Whiskey Review: Evan Williams Bourbon Single Barrel Vintage

Today we taste and reviewEvan Williams Bourbon Single Barrel Vintage.

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11:27 – boof

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B-Unit1701 says:

From what I have heard, while every barrel will of course have variation, generally speaking any given vintage (in your case, 2009) is going to adhere to a similar taste profile, with significant variation between vintages.

2TEN90 Brewing says:

Just found your channel looking for good beer related videos and subbed. While we sort of do the same thing for craft beers, it is really cool to see the same for Whiskey’s. We often drink stouts aged in bourbon barrels so getting to know whiskey better is something we need to do. Plus we like whiskey as well! lol. Like i said we upload craft beer vids….really anything beer related so check us out if you get a chance. We would love to know what you think. Looking forward to more of your vids. Cheers!

Jim D says:

I like using Evan Williams bourbon for my whiskey old fashioned sour.

Gene3067 says:

Wow! That was quick. Is being locked out of the vault killing your ability to ramble?

Jimmy Leg says:

Chad you still suck. Don’t post the toast now. I’m removing it.

Eric Schwab says:

Sirs, “horchata” is a traditional Mexican drink prepared with rice, milk, cinnamon, and sugar. However, the Mexican version is an adaptation of an even older Spanish drink made with barley instead of rice. The even older original recipe was made not with barley, but the seeds of tiger sedge. The substitution of barley for sedge seeds was necessitated by the limited supply of sedge seeds and the relative abundance of barley in Spain. When the drink recipe was taken to Mexico, it was necessary to substitute rice for barley because the areas suitable for barley cultivation were extremely limited and rice was substantially more abundant and far cheaper. The name “horchata” comes from the Spanish word for barley which itself is from the Latin word for barley which was “hordeum.” Now, that’s you know the true story of horchata…..don’t you feel ten feet tall?

PNW Fishing says:

Will you guys ever do a video on the top best tasting bourbons? I can’t find a video anywhere, looks like there is a ton of “beginner” videos. For those of us who buy WT Decades, EH Taylor, Blood Oath, etc. BTW you hair is creepy….

B G says:

These videos are tough to watch.

Robert Boyer says:

going-guh. have any cool hwhip for that horchata?

Whiskey Vault says:

(Chad here) we have had this issue on one other occasion, it turned out to be some regional server cluster issue and should fix itself.

Everything is buffering normally here at the studio and on the local LTE network. I would suggest grabbing a cup of coffee and trying again in a little while.

PhatTrumpet2 says:

“Is it annoyink?”

Also, it’s not “rice [comma] milk.” It’s “rice milk,” i.e. “milk” made from rice… akin to soy milk and almond milk. Horchata is dairy-free, homie.

Shak Nobody says:

OMG…….he does…….lovinGK the show!!!

Richard's World Traveler says:

Did he lose a bet or something?

CoLdSiNcE92 says:

omg wtf you have never had horchata??? and you live in Austin TX?????

ChrisC says:

Bottles of spirits have been sealed with wax for literally centuries. How the hell did Maker’s manage to get a trademark on any aspect of that?

Isn’t bourbon cream already a thing?

Clearly, with that speech tic, Daniel = Popeye. He grew the beard to hide the massive chin.

Taran Greenwald says:

I can be a linguistics nerd here! G and K are the same “sound.” G is voiced and K is voiceless.

Cliff Lash says:

hey guys,

I just figured out where Rex got “you magnificent bastard from. Fess up – was it from Two and a half Men?

Armando Garza says:

Daniel, you wanna try a delicious bourbon blend? 80% regular even williams, 20% angels envy. Super buttery, rich, yet bright on the top end.

Tyler Davis says:

Have you guys considered reviewing Motörhead whiskey? I’d love to see that.

Art who says:

Finally able to get through the video lol they should have tried RumChata

G man says:

You guys are just to entertaing!………..while i’m sippin on my Evans Bourbon Single Barrel

DrinkinItIn says:

That hair – so tough to look at for 10 straight minutes.

swellingsuperman says:

Single barrel or small batch is just marketing

Das Grinch says:

Daniel does have kind of a Doctor Zoidberg vibe going on =P

trapper kcmo says:

good go-een-gah!

Patrick Hill says:

So Daniel and Rex……….Laphroaig or Ardbeg? Muahahahaha

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