Whiskey Review – Eagle Rare 10 Year Bourbon with Four Roses Single Barrel Comparison Ep: 241 w

Today we taste and review the much asked for Eagle Rare 10 Year Old Bourbon Whiskey, plus Rex guzzles some Four Roses Single Barrel.

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Jason Kleschult says:

Hallelujah! I’ve been waiting awhile for this review. This is the first bottle that was good enough for me to buy a bottle for a backup.

Thomas O`Hare says:

the word is astringency

chuck430 says:

Mooch “**** job is what that means, licking wood. Honey.” was that a not-so-subtle hint to the wife, or was that something you smelt in the whiskey?

darrell hood says:

Oh I like whiskey spoiler alert lmao

JMFPV says:

I always see this bottle (Eagle Rare) pretty much directly behind Rex’s big ‘ol dome in the videos and wondered if you were EVER going to review it! I love this stuff for the price. For all the bourbons in the $30 range, it’s still my go-to.

Carla Heron says:

Love you guys, like whiskey (prefer Scotch) — but found this interesting (and a STRONG possibility for the Christmas season — as it’s too late for Thanksgiving):

Dick Von ZombieSlayer says:

I think I just had a Mooch Moment. I was at a bar that always boasts about their number if whiskys. After today I’m not sure how much they know about their whiskys. I just had a heavy poured glass of Lagavulin 12 (2016 200th Anniversary Special Edition) for less than they were charging for plain ol Lagavulin 16. Suckers!

Random At Best says:

Eagle rare taste like nuts but not the ones that come 2 per bag

Bill Yarkakar says:

Can’t get Eagle Rare at any of my favorite bars (apart from FTW), but I tend towards Bulleit Bourbon when I need something to sip at metal shows.

Red Bearded Yeti says:

That old book/dusty saloon smell is why I love eagle rare!

LoneWanderer360 says:

Hey whiskey masters, does alcohol go bad after it is opened? Assuming it’s stored in a cabinet and not at extreme temperature? I have a bottle of absinthe that was given to me about 7 years ago. I opened it and tried it, wasn’t my favorite. I kept it around because I liked the bottle. Somebody asked me for a glass recently and I wasn’t sure if I should let anybody drink it.

Jastal D says:

With all the bottles on the floor of the vault I’m wondering how many companies out there bottle part of the Cask in the actual bottle to continue the aging process after bottling, since it wont age otherwise in a glass or plastic bottles normally. Ive only ever seen one company in Canada do such a thing with a single malt whisky So i figure it most not be a very common practice.

Joel Rogers says:

Not sure if i trust eagle rare… if some gets left out over night it looks like apple cider the next morning. Seems odd eh?

Ryan Wine Dane says:

I like Whiskey as well but spoiler!!!! I also like wine!

Andrew Radakovich says:

I knew that of all my comments that one would be appreciated… I will show my buddies… thinking we’re gonna get bruichladdich 25 and dalmore king Alexander III

Austin Ingle says:

I do like the Eagle Rare QUITE a bit! This is one of my “Not fancy, just having a night” drinks.

Clinton Smith says:

im so happy to see this video but i was kinda starting to enjoy trolling you guys to review this

Scott Swann says:

You should try cheap scotch sometime, Famous Grouse, Bells, Grants, Whyte & Mackay, etc. And explain why they’re so unappealing and if you had too which ones you would drink

stanislavmigra says:

You have reviewed Eagle rare and Rittenhouse recently … I was expecting, that you will try to blend them, as this should result in something magnificent (thats not my knowledge, some dude called Ralfy tried this couple months ago).

Gilbert Goldsmith says:

Compass Box 3 yr old and their new one with No Name, which is peatier than Peat Monster. Would be 2 good buys around $350.00.

OzzieLad 1 says:

Daniel and Rex, as a big fan of Glenfiddich, can you review the 21 year old Gran Reserva Rum Cask finish. It was the first whisky where I actually felt I could pick the fruits (banana moslty for me) and notes in it. Cheers! Also, the Glenfiddich Ice Wine Cask finish has been announced (not here in Oz yet) but it is also a 21 year old whisky.

Justanotherparatrooper says:

i have a question about something i seen ralphy do on his youtube show. i think he used a concentrate of peat or smoke whisky to add in something to a scotch. 1 is that something you would do to a friend you hate when their not looking to spike their drink? and 2 is that something distiliries would do to make a smokey whiskey? also i wonder if thats what they used in the exceptional malt bottle, i wonder if you did that to monkey shoulder you could make a poor mans exceptional malt.

Clinton Smith says:


Eduardo Boquin says:

Best whisky for a 21st birthday present?

Isaac McCauley - Student says:

Wanted to let y’all that I was watching this with a glass of what I am sure is Daniel’s favorite whiskey, Templeton Rye. All jokes aside, I thoroughly enjoy your content, please keep up the good “work”.

No Nonsense Whisky says:

I’m glad you dropped all these notes for the Eagle Rare. I also get all that waxy, sour flavours and thought I was going insane. It’s ok but I’m not blown away like I was with the Four Roses Single Barrel

Pure.v2 says:

What’s the first bourbon i should try? (Monkey shoulder and Highland Park are my scotches to go, if that can help)
Throw suggestions at me
P.s. fun video as always guys

Doodlesquirrel says:

Hey fellows! As I have recently started drinking scotch, I am very curious about the different regions and tastes, as some have been sort of confusing. I found Talisker 10 and Storm to be far more rough and bitter than the Lagavulin, which I loved from the first try. Therefore, I am wondering if you could make a video à la your 37 minute “beginner” video, and maybe do one where you categorize the 6 different regions of Scotland`s scotches, and maybe recommend 2 from each? Much love to your livers, may they function for a long time so you can bring us amazing whisky reviews!

