Whiskey Review – Driftless Glen Young Rye Whiskey and V Bourbon Whiskey from Wisconsin.

Today we taste and review Driftless Glen Young Rye Whiskey and V Bourbon Whiskey, and compare the former to Bulleit Rye.

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wildernessman says:

And now rex has some used tube socks yay lol

Fidasaind says:

i did the same thing with the laphroaig. i got home, it got a bit feisty, and i realized i had cask strength rather than the traditional 10. it does taste great with some water

Miguel Vissers says:

Will you guys be doing a Laphroaig Lore review anywhere in the near future? I heard Daniel say something about it quite a while ago.

Serge Thomas says:

Rye from Belgium… WTF yeah ? Belgian Rye from Biercée distillery, 2 years old, 44% alcohol, Bio (who gives a shit but…). A friend of mine got bottle 666 out of 6025 for me, with the sticker “Specially distilled for Serge Thomas” ! So… Rex, is that mooching or is that mooching ? The thing is not even available anywhere since it was a buy before bottling start-up thing to launch the product. By the way, it’s one of the best rye I ever tasted, absolutely beautiful, and no pickle shit in there, just pure awesomeness 😉 First whisk(e)y from Belgium that is worth a trip to Belgium, no kidding guys.

88THEJAKER says:

That was a great episode at least 6 maybe 6.5 great….for you guys soooooo…..#chadweek #chadweek #chadweek #chadweek #chadweek

Peter Schumacher says:

I went on a road trip to tour Wisconsin distilleries, and Driftless Glen was the first we went to. It was founded by a couple venture capitalists who don’t know a thing about whiskey, but wanted to throw their hat in and see if they could make it work.

The young rye was the only thing there that was worth anything. The bourbon was boring, the older rye was flat. I hate to say it, but I think the single barrel cask strength bottling is more due to laziness than creating something interesting. I found them to be really impatient as a distillery, filled with flavored vodkas and gins, and bottling their aged bourbon and rye at 4 years and a minute. 

They even did their tastings out of tiny plastic shot cups. I’m glad you guys got a good bottle, but I bet it is more luck than skill.

Chad P says:

Hey Rex, if you’re looking for a more dramatic rye, my favorite right now is Col. E. H. Taylor bottled in bond rye. For me it’s got a good amount of heat and tons of flavor.

And I have no idea where people get the dill pickle and licorice from in ryes. All I drink is rye and high rye bourbons and I hate both those things. If those notes were there I definitely wouldn’t be drinking it.

Kentucky Curmudgeon says:

Top shelf as always…

livejapan says:

Damn it, now there is dill in my Rye. Good name for a country song though.

Bizzel93 says:

I was drinking The Glenlivet 12 (on ice) while watching and found a very distinct french roast coffee aftertaste! It was really exciting! Has anyone else found this with it before?

Paul Calvi says:

Hi Daniel. You’ve explained before how distillers will lower the proof of their whisky to a desired level, but could you please explain the process of chill filtering (assuming it’s not the same thing) and how this impacts the proof? I always thought that chill filtering lowers the proof, is this right? Is it possible to have a higher proof whisky that is chill filtered, or a lower proof whisky that is not chill filtered? Does a whisky need to be of a higher proof to have that cloudy look?


What’s your Instagram?

David Seihyun Jeong says:

u guys gotta make a video on how to deal with being stupid because i drank eagle rare, glenfiddich 12, and four roses single barrel, neat one after another in a short amt of time on an empty stomach, and the bar was generous with the amt. and i wanna die now cuz my stomach lol

Owen J 1 says:

Daniel, when watching videos of the vault, it seems that ‘craft’ distillers are everywhere in the States. Australia is similar, although not as many in numbers, because the distilleries produce small amounts when compared to the rest of the world. It seems Scotland is missing out! Is that due to the tradition and laws/rules governing Scotch making it harder? (I mean yes you have new distilleries, you have independant bottling companies, but to me, not a lot of small craft distillers?)

Mark Peden says:

The ipa drinker to islay scotch drinker seems like a common transition. Both are very strongly flavored for the category

Stanky Fish Gutz says:

I feel like the whiskey vault would be a well stocked version of a saloon in the 1800’s. all you’d see are different varieties of whiskey.

floydian06 says:

I know you guys aren’t big rye fans, but I’d love to see you guys review Lot No. 40 Canadian Rye. It’s a terrific whiskey that everyone should try a dram of! Thanks guy, keep up the magnificence!

