brandies, they had to have a separate facility to distill, barrel and age their sherry and port style products.

TheGt500joe says:

Can you review a scottish leader for me

Alec Miller says:

Daniel the Som… more like Daniel the Scrooge! Be more generous to poor Rex, he works his fingers to the bone tasting whiskey and putting up with dad jokes. The least you can do is a proper 3 to 3 comparison!

Hintze Custom says:

Made just a few miles north of me. Go there every summer. They are much more well known for their wine than their spirits.

Justanotherparatrooper says:


Gene3067 says:

Seems like Daniel was having a bad day before the shoot. He needs a little pick me up. Rex, give him a hug. A big ol Hobbit hug.

Subject 636 says:

It always takes awhile for a Daniel to show his assholeishness lol ( I’m also a Daniel)

PelotonProductions says:

Here’s a nerdy question for Daniel. What’s the impact of the yeast used in the mash in the final whisky? There’s an incredible variety of yeasts brewers use for their beers that have completely flavour profiles, but I don’t see a lot of talk about yeast flavours in whisky. You mentioned Jester King and my mind immediately went to whisky made with wild yeast strains…

Kent Buehrer says:

Rex, aren’t you supposed to have that bottle in a brown bag?

Robert Millard says:

Rex, What is with the long hair and grey hair.  I was binging and looking at old vid’s and you seem to be aging.  How bout some just for men and a flobie?

trapper kcmo says:

hey, have you tried pfluger single malt? kinda candy but quite pleasant. i would get you a bottle but im not a magnificent bastard, just a regular run of the mill one. cheers

Doug Stone says:

What the heck is with the shirt?

A I says:

Dove head first into Lagavulin 16 out of curiosity and loved it from first glass. I decided recently to branch out and try new whiskeys and your channel has helped me along greatly. Love your videos, the format, the give and take between Daniel and Rex, please never stop making videos.

david jeffries says:

Good afternoon all, i have tried basil hayden straight on the rocks and about three straws of waters and different combinations of the above i have also tried this with elijah Craig and tried buffalo trace in some chocolate. i haven’t like any. any suggestions where to go?? my problem is i can’t get past the harsh alcohol smell and taste.

Canadian Whisky Smith says:

There is a brewery in the Yukon Territory (Canada) that decided to start making whisky about 10 years ago. I don’t believe they have young spirits on offer.

Yukon Two Brewers Whisky…Their release #8 is a hopped whisky, but the rest of them aren’t.

Bringing you a bottle of their #7…peated single malt ☺

Ryan Phillis says:

Daniel!!! I have a whisk(e)y nerd question that is just begging for an answer. I searched Google for a list or spreadsheet of whisk(e)ys with how they were finished and found nothing. Is there such a resource that you know of? I understand that no such list would be exhaustive, but it still seems like too useful a thing to not exist.

M Galedeep says:

I think Daniel and Rex swapped shirts

Ryan Whiskey Wine Dane says:

Like that cork sound!

HonicBlue says:

Greetings precious prognosticating pourers of the golden essence of life! A question – With some of these whiskeys you review and mention that they are too watered down and could use more an an alcoholic kick, do you think that these might be friendlier for newcomers just starting to get into whiskey? Or might the watered down flavor have too much missing to be an interesting first impression for the unexperienced?

Love the show, keep up the great work!

Eric Schwab says:

No backwash into the bottle Rex! Keep those bacon bits and Cheerio fragments out of the rye! BTW, the surname “Holznecht” is German and a name taken from a person’s occupation. It means a woodworker’s apprentice, from Old German holz “wood” and knecht “apprentice, servant”.

Fidasaind says:

So after talking on the Tribe page, you mentioned watching Psych Daniel. And realizing that you and Rex are Sean and Gus. After admitting that you are a bit of a *cork squeek*, does that mean you are actually Sean’s dad rather than Gus? You’ve even got on a sketchy shirt. Think you can dig a Hawaiian shirt out of the closet for next week?

Adrian Mielnik says:

Hey guys what about Glenlivet 12?

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