Tifosi44202 says:

Im a bourbon drinker, but would like to explore scotch. Any good recommendations for a beginer?

Capn' MakeItHappin' says:

Hey guys, love the show. Got into whiskey about two years ago but only ever a bottle at a time until I found this channel a few months ago….28 bottles later I curse you guys weekly for intriguing me into another bottle (last week’s addition was a bruchladdich black art 5.1!).

Have a technical question though Daniel (Rex, get a chair but know I’m with you on biscuits).
A few weeks back took a bottle to a friend’s place for a party right after work so I left a bottle of Buffalo Trace (a personal favorite) in my trunk on about a 85° day in Dallas. After I get to thier place that night I had a drink of it and it was VIOLENT with alcohol burn on my tongue and the flavor was WAY off but was already back at room temperature. Later on that night I tried it again and it was completely back to normal. Am I crazy or is there something going on here?


Robot Zombie says:

I definitely notice the old quality to eagle and it was odd first but I liked it soon. However some bottles don’t have it much. I wooshed I knew what area to look for.

sieve5 says:

AWESOME! These are both my go-to’s. Buffalo trace is better for the price, especially because where I am I can 5 different buffalo trace single 375ml barrel bottles for $60, 12 a bottle. They want $25 for a 375ml bottle of single barrel eagle rare, so for me the SB buffalo trace is way better deal for me.

Also four roses rocks. I had an 11 yr 1 month OESQ that tasted like flowers smelled like perfume.

Randal Dowd says:

That would be Blanton’s Single Barrel you’re describing, they only pull from warehouse H and between certain rick numbers only because Colonel Blanton himself felt that, that particular spot aged the bourbon better than any other warehouse. It used to not be available to the public and he would only give it out to friends, family, and politicians. I’m sure there are others, but you immediately made me think of Blanton’s.

Ryan Spano says:

One of my favorite bourbons by far! You guys should consider reviewing Eagle Rare 17 year as well. Great video

Eder Novacki says:

Apparently I cannot stop watching Whiskey Vault videos hahahahah I’m just now starting to dip my toe on the whisky world beyond Jack Daniels. Finding this “non snoB’ whisky channel was a HUGE help. Cheers!

Fred Labosch says:

check out Rex between 7:43 and 7:49

Ricardo Aceves says:

Hey Daniel and Rex. I’ve been a fan for a really long time (since about Lagavulin 16 which was one of my first whiskeys). I have introduced several friends to whiskey (and your channel) but I wanted to share a crowning achievement with you guys.

My wife loves girly drinks, she has not been drinking for too long, and I have been introducing her to many types of spirits in the form of cocktails for a couple of years now. Last night she had her first whiskey, and she actually liked it! I was ecstatic! A friend of mine found a bottle of Jamesons Caskmate Stout Edition and I knew that was the right whiskey to get my wife started. I’m hoping you can do a video on whiskey for people who don’t like whiskey. Cheers and I hope the channel continues to grow.

John Kristian Aasen says:

Review Jack Daniel’s Red Dog Saloon NOW!

DracoRogue1218 says:

What whiskey in the collection has the largest or tallest bottle?

Cody Lockwood says:

Crazy! I just picked up a bottle last night and as I’m searching your channel I can’t find an Eagle Rare review! What do ya know, I wake up this morning to an Eagle Rare review. Coincidence? No it was the whiskey God’s!

Bauhauser says:

Somm whittington and revered company, i’m putting the finishing touches on my next whisky order and would love some input. The list so far: Nikka Taketsuru nas, Green spot, Fettercairn fior, Corryvreckan, jameson black barrel, Bunnahabhain Ceobanach and the difficult one, Dark art #4 or Octomore 6.3.
Daniel we seem to have a similar taste, so which would you choose?
*Secretly hoping it’s the dark art. But be honest. Be honest and say the dark art. I knew I could count on you.

Alex Dummer says:

Could you guys do a review of the glenfiddich 21 year old? Ivd tried it a few times at a small pub where it was pretty expensive per shot, ive looked at the price of a bottle and its way out of my price range. I loved it however and was wondering what you guys thought of it, i would like to show off to this girl i was there with about my knowledge of the drink and i figured you two (especially you Rex) would know a thing of two about women;)

Belfry says:

Little bit of sad story warning:
A very short while ago, one of my best friend’s mom passed away after a long battle with an illness. Among a big box of comfort food, I also gave him a bottle of High-land Park Viking Honor because he says he has Norwegian ancestry and is big into viking heritage.

He graciously shared it with me and drank some himself. He likes rums and thinks whisky is a bit too strong but he appreciated the viking theme involved. He said it was pretty good (I often force my whiskies down his throat to taste them), but I unfortunately did not care for it at all. It tasted a bit rougher with a stronger alcohol burn.

I originally wanted to get him Odin but that’s a lot of money ($350ish?) for a whisky that might be overpriced and not all that good. Has anyone a highland park fan and has had Odin before? Are they completely different or comparable?

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