Indy Piper says:

#CHADWEEK2018 Rex gets socks, Chad should get #CHADWEEK2018!

dinotropolis funk says:

For anyone in here who has tried it, what are your thoughts on costcos’ kirkland signature tennessee “bourbon”?

It's a Pope says:

Rye Whiskey is so intriguing. You might have mentioned this in the past. But is Rye becoming more popular or is there another Whisk(e)y that is on the up and up?

hellomomo says:

Well guys, I don’t know if I should be offended or not that Mitch couldn’t do better. Just like I didn’t know that Rex was going to mooch that pair of tube socks for who even knows what. Gosh, and I wanted you guys to like me too.

Michael Knowles says:

Can y’all do a video discusses the effects of cask on whiskies? In the Last few months I’ve tried whiskies aged in Irish Oak, New American Oak, Port pipes, Muscat wine barrels, fresh european oak, Mizunara oak, and first fill Sherry barrels. and I think it would be helpful to have a video that could serve as a cask cheatsheet of sorts. For example I have a bottle of Redbreast 15 and a bottle of Redbreast 16 First Fill Sherry and they taste radically different.

wildernessman says:

Anus lol

Nicole Brock says:

I get dill from rye bread.

Mitchel Malatek says:

I want to thank you guys for this channel!!! I am 1 year in to my whiskey exploration! Started last Christmas with a gift set of Gentlemen Jack, not knowing Jack! Discovered Knob next then stubbled through a few others on my way though till I found this channel. Started buying a bottle every 2 weeks and loving all of them… Some better than others. My goal is to not buy the same bottle in all of 2018, unless I find magic for my taste buds…
Bought a bottle of Glefidich last week and I am loving it! Where should I go next? I haven’t touched a Japanese whiskey yet and I’m not sure what to start with? Thanks for the knowledge and for the fun!!!

Anthony Dorner says:

18-ish minute long video… The Whisky Gods have blessed us.

Adam Farnsworth says:

Rex, you’re being too hard on yourself. This was easily a 6.

Jeremy McAuliff says:

Any Scotch suggestions for a Bourbon/ Irish Whiskey drinker who is interested in at least experimenting with Scotch? I have had Scotch in the past and just can’t get past the smoky flavor. From my understanding, Glenfiddich 12 is low on smoke, and even that was too much for my taste. Are there any good non Peated Scotches that would be a good starting point for appreciating Scotch?

Derek Kanjus says:

I was really happy to see bulleit rye brought out as the “rye that rex can tolerate”. Bulleit rye has been my go-to budget bourbon for over a year. It’s around $26 a bottle in my neighborhood, which unbeatable for a sweet and smooth bourbon. I’ve never gotten a pickle note from it though, I just get overwhelmed by cherry. Any recommendations on a classic rye? I know they aren’t your favorite but I want to go pickle hunting.

Giovanni Youssef says:

I keep trying to put my finger on the exact reason for my complete and utter fascination of these videos. I personally just began enjoying the taste of whiskey neat about a month ago, a couple weeks after discovering your videos, and am probably one of the most inexperienced whiskey drinkers in the tribe. Yet for some reason your channel has easily become my most watched youtube channel of all time, and I’ve even pictured taking a roadtrip to visit the tower (only about a 3 hour drive for me) and showing up with a bottle and cigars and greeting the two of you like old friends. Sure there’s the comedic antics of the master mooch (eagle blessings upon his name), and the suspense of what new charades the next episode may hold, but at the end of the day most of the videos are a couple of dudes drinking whiskey, about 70% of which I’ll won’t have the time or money to get a hold of for years to come. But I think that’s precisely it. As much ball busting and bickering as you two do, at the end of the day, especially if you watch the episodes in order, you come off as a couple of best friends whos friendship grew through enjoying whiskey in a non snobby way and that eventually decided to follow a dream of opening up a distillery, which in my opinion is damn near the best whiskey origin story I’ve ever seen or read. Your channel is an online whiskey label for your personal brand, The Mooch and The Som, it’s why your episodes are so bingeable, because there’s a story, an arc, an ever-growing camaraderie, and always a whiskey close at hand. I’ll stop this here in case Rex ends up having to read it, I know long comments are his weakness (pour him an extra glass for the trouble), but thank you for helping me start my journey into the wonderful world of whiskey you Magnificent Bastards.

Gene3067 says:

Candy-cane and pickles? Sounds like someones pregnant.

charlie.g.hague says:

Not true. I gave you a cask strength rye that you hated. So high proof doesn’t matter.

Michał Szramka says:

Guys, what does it mean you say at the end of each video? “May your crazy stay this stay of legal…?” What does it even mean? I googled it and found nothing…

Karl Porter says:

What do y’all think about the knob rye? The only two I have ever had were bullit and knob, and I would love to hear your thoughts.

37goodvibes says:

in love with the Benromach 15 yo (first loves…) please taste it when you get a chance , let me know. I cannot get it where I’m from and only tasted it once when Speysided last year.

Damian Ringler says:

Where do I ask questions to be read aloud in the video?

levelonewhiskeysommeliergreataxe3 says:

You Magnificent Bastards. You have forgotten about one of the whiskeys that I brought down with me. The Peerless Rye. It was a two year old rye that was barreled at cask strength and both of you said it was one of your favorite ryes that you had ever had. If only I had poured it while holding a tube sock, I might have been remembered.

Also, my girlfriend doesn’t know if you just insulted her or not. So, thanks for bringing back the ball busting / screw you for insulting my girlfriend. And review the d*** Old Forester 1920 already.

Jimmy Leg says:

Rex’s hand tastes like hair gel, thermite, and joy without a hint of remorse.

Eric Renfer says:

If Rex likes the higher proof ryes, try the James E. Pepper 1776 Barrel Proof Rye. Its 114 proof give or take, so a little less abv but being a straight rye it is at least 2 years old. It’s $34 here and worth every penny IMO.

Tom Kenworthy says:

Daniel, tubes socks don’t have heels. C’mon man.

David Hoese says:

I’m in Austin this week on business. Is there any whiskey I should try to buy for the price here before going back to Wisconsin?

Paul Duerr says:

I was on a cruise and they had a bourbon class/sampling so i had to go to try and learn. Well, they are idiot’s. The bartender who was pouring samples poured 5, 2oz, samples for us and began to teach us how each got the flavors. Blantons, Four roses, makers mark, and buillet. He tried to teach us they would add peppers (red ,and green) to add flavor to the cask. As well as different blends of spices. The 6 of us just stared and listened, myself a long time follower, was jumping out of my skin to yell at him about his ignorance, but chose not to be that snob guy. I ket him do his spiel and then asked to compare them to different scotches they had, glenlivit 12, glenfidich 12 and talisker 10 were my choices. He, being an idiot poured 3 more 2oz, samples of each of those for everyone. This then turned into 5 new scotch drinkers 4 of them loving talisker and is complexity compared to the bourbons. When he was done we then convinced him to re-pour all bourbons to redo the comparison. This took 2 hours and i had to take a nap afterwards, i met up with some of the men later and explained the truth of flavors and how they are achieved thanks to you magnificent bastards. Way to go Royal Caribean, thanks for the buzz

Karl Porter says:

It does seem that liquor store employees are hit or miss with the knowledge and recommendations. I have gotten some info that was way off base (trying to tell me that whisky and brandy are the same, just distilled a little differently), to really weird recommendations, based on what I was asking for.

Eric Thornton says:

Love most of these reviews as I find them interesting and informative but som dude needs to let mooch dude get a word in. It’s like talking with one of my boys after he has done too much blow.

bwgoob says:

Hey guys, long time viewer…1st time poster.

You have done a “best whiskeys for beginners” video and “best whiskeys for advanced whiskeys” drinkers video. How about best whiskeys for the intermediate whiskey drinker.

I don’t consider myself a beginner as I have been drinking whiskey for several years; however, have recently started to expand my palate beyond my preference of Bourbon. I have dabbled in the world of Scotch with The Tribe standard, Monkey Shoulder and a couple other ones and I have enjoyed them. But, I’m not sure I’m ready for Ardbeg or Laphroaig. I’m sure there are other folks out there like me.

In the mean time keep up the good work – I have really enjoyed your videos!

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